High Warlord Naj'entus Guide: Strategy, Abilities, Loot

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Naj'entus is the first boss you will encounter in Black Temple. Naj'entus is a fairly easy fight with high healing requirements. Aside from the very high raid-wide damage this boss deals, this boss will be little threat to most raid groups.



Naj'entus is the first boss you will encounter in the Black Temple. Naj'entus is an entry level boss, having some basic raid checks such as healing, coordination, and health (to survive mechanics). With proper coordination and healing, your group should have no issues with this boss. Some classes such as Mage or Priest may need to find ways to increase their health, such as high Stamina gear (PvP gear is great for this), Stamina food, or even flasks. Aim for around 10,000 health once buffed to greatly increase your chances of surviving all of the area damage this boss deals.


Role-Specific Tips for Najentus


Healer Tips

Spread around the boss evenly and be ready to top up people targeted by the constant AoE damage from the boss. After popping the Tidal Shield IconTidal Shield, the raid will take massive damage, so be ready to top up your assigned players as quickly as possible before more AoE occurs as this will kill most classes.

Healers assigned to the tank need to be aware that during the Tidal Shield IconTidal Shield the boss will continue to attack the tank, so make sure to continue to heal them.


DPS Tips

Make sure to be spread around the boss evenly and avoid stacking on multiple allies as this will spread the area damage dealt by the boss. If someone near you gets impaled by Impaling Spine IconImpaling Spine, make sure you prioritize freeing them by clicking on the spine.

Before breaking the Tidal Shield IconTidal Shield, make sure you use any self mitigation abilities or items available to you. It is your responsibility to make sure that you have enough health to survive the burst damage. You may need to equip more health items, such as PvP gear, to survive this encounter.


Tank Tips

This fight is fairly straightforward for tanks, basically being a tank and spank encounter. Most likely your group will want you to position the boss in the middle of the room to give more room to the rest of the raid. Aside from that, there is nothing special about this fight for tanks.

You will want to high Stamina gear for this fight as there is plenty of AoE magic damage. During the Tidal Shield IconTidal Shield, the boss will continue to attack you, so make sure to keep your defensive abilities ready at all times.


Najentus Abilities

  • Needle Spine IconNeedle Spine — Does 2,890 to 3,910 Physical damage to three random targets in a cone shape and an additional 2,280 to 2,520 Frost damage to anyone within six yards of the targets.
  • Impaling Spine IconImpaling Spine — Hits a random single target for 4,513 to 4,987 Physical damage. The target is stunned and has a 30-second DoT which does 2,750 damage every 3 seconds. Players must loot the spine from the impaled target to remove the debuff. This ability has a 20 second cooldown.
  • Tidal Shield IconTidal Shield — Naj'entus becomes immune to all damage and regenerates 1% health per second. The shield must be broken by a player throwing Naj'entus Spine Icon Naj'entus Spine at Naj'entus. This ability has a 60-second cooldown.
  • Tidal Burst IconTidal Burst — When Tidal Shield IconTidal Shield is broken, Naj'entus will deal 8,500 Frost damage to the entire raid.

Strategy for Najentus


Pulling the Boss

Before engaging Naj'entus, be sure to clear any trash in the area as your raid group will need plenty of room to spread out. Pulling Naj'entus himself is very straightforward: simply have a Hunter Misdirection IconMisdirection the boss to the tank, or have the tank walk up and engage the boss. Most likely you will want to position the boss in a centralized position with the rest of the raid spread out around him.


Phase One

Naj'entus is a easy boss, only having one phase. Position the boss in a centralized position and have the raid spread out around the boss. Melee DPS will want to split into multiple groups to avoid taking too much raid damage. Ranged DPS and healers will also want to spread out and avoid stacking up. Your raid group may decide to stack in groups of two for a sort of "buddy system" to deal with the Impaling Spine IconImpaling Spine.

The raid will take a high amount of area damage, so some classes with lower health pools may want to wear more Stamina gear to survive this encounter. Be ready to use any self-healing/damage mitigation abilities available to you before taking damage from Tidal Shield IconTidal Shield.


Najentus Loot

Item Item Type Slot
Ring of Calming Waves Icon Ring of Calming Waves Accessory Finger
Ring of Captured Storms Icon Ring of Captured Storms Accessory Finger
Halberd of Desolation Icon Halberd of Desolation Weapon Polearm
Tide-stomper's Greaves Icon Tide-stomper's Greaves Plate Feet
Boots of Oceanic Fury Icon Boots of Oceanic Fury Mail Feet
Eternium Shell Bracers Icon Eternium Shell Bracers Plate Wrist
Fists of Mukoa Icon Fists of Mukoa Mail Hands
Guise of the Tidal Lurker Icon Guise of the Tidal Lurker Leather Head
Helm of Soothing Currents Icon Helm of Soothing Currents Mail Head
Mantle of Darkness Icon Mantle of Darkness Leather Shoulder
Pearl Inlaid Boots Icon Pearl Inlaid Boots Plate Feet
Rising Tide Icon Rising Tide Weapon One-Hand Axe
Slippers of the Seacaller Icon Slippers of the Seacaller Cloth Feet
The Maelstrom's Fury Icon The Maelstrom's Fury Weapon Main-Hand Dagger

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