Hex Lord Malacrass Guide: Strategy, Abilities, Loot

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Hex Lord Malacrass is the fifth boss you will encounter in Zul'Aman and can only be reached after all four previous bosses are defeated. This fight has many different adds and the boss will copy the skills of a random class in the raid. Check out our in-depth guide below to prepare as much as possible for your encounter with Hex Lord Malacrass.



Hex Lord Malacrass is the fifth boss you will encounter in Zul'Aman and can only be reached after all four previous bosses are defeated. This fight has many different adds and the boss will copy the skills of a random class in the raid. Be sure to read up on the mechanics below to properly handle this boss.


Hex Lord Malacrass Abilities


Add Abilities

The Hex Lord Malacrass fight consists of 4 adds surrounding the Hex Lord. Each of these adds is randomly chosen from one of two options, similar to the Moroes fight in Karazhan. Below you can see the different adds and their unique abilities:


Far Left (Humanoids)

  • Thurg
    • Bloodlust IconBloodlust — Increases a nearby allies attack speed by 100% for 10 seconds.
    • Cleave IconCleave — Frontal attack, hits up to 2 enemies.
    • High magic resistance, often breaks crowd control effects early.

Left (Beast/Dragonkin)

  • Lord Raadan
    • Flame Breath IconFlame Breath — Deals 3,000 Fire damage to all enemies in front of the caster.
    • Thunderclap IconThunderclap — Deals 1,700 to 2,300 Nature damage to all enemies within 20 yards, slowing their attack speed by 20%.
  • Slither
    • Venom Spit IconVenom Spit — Deals 875 to 1,125 Nature damage to an enemy and places a DoT on them, dealing 750 Nature damage per second for 5 seconds total.

Right (Demon/Elemental)

  • Fenstalker
    • Volatile Infection IconVolatile Infection — Infects an enemy for 30 seconds, causing them to deal 1,885 to 2,115 damage to all nearby allies every 5 seconds.
  • Gazakroth
    • Firebolt IconFirebolt — Deals 470 Fire damage to a random target. Has no aggro table.

Far Right (Undead)

  • Koragg
    • Cold Stare IconCold Stare — Curses an enemy, causing them to take 1,415 to 1,585 Frost damage any time they cast a spell or ability. After 15 seconds, the curse bounces to a nearby ally.
    • Mighty Blow IconMighty Blow — Deals damage to target and knocks them back.

Strategy for Hex Lord Malacrass


Pulling the Boss

How geared and skilled your group is will determine how you approach this boss. Geared groups who are familiar with the raid will most likely simply have their tank run in and start the fight and quickly AoE down the adds. Groups with a bit less gear or still learning the fight may want to play a bit safer, having any usable crowd control move into position to CC one or two of the adds to make the start of the fight much smoother. Either way, use a Misdirection IconMisdirection if available on your tank and direct Hex Lord Malacrass himself to the tank. After that start dealing with the adds, either AoEing them down or dealing with them one at a time. Once the adds are down the fight becomes much easier.


Phase One

Once all of the adds are down, have the ranged players stack at max range from the boss to avoid a few of the AoE abilities he has. The group will want to stack up to help the healers top the raid up as there is a high amount of raid wide area damage on this fight.

The main mechanic of the fight is the Siphon Soul IconSiphon Soul, where Hex Lord Malacrass will mimic the abilities of one of the classes in your raid. You can find the list of spells he copies above under Hex Lord Malacrass' abilities. Watch to see which class he copies and be ready to avoid any area spells he might use, such as Rain of Fire IconRain of Fire. Try to remove any debuffs he uses on your party or buffs he uses on himself, and definitely make sure you interrupt the heals he will cast. The Mind Control IconMind Control can be removed from a friendly player by having a Shaman use Purge IconPurge, or a Priest use Dispel Magic IconDispel Magic on them.

Lastly, every 30 seconds, the raid will be bombarded with Spirit Bolts IconSpirit Bolts, which deal 450 Shadow damage to all players every half second for 10 seconds. This damage can cause spell pushback, making this spell quite dangerous, especially if the raid is not full health before this spell goes off. Be ready to use any defensive abilities available on yourself or others, as this ability goes off frequently. It is also worth noting that Drain Power IconDrain Power will constantly increase his own damage done, making the Spirit Bolts more and more deadly the longer the fight goes on. Burn the boss down quickly before this becomes overwhelming.


Role-Specific Tips for Hex Lord Malacrass


Healer Tips

This fight can be chaotic for healers as there is plenty of raid damage going out. Prioritize healing the tank early on as they will take a ton of damage while tanking the boss and adds. Once the adds are dealt with, make sure your raid is stacked as much as possible, allowing your heals to hit as many people as they can. Remove any magical, curse or diseases that your party gets debuffed by, as these will only make the healing requirements much steeper.

Spirit Bolts IconSpirit Bolts can be quite deadly to the raid; not only do they deal high damage over time, but as they are frequently hitting you, you will have your spell casts pushed back constantly. Aim to use any instant casts you have during this time. Spells such as Circle of Healing IconCircle of Healing are amazing during this as it has no cast time and is an AoE spell. Aim to have a Paladin give you Concentration Aura IconConcentration Aura during this spell cast to help prevent or remove the spell pushback. You may also place Earth Shield IconEarth Shield on yourself or another healer to reduce or prevent them from getting spell pushback as well. Use whatever you can to make it through each of these bolts as they hit for more and more damage the longer the fight goes on.


DPS Tips

Prioritize the adds down quickly at the start. Use any available stuns and interrupts on the adds to help lock them down and kill them. Be mindful of your threat as you swap to Hex Lord Malacrass as your tank may have been focusing their threat into the adds at the start.

Once the adds are dead, make sure to watch for any needed interrupts on Hex Lord Malacrass, as he may copy a class that has healing spells and attempt to heal himself. Mages should aim to Spellsteal IconSpellsteal the Avenging Wrath IconAvenging Wrath buff if Hex Lord Malacrass copies a Paladin player.

Melee players will need to be mindful of the multiple different area spells that may go off, such as Consecration IconConsecration or Whirlwind IconWhirlwind. Move away from any avoidable area damage quickly, paying extra attention to the ground around Hex Lord Malacrass for any dangerous abilities.

During Spirit Bolts IconSpirit Bolts, help your healers out by using any defensive cooldowns available to you. Even something as minor as a Healthstone Icon Healthstone or a Super Healing Potion Icon Super Healing Potion can be the difference between living and dying.


Tank Tips

Hex Lord Malacrass can be a hectic fight at the start when dealing with the boss and his 4 adds. Focus on getting a decent threat lead on the boss himself, while generating some threat on each of the adds evenly. The first kill target can mostly be ignored, especially if you can use a stun on it while the DPS quickly kill it. Once threat is established, tank the Hex Lord with your back against a wall and keep him at max range away from your raid.

Once the adds are dealt with, Hex Lord Malacrass himself is fairly simple. Simply keep your threat up and be ready with any defensive cooldowns, especially during his Spirit Bolts IconSpirit Bolts, as everyone will be taking tons of damage during this cast.


Hex Lord Malacrass Loot

Item Item Type Slot
Tiny Voodoo Mask Icon Tiny Voodoo Mask Accessory Trinket
Battleworn Tuskguard Icon Battleworn Tuskguard Plate Head
Coif of the Jungle Stalker Icon Coif of the Jungle Stalker Mail Head
Dagger of Bad Mojo Icon Dagger of Bad Mojo Weapon One-hand Dagger
Girdle of Stromgarde's Hope Icon Girdle of Stromgarde's Hope Plate Waist
Heartless Icon Heartless Weapon One-hand Sword
Prowler's Strikeblade Icon Prowler's Strikeblade Weapon One-hand Dagger
Hood of the Third Eye Icon Hood of the Third Eye Cloth Head
Hood of Hexing Icon Hood of Hexing Cloth Head
Staff of Primal Fury Icon Staff of Primal Fury Weapon Staff
Hex Lord's Voodoo Pauldrons Icon Hex Lord's Voodoo Pauldrons Mail Shoulder
Tome of Diabolic Remedy Icon Tome of Diabolic Remedy Accessory Trinket
Cloak of Ancient Rituals Icon Cloak of Ancient Rituals Accessory Back
Hex Shrunken Head Icon Hex Shrunken Head Accessory Trinket
Formula: Enchant Weapon - Executioner Icon Formula: Enchant Weapon - Executioner Formula Enchanting

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