Hyjal Summit (The Battle for Mount Hyjal) Raid Guides

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Hyjal Summit is one of three raids that make up Tier 6 and is home to one of World of Warcraft's most legendary lore figures Archimonde. Hyjal Summit is a 25 player raid instance that can be found in the Caverns of Time located in Tanaris. To enter Hyjal Summit you must complete a short but challenging attunement quest that will send you to kill both of the end bosses of the previous raid tier, Lady Vashj inside of Serpentshrine Cavern and Kael'thas Sunstrider. Check out our Hyjal Summit Attunement guide to be able to quickly navigate through the quest chain!



Hyjal Summit (also known as The Battle for Mount Hyjal) is a 25-player, 5-boss raid located in The Caverns of Time in Tanaris and is a part of the third tier of content available within Phase 3 of The Burning Crusade Classic.


Hyjal Summit Attunement

As of Phase 4 in The Burning Crusade Classic you are no longer required to become attuned to Hyjal Summit to enter the instance. However we still have our guide listed below if you would like to complete the questline.


Hyjal Summit Entrance Location

Hyjal Summit is the first instance to your right after descending down the winding path into the Caverns of Time. You will see some Elven architecture and a forest-like setting right before the instance portal.

Hyjal Summit Entrance Path

Hyjal Summit Trash

Hyjal Summit has a unique system of 'trash' in the raid and instead of having to clear through the raid you will have to defeat waves of trash that will be attacking the Alliance and Horde base camps you will be defending for the majority of the instance. There are 8 waves between each boss which contain 12 to 14 mobs in each wave. After completing the sets of 8 waves the next boss will spawn. The trash throughout the instance has very few mechanics and is quite easy to deal with but it is important to make sure your raid has an appropriate amount of Mana at the end of each wave to ensure you will be able to deal with the next wave.


Bosses in Hyjal Summit

There are five bosses in Hyjal Summit that are must be killed in a linear order. The first two you will fight at the Alliance camp and the next two at the Horde camp. Archimonde has his own boss fight area located near the World Tree in the easternmost part of the instance.


Hyjal Summit Loot Priority

For every piece of loot within Hyjal Summit, there may be a class that more strongly desires it right away. To help with figuring out who loot may be most useful for, we have created a guide detailing this priority.


Hyjal Summit Reputation - The Scale of the Sands

The Scale of the Sands is a reputation faction that is unique to Hyjal Summit. Reputation with this faction is earned by killing enemies and bosses within the raid, and its rewards include access to powerful rings for your character's role and many of the game's best Jewelcrafting recipes. To learn more about this reputation and its benefits, see our dedicated guide below.



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