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Zul'Aman is a raid introduced in Phase 4. Zul'Aman is a 10-player raid with 6 bosses and acts as a sort of catchup raid for players that have yet to finish the other raids of Tier 6. This section will host all of our guides focusing on Zul'Aman, including loot, bosses, and the raid's unique time trial challenge to earn the coveted Amani War Bear mount.



Zul'Aman (often referred to as ZA) is a 10-player, 6-boss raid located in the Ghostlands. Zul'Aman is meant to be a gear catch-up raid, used to help players gear quickly and get into Tier 6 raids. Zul'Aman has a 3-day lockout, unlike other raids having a 7-day lockout, allowing players to run the raid frequently for upgrades.


Zul'Aman Attunement

Zul'Aman has no attunement, allowing any character to enter the raid.


Zul'Aman Entrance Location

Zul'Aman is located on the Southeast side of the Ghostlands. Check out the picture below of the exact area the raid entrance is found at.

Zul'Aman Entrance Path

Bosses in Zul'Aman

There are six bosses in Zul'Aman, most of which must be killed in a linear order. The first and second bosses can be killed in any order, but the order listed below is the most common. Check out the links below for a guide for each specific boss.


Zul'Aman Timed Event

Zul'Aman has a unique feature, having a time trial run. When players bang on the gong at the entrance of the raid, a timer will start. If players are able to defeat any of the first four bosses during this timer, a prisoner can be saved from execution, who will then offer the raid an extra piece of loot. If the first four bosses are all defeated before the timer runs out, players will be able to obtain the coveted Amani War Bear Icon Amani War Bear from the fourth prisoner. Note that all four bosses must die, you cannot simply skip to the last boss to get the bear. The bosses must also die before the timer runs out, simply engaging them is not enough. If the timer runs out during combat, the prisoner will be executed, forfeiting the gear. Killing Nalorakk will add 15 minutes to the current time, while killing Akil'zon will add 10 minutes. No other boss kills add additional time. Each boss' additional timed-chest loot is shown above in the specific boss guide.


Zul'Aman Quests

Before heading into Zul'Aman, we recommend you pick up these quests to earn up to 15 extra Badge of Justice Icon Badge of Justice, Tattered Hexcloth Sack Icon Tattered Hexcloth Sack, and Charmed Amani Jewel Icon Charmed Amani Jewel as well as some decent gold. Check out our quick Zul'Aman Quests Guide below to complete the prerequisites needed for these quests.


Other Tier 6 Raids

If you feel you have mastered all that Zul'Aman has to offer, then you may already be ready to explore the other raids of Tier 6. You can find links to our dedicated guides below.



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