Gurtogg Bloodboil Guide: Strategy, Abilities, Loot

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Gurtogg Bloodboil is the sixth boss you will encounter in Black Temple. Gurtogg Bloodboil can be a difficult fight, having very high damage taken by tanks, the raid, as well as requiring a high amount of raid coordination and multiple threat mechanics. Check out our in-depth guide below to prepare as much as possible for your encounter with Gurtogg Bloodboil.



Gurtogg Bloodboil is the sixth boss you will encounter in the Black Temple. Gurtogg is considered one of the more difficult bosses in the Black Temple, having high healing requirements and multiple tank threat mechanics. Be sure to read up on the mechanics below to properly handle this boss.


Role-Specific Tips for Gurtogg Bloodboil


Healer Tips

This fight has very high healing requirements. There is a ton of raid healing required as well as very high tank damage taken. Healers should be assigned to heal specific roles and help top up the raid and the tanks as soon as possible.


DPS Tips

This fight is similar to Void Reaver from Tempest Keep, where DPS need to always be under the tanks on the threat meter. Slow your DPS during Phase One if you do not have a reliable threat drop, as the tanks will be constantly swapping aggro.

If you are assigned to soaking Bloodboil IconBloodboil, make sure you prioritize moving in and out properly, as it is very easy to die with multiple stacks of this debuff.


Tank Tips

This fight is highly threat-based, having multiple threat reductions and threat drops. Tanks will want to make sure they are always at the top of the threat meter. Tanks will also need to be aware of their Acidic Wound IconAcidic Wound debuff stacks and let other tanks get aggro if their stacks are too high.


Gurtogg Bloodboil Abilities


Phase One

  • Fel-Acid Breath IconFel-Acid Breath — This is a 10-yard AoE cone on a random target in melee range for 2,750 Nature damage every 5 seconds for 20 seconds, but is resistible.
  • Arcing Smash IconArcing Smash — 5,000 damage frontal cleave attack on all targets in front of the boss; has a 10-second cooldown.
  • Acidic Wound IconAcidic Wound — Stacking debuff applied on melee hit every 2 seconds. The debuff expires 60 seconds after the last debuff was applied. Reduces Armor by 500 and ticks for 250 damage per stack. Can be avoided by dodge/parry/miss.
  • Eject IconEject — Knocks back the current target, reducing their total threat.
  • Bewildering Strike IconBewildering Strike — Disorients the current target, removing them from the aggro table temporarily for 5 seconds.
  • Bloodboil IconBloodboil — Casts a debuff every 10 seconds on the five raid members furthest away from the boss, dealing 600 damage per second for 24 seconds. This debuff stacks multiple times, increasing damage per second for each stack. It can be removed with Divine Shield IconDivine Shield and Ice Block IconIce Block.

Phase Two

  • Fel Geyser IconFel Geyser — This deals 5k Nature damage in a 5-yard AoE on and around the Fel Rage IconFel Rage target at the start of Phase 2.
  • Insignificance IconInsignificance — All raid members get this debuff, preventing them from generating threat.
  • Fel-Acid Breath IconFel-Acid Breath — This ability is now cast on the Fel Rage IconFel Rage target only, instead of a random player in melee range.
  • Arcing Smash IconArcing Smash — Damage is increased to 12,000 and now applies a Mortal Strike IconMortal Strike-style debuff which reduces healing received by 50% for 6 seconds.
  • Eject IconEject — This does not reduce threat during this phase, and instead of a knockback, it instead stuns the target for 1.5 seconds.
  • Fel Rage IconFel Rage — This is the buff Gurtogg gains during Phase Two. It increases his damage dealt by 85%, size by 65%, and applies the aura Fury IconFury.
    • Fury IconFury — Increases attack speed by 8% per stack. Gurtogg gains an additional stack on nearly every successful melee attack.
  • Fel Rage IconFel Rage — This is a 30-second debuff cast on a random raid member every 90 seconds. Gurtogg will only attack the player with the Fel Rage debuff. The player with the Fel Rage debuff will have the following stat increases:
    • +15k Armor
    • +30k Health
    • +100% Healing done
    • +300% Damage done
    • +100% Size

Strategy for Gurtogg Bloodboil


Pulling the Boss

Pulling Gurtogg Bloodboil is very straightforward: simply have a Hunter Misdirection IconMisdirection the boss to the tank, or have the tank walk up and engage the boss. After pulling, allow the tanks to position the boss and start building a threat lead. This fight is very threat sensitive, so make sure to go slowly on the opener as a DPS and allow ALL of the tanks time to build threat.


Phase One

Gurtogg Bloodboil is a very high healing requirement fight, as well as a threat-sensitive fight. Similar to Tempest Keep's Void Reaver encounter, DPS players will need to stay below the tanks' aggro during this fight.

Phase One is very basic. DPS should make sure to stay below tanks on the threat table, while tanks try to stay high on threat. Melee will want to split into multiple groups to avoid Fel-Acid Breath IconFel-Acid Breath hitting all melee players. Tanks will want to split off to the side, avoiding the front of the boss if you are not currently tanking.

Predetermined groups of 5 will need to be assigned to constantly move in and out to soak the Bloodboil IconBloodboil debuffs. Ideally you do not want players getting more than 1 stack of debuffs at a time.

When transitioning from Phase One to Phase Two, the raid will want to spread out to avoid taking too much damage from Fel Geyser IconFel Geyser.


Phase Two

Gurtogg will fixate and only attack the player with the Fel Rage IconFel Rage debuff. All other raid members need to avoid being in front of that player. Healers will need to focus healing massively on the Fel Rage target as they will take massive damage from the boss. The Fel Rage target needs to use all defensive abilities offered by their class to help survive this phase.

During this phase, the raid will get the Insignificance IconInsignificance debuff, preventing them from generating threat. Use all of your cooldowns during this phase to nuke the boss as much as possible. When Phase Two is ending soon, 5 players should be in position to soak the next Bloodboil IconBloodboil debuffs.


Gurtogg Bloodboil Loot

Item Item Type Slot
Leggings of Divine Retribution Icon Leggings of Divine Retribution Plate Legs
Belt of Primal Majesty Icon Belt of Primal Majesty Leather Waist
Blood-cursed Shoulderpads Icon Blood-cursed Shoulderpads Cloth Shoulder
Garments of Temperance Icon Garments of Temperance Cloth Chest
Girdle of Mighty Resolve Icon Girdle of Mighty Resolve Plate Waist
Girdle of Stability Icon Girdle of Stability Plate Waist
Messenger of Fate Icon Messenger of Fate Weapon One-hand Dagger
Shadowmoon Insignia Icon Shadowmoon Insignia Accessory Trinket
Shroud of Forgiveness Icon Shroud of Forgiveness Accessory Back
Staff of Immaculate Recovery Icon Staff of Immaculate Recovery Weapon Staff
Unstoppable Aggressor's Ring Icon Unstoppable Aggressor's Ring Accessory Finger
Vest of Mounting Assault Icon Vest of Mounting Assault Mail Chest
Wand of Prismatic Focus Icon Wand of Prismatic Focus Ranged Weapon Wand

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