TBC Classic Guide to Priests' Best Addons

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Welcome to our Addons guide for Priests where you will find out what the best addons are for your Priest in The Burning Crusade Classic.


Priest Addons for Burning Crusade Classic

Addons play a huge part in enhancing your gameplay and helping you manage the many different aspects of the game, your character, the environment and much more. Check our the list below of our recommended addons for the Burning Crusade Classic.


Complete UI

ElvUI TBC Classic is a complete Interface replacement. This addon is a large package that allows you to alter nearly every single feature of your interface.


Many UI Elements

Leatrix Plus TBC Classic offers many different quality of life features that the base game and other addons lack. This is highly recommended to grab, as it makes many features of the game much smoother.


Boss Mechanic Timers

Deadly Boss Mods TBC Classic tells you the timers for boss abilities during raids and many other events. This addon is basically a requirement for raiding, as knowing when you need to react to abilities is crucial. Make sure to select the Game Version: "2.5.xx" for Burning Crusade Classic.


Damage Meter

Details TBC Classic offers a great, in-depth breakdown of battles and all the different things that occurred during them. This is highly recommended to learn about fights, mechanics, mobs, other classes, performance and so on. Details also includes a threat meter called "Tiny Threat" in the files. This is great for dungeons and raiding to be able to manage your threat output as a tank or DPS.



Aside from the large scale, major UI impacting addons, there are quite a few addons that give you some much needed features that the base game lacks.

  • Atlas Loot TBC Classic shows you all of the available loot in the game.
  • ItemRack TBC Classic lets you save different sets of gear; very useful if you have multiple specs that you frequently play.
  • Attuneis a great, lightweight addon to track your own and your guild-mates attunement status to various different raids and dungeons.

Priest Macros

Macros simplify many things in The Burning Crusade expansion allowing you to do more with fewer button presses.

For this reason, we recommend that you also read our Priest Macros page, in order to improve your gameplay experience!



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