Sethekk Halls Quests Guide

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This guide lists all the quests you can do in the Sethekk Halls, their minimum level requirements and the quest chains required to unlock them. Following this guide, you can enter Sethekk Halls with all the quests available for the dungeon.

For more information about completing the dungeon, please refer to our detailed Sethekk Halls Dungeon Guide.


The list of quests available for this dungeon, with their faction (if they are faction-specific) and level requirements, is as follows:


Neutral Quests


Quests outside of Sethekk Halls

These quests are given just outside of the Sethekk Halls.

  1. [65] Brother Against Brother
  2. [65] Terokk's Legacy

Kalynna's Request

Kalynna's Request can only be completed on Heroic difficulty. It is part of the Karazhan quest chain required to earn the Blackened Urn Icon Blackened Urn, allowing Nightbane to be summoned. Players may start this quest chain when they have reached Honored reputation with The Violet Eye.

  1. [70] Medivh's Journal
  2. [70] In Good Hands
  3. [70] Kamsis
  4. [70] The Shade of Aran
  5. [70] The Master's Terrace
  6. [70] Digging Up the Past
  7. [70] A Colleague's Aid
  8. [70] Kalynna's Request

Druid Epic Flight Form

This quest is only available to Druids. It is the long quest chain required for them to unlock Swift Flight Form IconSwift Flight Form. To start this quest, a Druid must first have 300 Riding skill trained.
  1. [70] Morthis Whisperwing
  2. [70] The Ward of Wakening
  3. [70] Waking the Sleeper
  4. [70] No Mere Dream
  5. [70] Return to Morthis Whisperwing
  6. [70] To the Evergrove
  7. [70] The Book of the Raven
  8. [70] Eyes in the Sky
  9. [70] To Catch A Sparrowhawk
  10. [70] The Raven Stones
  11. [70] The Eagle's Essence
  12. [70] The Falcon's Essence
  13. [70] The Hawk's Essence
  14. [70] Return to Cenarion Refuge
  15. [70] Chasing the Moonstone
  16. [70] Vanquish the Raven God

Finally, Druids will be able to summmon Anzu in Sethekk Halls on Heroic difficulty only. After completing this quest, you will get a permanent "key", allowing you to summon Anzu each time you run Heroic Sethekk Halls.


Daily Quests

This quest is available in the Lower City of Shattrath at coordinates (75,37), just outside of the inn.



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