The Violet Eye Reputation and Rewards Guide

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The Violet Eye is a Karazhan-based faction in TBC. Most of the reputation with them is obtained by killing enemies inside the Karazhan raid.

The Violet Eye offers various profession patterns and unique ammunition for both Bows and Gun.



The Violet Eye is a faction based entirely around the Karazhan raid instance. Gaining reputation with The Violet Eye offers the player access to many unique rewards, including a very powerful ring for each role, patterns for Blacksmithing, and a recipe for Alchemy.


Gaining Reputation

Reputation with the Violet Eye is gained exclusively by killing mobs inside of Karazhan and completing quests related to Karazhan.

Archmage Alturus begins the Arcane Disturbances quest chain, which rewards the player with The Master's Key Icon The Master's Key, allowing access to Karazhan. Completing the entire quest chain grants exactly 10,270 reputation with The Violet Eye.

Aside from this, you will have to obtain all the remaining reputation to Exalted by killing mobs in Karazhan.


Reputation Rewards

Archmage Leryda offers you a choice of ring (there is one for each role), starting at Friendly, and you gain an upgraded version with each tier of reputation you gain.

Here are the highest tier rings for each role:

Koren is a blacksmith located just after Attumen the Huntsman within Karazhan, and offers players that are Honored or higher the ability to repair their items and to buy Blacksmithing patterns.

Reputation Item Cost
Honored Plans: Iceguard Breastplate Icon Plans: Iceguard Breastplate 24 Gold
Honored Plans: Iceguard Helm Icon Plans: Iceguard Helm 24 Gold
Revered Plans: Iceguard Leggings Icon Plans: Iceguard Leggings 24 Gold

Apprentice Darius is located right outside of the gates of Karazhan, and he offers some exclusive patterns for Jewelcrafting, Enchanting, Leatherworking, Alchemy, and some of the most powerful ammunition in the game.

Reputation Item Cost
Honored Recipe: Flask of Chromatic Wonder Icon Recipe: Flask of Chromatic Wonder 4 Gold
Honored Inscription of Endurance Icon Inscription of Endurance 30 Gold
Honored Design: The Frozen Eye Icon Design: The Frozen Eye 12 Gold
Revered Pattern: Shadowprowler's Chestguard Icon Pattern: Shadowprowler's Chestguard 24 Gold
Revered Mysterious Shell Icon Mysterious Shell 1 Gold
Revered Mysterious Arrow Icon Mysterious Arrow 1 Gold
Exalted Formula: Enchant Weapon - Greater Agility Icon Formula: Enchant Weapon - Greater Agility 3 Gold
Exalted Cloak of Darkness Icon Cloak of Darkness 5 Gold


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