Mana-Tombs Quests Guide

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This guide lists all the quests you can do in the Mana-Tombs, their minimum level requirements and the quest chains required to unlock them. Following this guide, you can enter Mana-Tombs with all the quests available for the dungeon.

For more information about completing the dungeon, please refer to our detailed Mana-Tombs Dungeon Guide.


The list of quests available for this dungeon, with their faction (if they are faction-specific) and level requirements, is as follows:


Neutral Quests


Quests outside of Mana-Tombs

These quests are given just outside of the Mana-Tombs. Safety Is Job One has a follow-up quest found inside the dungeon that is an escort mission.

  1. [64] Undercutting the Competition
  2. [64] Safety Is Job One

Unlocking Yor

Yor is a Heroic-only boss that requires a long quest chain in Netherstorm and Blade's Edge Mountains to obtain the key to summon him. Below we will go over all of the quests required to be granted this key in order:

  1. [70] Seek Out Ameer
  2. [70] A Mission of Mercy
  3. [70] Ethereum Secrets
  4. [70] Ethereum Prisoner I.D. Catalogue
  5. [70] A Thousand Worlds
  6. [70] Stasis Chambers of Bash'ir
  7. [70] Purging the Chambers of Bash'ir
  8. [70] The Mark of the Nexus-King
  9. [70] Stasis Chambers of the Mana-Tombs
  10. [70] Nexus-Prince Shaffar's Personal Chamber — Repeatable.
  11. [70] The Eye of Haramad — Requires Exalted with The Consortium.

Most of these quests are five-man group quests. Your party will need ten Ethereum Prison Key Icon Ethereum Prison Keys to get through this quest chain and obtain Shaffar's Stasis Chamber Key Icon Shaffar's Stasis Chamber Key. This key is a one-time-use, allowing you to summon Yor inside of the Mana-Tombs. If you wish to summon Yor again, you will need to complete Nexus-Prince Shaffar's Personal Chamber to obtain another key.

Upon reaching Exalted, the quest The Eye of Haramad will become available to players. This quest grants you The Eye of Haramad Icon The Eye of Haramad, a permanent key that allows you to freely summon Yor.


Daily Quests

This quest is available in the Lower City of Shattrath at coordinates (75,37), just outside of the inn.



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