TBC Classic Warrior Frost Resistance Gear Guide

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On this page, we cover a separate gearset for Warriors in TBC Classic that is focused around maximizing your Frost resistance stat, which can be especially useful in specific scenarios. If you would like to see our other gear recommendations for Warriors, they are also linked below.


Frost Resistance Gear

Frost resistance gear will be needed in particular by the tank assigned to tanking Hydross the Unstable during his Frost Form phase. During this phase his melee attacks deal high Frost damage, so you will want a tank wearing a high amount of Frost resistance gear. This gear may also be used by an off tank who is assigned to tanking his adds, as they also deal Frost damage, but is not required. It may be useful for a DPS player to also know about some of these items.

All of the Epic-level Frost protection gear in TBC Classic is acquired via crafting. Some pieces are made by Blacksmithing, while a couple are made by Jewelcrafting. Combining these pieces of gear, some enchants, consumables, and raid buffs, you should easily be able to reach an acceptable level of Frost resistance.

In TBC Classic, the resistance cap for players against bosses is 365. Anything past 365 will be wasted. Combine the options listed below with your current gear to make the best set possible while maintaining the Defense cap (490) and staying as close to 365 as possible.

Item Frost Resistance Slot Source
Iceguard Helm Icon Iceguard Helm 50 Head Iceguard Helm IconIceguard HelmBlacksmithing
Pendant of Thawing Icon Pendant of Thawing 30 Neck Pendant of Thawing IconPendant of ThawingJewelcrafting
Iceguard Breastplate Icon Iceguard Breastplate 60 Chest Iceguard Breastplate IconIceguard BreastplateBlacksmithing
Iceguard Leggings Icon Iceguard Leggings 60 Legs Iceguard Leggings IconIceguard LeggingsBlacksmithing
The Frozen Eye Icon The Frozen Eye 35 Finger The Frozen Eye IconThe Frozen EyeJewelcrafting

Frost Resistance Enchants

In addition to the Frost resistance gear shown above, there are a handful of enchants that players can use to further increase their Frost resistance if needed.

  • Glyph of Frost Warding Icon Glyph of Frost Warding
  • Inscription of Endurance Icon Inscription of Endurance
  • Frost Armor Kit Icon Frost Armor Kit
  • Enchant Cloak - Major Resistance IconEnchant Cloak - Major Resistance
  • Enchant Shield - Frost Resistance IconEnchant Shield - Frost Resistance
  • Ice Guard Icon Ice Guard
  • Void Sphere IconVoid Sphere

Frost Resistance Consumables

Players can also find Frost resistance through consumables. Some of these offer additional resistances, while some will absorb a moderate amount of Frost damage.

  • Flask of Chromatic Wonder Icon Flask of Chromatic Wonder
  • Broiled Bloodfin Icon Broiled Bloodfin
  • Major Frost Protection Potion Icon Major Frost Protection Potion

Frost Resistance Buffs

Lastly, one of the best ways to get some easy Frost resistance is to use some of the party-wide buffs available to your raid. Multiple different classes can buff you with up to 70 Frost resistance by simply using some of their lesser-used abilities. These abilities do not stack; only the strongest one will be applied.

  • Gift of the Wild IconGift of the Wild
  • Frost Resistance Aura IconFrost Resistance Aura
  • Frost Resistance Totem IconFrost Resistance Totem

Other Warrior Best in Slot (BiS) Lists

You can find links to our other Warrior gear lists for all of TBC Classic's tiers in our gear sections below.

If you are interested in seeing our recommendations for other resistances such as Fire, Nature, or Shadow, please do not hesitate to check them out as well.



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