Patchwerk Encounter Guide: Strategy, Abilities, Loot

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Patchwerk is the first encounter of The Construct Quarter in Wrath of the Lich King Classic's version of the Naxxramas Raid and is commonly the tenth encounter of the instance as a whole. Do not forget to be aware of the various Raid Buffs and Debuffs as you work to optimize your Raid Composition for this encounter's mechanics!


Overview of Patchwerk in Wrath of the Lich King Classic's Naxxramas

Patchwerk is the first boss of The Construct Quarter to be faced in Naxxramas, and is considered a "gear check" encounter. In fact, due to the overall simplicity of the encounter beyond its damage and healing requirements, fights that similarly feature few mechanics have come to be known as "patchwerk"-style bosses!


Role-Specific Tips for Patchwerk


Healer Tips

  • Assuming that Hateful Strike IconHateful Strike is only being cast on tanks, they will be the only targets in need of healing. Do not assume that the amount of healing required will be low, however.

DPS Tips

  • If you are worried about being hit by Hateful Strike IconHateful Strike, consider briefly stepping into the nearby slime to reduce your health.
  • Watch your threat carefully to make sure you do not get hit by Hateful Strike IconHateful Strike.

Tank Tips


Patchwerk Abilities

There is a reason that an entire style of fight featuring minimal mechanics was named after Patchwerk...

  • Hateful Strike IconHateful Strike — Patchwerk will inflict a heavy amount of Physical damage to a target. this target is chosen as the player with the highest health out of the top 3 (or 2 in 10-man) players with the highest threat that are in melee range and are not the active tank.
    • In other words, if you are doing a lot of damage and are at full health, you will likely be the Hateful Strike IconHateful Strike target.
  • Frenzy IconFrenzy — Upon reaching 5% health, Patchwerk will Enrage, gaining 40% additional attack speed and dealing 25% more Physical damage.

Strategy for Patchwerk

The key mechanic to focus on throughout the entirety of your fight with Patchwerk is Hateful Strike IconHateful Strike. This attack will only be relevant to melee DPS and tank players, meaning everyone else needs to only focus on doing damage and healing. With that being said, there are a few things to remember as a melee when it comes to not being hit by this mechanic:

  • Hateful Strike IconHateful Strike will choose the target based on the top 2 (or 3, in 25-man) players on the threat table that are in melee range, but it cannot target the active tank. This means that so long as the next-highest player(s) on the threat table are tanks, you are safe.
  • Hateful Strike IconHateful Strike will additionally choose the player that has the highest health among those high-threat options. Although there is no other damage occurring on this fight, you can still lower your own health by standing in the nearby slime. By doing so, you can increase your margin of safety if you randomly increase your threat above a tank player's.

With these tips in mind, Patchwerk should just become a matter of making sure his health runs out before any tank player's.


Patchwerk Loot



Item Type/Slot
Blade of Dormant Memories Icon Blade of Dormant Memories Main Hand Dagger
Hatestrike Icon Hatestrike One-Hand Sword
Drape of Surgery Icon Drape of Surgery Cape
Sullen Cloth Boots Icon Sullen Cloth Boots Cloth Feet
Contagion Gloves Icon Contagion Gloves Leather Gloves
Retcher's Shoulderpads Icon Retcher's Shoulderpads Mail Shoulders
Gauntlets of Combined Strength Icon Gauntlets of Combined Strength Plate Gloves
Abomination Shoulderblades Icon Abomination Shoulderblades Plate Shoulders
Tainted Girdle of Mending Icon Tainted Girdle of Mending Plate Belt


Item Type/Slot
Split Greathammer Icon Split Greathammer One-Hand Mace
Arrowsong Icon Arrowsong Bow
Hero's Surrender Icon Hero's Surrender Shield
Surplus Limb Icon Surplus Limb Off-hand
Strong-Handed Ring Icon Strong-Handed Ring Ring
Ruthlessness Icon Ruthlessness Ring
Lost Jewel Icon Lost Jewel Ring
Sand-Worn Band Icon Sand-Worn Band Ring
Seized Beauty Icon Seized Beauty Ring
Thunderstorm Amulet Icon Thunderstorm Amulet Neck
Fool's Trial Icon Fool's Trial Neck
Heritage Icon Heritage Neck
Chains of Adoration Icon Chains of Adoration Neck
Totem of Hex Icon Totem of Hex Totem
Libram of Tolerance Icon Libram of Tolerance Libram
Boots of Persuasion Icon Boots of Persuasion Cloth Feet
Sash of Solitude Icon Sash of Solitude Cloth Belt
Boots of Septic Wounds Icon Boots of Septic Wounds Leather Feet
Belt of the Tortured Icon Belt of the Tortured Leather Belt
Gloves of Calculated Risk Icon Gloves of Calculated Risk Mail Gloves
Girdle of the Gambit Icon Girdle of the Gambit Mail Belt
Crude Discolored Battlegrips Icon Crude Discolored Battlegrips Plate Gloves
Fleshless Girdle Icon Fleshless Girdle Plate Belt
Waistguard of Divine Grace Icon Waistguard of Divine Grace Plate Belt

Further Reading

Patchwerk is just one of the 15 encounters present in the Naxxramas raid. If you would like to learn more about the others, or would like to see the loot tables of every boss at the same time, please see our other pages for the raid below.



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