WoW Classic Season of Discovery Rune Overview

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The following guide covers everything about the new Season of Discovery runes in Classic World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery.


Runic Engravings in WoW Classic Season of Discovery (SoD)

Rune Engravings are unique item enchantment that can be affixed to pieces of your gear to provide new spells and abilities, sometimes even unlocking entirely new roles such as Mage healer! Currently, at the 25 level cap, you can apply Runes to Chest, Pants, and Gloves.

These runes can be swapped at any point you are not in combat, making them serve as a sort of dual-spec enabler in some cases, such as Mage Arcane Healer / Arcane DPS or Druid Feral Tank / Feral DPS.

Phase 2 of SoD will have at least 18 Runes per class, spread across the chest, gloves, legs, waist, and feet gear slots and future phases will introduce more. Some Runes come from quests, while others can be found in the world, and some are more complex with clues and quest chains involved.

Because many Runes can be obtained at a low level, there are multiple ways to get the same rune in order to allow multiple races starting in different parts of Azeroth to obtain them before heading out into contested zones. Some classes also obtain their runes from doing the same quests, however.

You can find all the Runes for each class and their respective locations in the links below:



  • 06 Feb. 2024: Updated hub for Phase 2.
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