WoW Classic Season of Discovery Survival Guide (What's new in WoW Classic's Season of Discovery?)

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The following guide covers everything about the new Season of Discovery seasonal realm launching for Classic World of Warcraft.


What to Expect in WoW Classic's Season of Discovery

The WoW Classic Season of Discovery will be the second seasonal patch for WoW Classic, introducing an entirely new content timeline combined with a fresh start for everyone playing. Below is a short list of the major changes made for the Season of Discovery.

  • Rune Engravings: Unique item enchantment that can be affixed to your Gloves, Chest, Pants Belts and Boots that will completely redefine the way you play many of your favorite Classes and Specializations.
  • New instanced and world PvE and PvP content such as the new 10 player version of the Gnomeregan raid and the Blood Moon in Stranglethorn Vale with much more to be announced as the level cap is raised. This of course will include all kinds of new loot and gear to best optimize your character.
  • There is no longer a debuff limit on enemies.
  • Meeting Stones at dungeons are now Summoning Stones, just as they are on all later versions of WoW.
  • Two new faction-agnostic mounts.
  • 20 new profession recipes to discover.
  • Removal of GDKP runs.

When Will Phase 2 of Season of Discovery Launch?

Season of Discovery will launch on February 8th, 2024.


Class Changes

There are massive class changes in Season of Discovery largely thanks to the Rune Engraving system which is the major feature of this season.


What are Rune Engravings?

Rune Engravings are augments you are able to place on your Gloves, Chest, Pants, Belts and Boots that will allow you access to new abilities, make current abilities stronger or just complete rework the way an ability functions. Rune Engravings are specific to item slots, certain engravings can only go on your Gloves, others on your Pants or Chest, while this does somewhat limit customization it allows for a much easier to balance experience. Some of the most notable added Rune Engravings are Metamorphosis for Warlocks allowing them the ability to tank with their new found Demon form. Regeneration for Mages allowing them to apply a buff to their allies transferring damage dealt from the Mage to be converted into healing for anyone currently with the buff. And last but certainly not least Just a Flesh Wound for Rogues which will enable them also to be able to tank due to the added critical damage avoidance and massive increase in threat generation. These examples merely scratch the surface of what is going to be a completely new way to play Classic World of Warcraft so make sure to checkout our guides below on how to best utilize runes for every class and specialization.


Class Role Rankings

As mentioned above, the meta is expected to shift significantly in raids for the Season of Discovery. If you want to read more about the new raid meta and how classes are performing, check out our tier lists linked below.