Season of Discovery Rogue: Rune Slots and Rune Locations

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On this page, you will find all information about the Rogue Runes in WoW Classic - Season of Discovery.



The single largest new feature of Season of Discovery is the addition of Rune Engravings for your gear. Runes will allow you access to new abilities, the ability to augment your current spells and in some case unlock entirely new possibilities for your class such as being able to Tank or Heal when your class otherwise may not be able to. At this point in time Rune Engravings are limited to three slots, the Chest, Gloves and Pants, listed below are all of the currently available Rune Engravings for Rogue.


Quality of Life Skill Locations

There are various quality of life spell books found throughout Azeroth that have been added in Season of Discovery to improve the experience compared to the original version of vanilla. While these are not considered Runes you will still need to discover them to unlock their abilities.

Rogues can currently obtain:

  • Manual of Redirect  Icon Manual of Redirect — dropped from Interrogator Vishas in Scarlet Monastery: Graveyard.

Rune Engravings

Gloves Pants Chest Belt Boots
Between the Eyes Blade Dance Envenom
Mutilate Shadowstrike Saber Slash Main Gauche Shiv
Deadly Brew Just a Flesh Wound Quick Draw Slaughter from the Shadows
Poisoned Knife Shadowstep Shuriken Toss
Master of Subtlety Waylay Rolling with the Punches

Rune Description

Between the Eyes Icon Between the Eyes — Ranged finishing move that causes damage per Combo Point, increased by Attack Power, and Stuns the target:

  • 1 point: 27 to 41 damage, 1 second Stun
  • 2 points: 43 to 66 damage, 2 second Stun
  • 3 points: 59 to 91 damage, 3 second Stun
  • 4 points: 76 to 116 damage, 4 second Stun
  • 5 points: 92 to 141 damage, 5 second Stun

Unlock Information

As a Human, it can be found in Cutthroat Alley in Stormwind. Go to the end of the alley and into the house. Upstairs next to the bed there is a chest; open it and two Level 10 enemies will spawn. Dispatch them and you will receive this Rune.

As Undead, it can be found in a chest underwater near the Northern coast of Tirisfal Glades, almost directly north from Brill. Pickpocket the key from any Murloc in the area.

As a Dwarf or Gnome, it can be found in a Dusty Crate located just outside of the building where the Rogue training in the Fornlorn Cave in Ironforge is, just to the right of the stairs inside of a small cubby.

As a Night Elf, kill Gnarlpine enemies in Teldrassil until you receive a Gnarlpine Stash Key  Icon Gnarlpine Stash Key and then head over to the Gnarlpine Stash located at (37.9, 82.5). The Rune will be inside this chest.

As an Orc or Troll, this can be found in The Drag in Orgrimmar, look for the NPC Zilzibin Drumlore and next to his house you will find the chest containing this Rune.


Rune Description

Blade Dance Icon Blade Dance — A finishing move that increases your Parry chance. Lasts longer and grants more Parry chance per Combo Point:

  • 1 point: 14 seconds, 6% parry
  • 2 points: 18 seconds, 7% parry
  • 3 points: 22 seconds, 8 % parry
  • 4 points: 26 seconds, 9% parry
  • 5 points: 30 seconds, 10% parry

Unlock Information

As a Human, pickpocket any member of the Defias in Westfall until you receive an Discreet Envelope  Icon Discreet Envelope . Inside the envelope should be a note and a key. The note will show the location of the Rune, and the key will unlock a chest at this location.

As a Dwarf, pickpocketing Dark Iron Dwarves has a chance to give you a Dark Iron Lockbox  Icon Dark Iron Lockbox , lockpick the box and the rune will be inside.

As a Night Elf, kill Naga at the Cliffspring River Cave in North Western Darkshore. In the back of the cave, there will be a ledge and atop that ledge you will see a chest with the Rune inside.

As an Orc or a Troll, you can pickpocket Southsea Cannoneers located south of Ratchet until you find a Buccaneer's Matchbox  Icon Buccaneer's Matchbox . West of where you found the Cannoneers, atop the hill, you will find a bucket of gunpowder found at (61.78, 45.80). Click it and a chest will spawn with the Rune inside.


Rune Description

Envenom Icon Envenom — A finishing move that deals instant poison damage based on your Deadly Poison doses on the target. Following the Envenom attack you have a 75% increased frequency of applying Instant Poison for 1 second plus an additional 1 second per Combo Point. One dose is activated per Combo Point:

  • 1 dose: 40 damage
  • 2 dose: 80 damage
  • 3 dose: 120 damage
  • 4 dose: 160 damage
  • 5 dose: 200 damage

Unlock Information

As any race, inside of the ruins of Durnholde Keep in the Hillsbrad foothills, there is a vendor that sells an item called Hot Tip  Icon Hot Tip . This vendor can be found behind the Orc Tog'Thar who is sitting atop the broken building on top of the hill within Durnholde. After buying this item, it will contain a map and a Safe Combination  Icon Safe Combination . The map will instruct you to "Follow the river north; past the Alterac Mountains. What you seek lies beneath the falling rapids." Follow the river north until you reach the Plaguelands. You will see a waterfall with a chest at the beneath it that contains the Rune.


Rune Description

Mutilate Icon Mutilate — Instantly attacks with both weapons for 100% weapon damage plus an additional 20 with each weapon damage is increased by 20% against Poisoned targets. Awards two Combo Points. Mutilate benefits from all talents and effects that trigger from or modify Backstab Icon Backstab unless otherwise specified.


Unlock Information

As a Human, pickpocket Garrick Padfoot. The note you recieve will lead you to the location at the wall.

As a Dwarf, kill Dark Iron Dwarves just south of Helm's Bed Lake which is found in South Eastern Dun Morogh. They will drop the item Blackrat's Note  Icon Blackrat's Note , return this item to Blackrat who is located at Misty Pine Refuge near the boat you will be able to see along the road.

As a Night Elf, this Rune drops off of Lord Melenas in the cave north of Dolanaar.

As an Undead, pickpocket Captain Perrine, then take his signet ring to the Brill town hall to create a forged document. Take this to Jamie Nore to receive the Rune.

As an Orc or a Troll, you will acquire the Rune from the troll Ba'so in Durotar. Pickpocket the members of the Burning Blade north of Razor Hill and you will get a note. Return to Ba'so and turn it in.


Rune Description

Shadowstrike Icon Shadowstrike — Teleport behind your target and strike, causing 150% weapon damage to the target. Must be stealthed. Awards one Combo Point.


Unlock Information

As a Human, this Rune can be found in a chest by the outhouses near the vineyard in Northshire.

As a Dwarf, this Rune can be found in a chest in the frost troll cave in Coldridge Valley. The chest can be found towards the back of the cave just below the ledge where Grik'nir spawns.

As a Night Elf, this can be found on the roof above the inn inside of Shadowglen.

As an Orc or a Troll, Rogue Shadowstrike is a reward from the quest Atop the Cliffs, which will have you jump onto nearby cliffs. It is mere feet from your initial spawn point in the Valley of Trials.

As a Undead, you will be tasked with killing/pickpocketing Scarlet Converts which will drop the rune.


Rune Description

Saber Slash Icon Saber Slash — Viciously Slash an enemy for 130% weapon damage, and cause the target to bleed for 11 damage every 2 seconds for 12 seconds, stacking up to three times. Awards one Combo Point. Saber Slash benefits from all talents and effects that trigger from or modify Sinister Strike Icon Sinister Strike.


Unlock Information

As Alliance, this can be found in Loch Modan, Darkshore and Westfall.

In Loch Modan, this Rune can be looted from a toolbox found near the Dwarf NPCs located towards the middle of the Stonewrought Dam which is located at the very north of the Loch.

In Darkshore, this Rune can be looted from a small pile of dirt you can find beneath the tree near the lighthouse in Auburdine.

in Westfall, on the hill directly behind the Sentinel Hill Inn, there is an Elite Defias Scout with an Escape Plan buff, which will cause them to flee if they you get too close. Use Stealth to avoid detection and Pickpocket Defias Scout and this will reward you with this Rune.

As Horde, this Rune can be found in both the Barrens and Silverpine Forest.

In The Barrens, head over to Northwatch Hold, when you pass the main gate, look to your left; you will see a stable with a chest on the roof. You will have to complete a small jumping puzzle to get your Rune. Go around to the right and jump down onto the wall behind the stable. Once there, you can jump to the roof and loot the chest for the Rune. You will need 80 Lockpicking skill to open this chest.

In Silverpine Forest, go to the entrance of Shadowfang Keep and use Sprint Icon Sprint to jump to this small platform at 45.3, 67.3. You will need some kind of movement speed bonus to make the jump.


Rune Description

Main Gauche Icon Main Gauche — Instantly strike with your off-hand weapon for normal off-hand weapon damage and increase your chance to parry by 10% for 10 seconds. Awards one Combo Point. Main Gauche benefits from all talents and effects that trigger from or modify Sinister StrikeSinister Strike.


Unlock Information

This Rune can be purchased from Grizzby in Ratchet. In order to unlock Grizzby as a vendor you must be level 20 and complete a series of tasks to earn his favor. There are three quests to complete, these can be completed in any order.

For the first you must provide him with 24 Fish Oil  Icon Fish Oil .

The second you must deliver him 20 Dark Iron Ordinance  Icon Dark Iron Ordinance s which drop from Dark Iron Dwarves in northern Wetlands or Southern Arathi Highlands.

The third you must deliver 16 Shredder Turbocharger  Icon Shredder Turbocharger s which can only be acquired from Shredder NPCs using the Shredder Autosalvage Unit  Icon Shredder Autosalvage Unit.

Shiv Icon Shiv — Instantly attack with your off-hand weapon with a 100% chance to apply the poison from your off-hand weapon to the target. Slower weapons require more energy. Awards one Combo Point.


Unlock Information

As either faction, pick pocket a Defias Night Runner located on the farm directly south of The Twilight Grove until you find a Engraved Gold Ring  Icon Engraved Gold Ring , equip the ring and head to Raven Hill there will be a staute in the center of the courtyard at Raven Hill, /Kneel infront of it and you will be able to loot the Rune.


Rune Description

Deadly Brew Icon Deadly Brew — When you inflict any other poison on a target, you also inflict Deadly Poison.


Unlock Information

As any race, upon reaching level 20 you will receive a letter in the mail that will instruct you to go to Pyrewood Village in Silverpine Forest. Next to the the ramp leading to Shadowfang Keep you will find a hut with a chest inside; opening the chest will begin The Horn of Xelthos quest.

This quest will have you go to find Veenix who is located in the western part of the Windshear Crag in Stonetalon Mountains. He will ask you for a work order, which you can be pick pocketed or kill from Venture Co Operators to obtain. When you return the Venture Co. Work Order to Veenix, he will give you the Breaching Charge needed for the next part of the quest.

Next, head back to Shadowfang Keep and enter the dungeon alone You must enter solo in order for the rare elites you need to spawn. With the Breaching Charge you can open the gate straight ahead of you when you enter the dungeon, allowing you access to the entire instance without having to kill the first boss.

You will need to stealth around the dungeon and pick pocket the two rare elites, Gemela and Gefell, for the Sister's Half-Key and Brother's Half-Key. Make sure to be careful, as there are many areas in the instance that the halls are filled with mobs so navigating without being pulled out of stealth can be quite difficult.

When you have both halves, find a safe spot to create the Twin Key this action will pull you out of stealth. Head back to the stables found in the courtyard near to the entrance and use the key on the chest found there and inside you will find the horn. Exit the instance and return to the original hut where you can turn in the quest.

After re-entering a major city you'll receive a mail which prompts you to head back to the same hut where you will finally be able to receive the Rune.


Rune Description

Just a Flesh Wound Icon Just a Flesh Wound — You take 20% reduced Physical damage while Blade Dance is active. Additionally, you have 6% reduced chance to be critically hit by melee attacks, the threat generated by all your actions is massively increased, and your Feint Icon Feint ability is replaced with Tease, which Taunts the target to attack you.


Unlock Information

At Honored reputation standing with the Azeroth Commerce Authority you will be able to purchase this Rune from the Commerce Authority Reputation in your faction's major city.


Rune Description

Quick Draw Icon Quick Draw — Draw your ranged weapon and fire a quick shot at an enemy, causing normal ranged weapon damage and reducing the target’s movement speed by 50% for 6 seconds. Awards one Combo Point. Quick Draw benefits from all talents and effects that trigger from or modify Sinister Strike Icon Sinister Strike.


Unlock Information

As a Human, loot or pickpocket Treasure Map Fragments to create an Elwynn Treasure Map. These come from Gnolls, Kobolds, Defias NPCs and Murlocs. You can then use the Elwynn Treasure Map to reveal the treasure.

As a Dwarf, loot or pickpocket Treasure Map Fragments to create an Dun Morogh Treasure Map. These come from Leper Gnomes, Dark Iron Dwarves and Trolls found throughout the zone. You can use the Dun Morogh Treasure Map to reveal the treasure.

As a Night Elf, loot or pickpocket Treasure Map Fragments to create a Teldrassil Treasure Map. You can then use the Teldrassil Treasure Map to reveal the treasure in the hollow stump behind the building in Rutheran Village.

As an Undead, loot or pickpocket Treasure Map Fragments to create a Tirisfal Treasure Map. These come from Gnolls, Scarlet Crusade members and Murlocs throughout the zone. You can then use the Tirisfal Treasure Map to reveal the treasure under the bridge in Tirisfal Glades.

As an Orc or a Troll, pickpocket pieces of the Treasure map from Kultirans in Tirisgarde Keep, Burning Blade Members, Quilboar, and Trolls in Echo Isles. Combine the pieces to create Durotar Treasure Map, which has you dig up treasure in the southern most Echo Isles.


Rune Description

Slaughter from the Shadows Icon Slaughter from the Shadows — Reduces the Energy cost of your Backstab Icon Backstab and Ambush Icon Ambush abilities by 20. Does not apply to Mutilate. Does not apply to abilities learned from other Runes.


Unlock Information

As a Human, there is a jump puzzle at the house just northeast of Goldshire. Use the crates to climb on the roof; there will be a chest on the roof containing the Rune.

As a Dwarf or a Gnome, there is a jump puzzle to get atop Kharanos Inn go around to the north side of the inn and head up the mountain to get there.

As a Night Elf, kill Furbolgs inside Banethil until you receive a key. The chest is located randomly inside the Barrows.

As an Undead, it will be found inside a chest in Tirisfal Glades at Agamand Family Crypt; Agamand Relic Coffer Key can be looted from nearby mobs to open the chest.

As an Orc or a Troll, it will be found inside a chest in Durotar at Drygulch Ravine.


Rune Description

Poisoned Knife — Instantly throw your off-hand weapon to deal normal off-hand weapon damage with a 100% chance to apply the poison from your off-hand weapon to the target. Awards 1 combo point. Poisoned Knife benefits from all talents and effects that trigger from or modify Sinister Strike.


Unlock Information

Head to Desolace to start the Highway Robbery quest at the extinguished Campfire. (found at 47, 54) This quest will task you with finding someone who knows about the pillaged campsite, you will need to head to Bibbly F'utzbuckle who you can turn in the Highway Robbery Quest to and he will begin your second part of this quest, On the Lam. (Bibbly can be found at 63, 39 near Kormek's hut.)

Head to the Inn in Booty Bay where you will be able to turn in On the Lam to Tokal who can be found on the first floor of the inn. She will offer you the quest Cherry for your Thoughts? You will need to buy her a Cherry Grog  Icon Cherry Grog and then she will give you the next part of your quest, No Honor Among Thieves.

Next you will be heading to the Arathi Highlands to find a row boat, the boat can be found along the southern coat of Arathi Highlands just a bit east of where the demolition camp of Dark Iron dwarves is set up right when you walk across Thandol Span to your east, the boat will teleport you to where you can find Illari Duskfeather, upon killing her she will drop the Illari's Key  Icon Illari's Key that you need to open the Jewel-Encrusted Box  Icon Jewel-Encrusted Box that you have been carrying around throughout these quests. Open the Jewel-Encrusted Box  Icon Jewel-Encrusted Box and you will find the Psychosophic Epiphany  Icon Psychosophic Epiphany that will teach you the Rune.


Rune Description

Shadowstep — Attempts to step through the shadows and re-appear behind your enemy and increases movement speed by 70% for 3 seconds.


Unlock Information

Upon reaching level 30 you will receive a mail that will task you with heading to Pyrewood Village in Silverpine.(found at 47.1, 71.1) Loot the chest and it will begin the quest The Eye of Bhossca. The first step of this quest being finding a disguise to enter the Scarlet Monastery, this disguise can be found in a box in the stables found a bit to the west of Scarlet Monastery but still within the rocky ridge.

Make sure your disguise is active and then head into the Graveyard wing of the Scarlet Monastery, pickpocket a Scarlet Scryer found inside for their Scryer's Key  Icon Scryer's Key and then head over to the Library and in the hallway leading up to the final boss you will see a box on the eastern wall you will be able to interact with, loot it adn then head back to the Graveyard. Once inside of the Graveyard head into the courtyard and you will see two benches directly across from each other on the northern and southern sides of the courtyard, type /sit and then walk across the courtyard to the other bench and repeat this process. Doing this will cause a chest to spawn just to the west of the bench on the northern side of the courtyard. To ensure you have done this correctly you should see an emote in chat that says 'You hear a faint click' each time you sit on the benches.

Open the newely spawned chest and head back to the Library and in the Gallery of Treasures you should see a side room with another new chest to open. Open this final chest that will contain the Eye of Bhossca  Icon Eye of Bhossca that you have been looking for this entire time and then return back to where your quest began at the Dead Drop in Silverpine Forest and turn in the quest.

Return back to a major city and check your mail, there will be a letter from the same person who originally started this quest for you and you will then one final time have to return to the Dead Drop in Pyrewood Village to recieve your rune.


Rune Description

Shuriken Toss — Throw a shuriken at your enemy dealing damage equal to 25% of your Attack Power, and also strike up to 4 additional nearby targets. Awards 1 combo point.


Unlock Information

Head to the Swamp of Sorrows, you will find a trap attached to a tree almost directly north of Stonard at (42, 30) once you have found this trap simply cast Disarm Trap Icon Disarm Trap on it and you will be awarded with this Rune.


Rune Description

Master of Subtlety — Attacks made while stealthed and for 6 seconds after breaking stealth cause an additional 10% damage.


Unlock Information

Head to the Kurzen camp in northern Stranglethorn Vale (around 44.8, 8.6) once there enter the large stone tower. Inside of the tower you will find Wendel Mathers inside of a cage, talk with him and he will begin your quest for the rune with your first task of getting the key to free him.

You will need two items before returning back to Mathers. Pickpocket the mobs found in the cave found on the northern side of the compound until you loot a Compound Cage Key  Icon Compound Cage Key and then head a bit deeper into the cave, in the south eastern most corner of the cave you will see a ramp, follow the ramp upwards and towards the top you should see a chest you will need to unlock to obtain the Kurzen Fighter's Uniform  Icon Kurzen Fighter's Uniform . You will need at least 125 lock picking to open the chest.

With both items now we will return to Wendel Mathers and free him from the cage. After this head back to Booty Bay and meet with Captain Aransas (who can be found at roughly 27.8 76.6) they will then award you with the Rune.


Rune Description

Waylay — Your Ambush and Backstab hits unbalance your target, increasing the time between their melee attacks by 10%, and reducing movement speed by 50% for 8 sec.


Unlock Information

Head to Deadwind Pass and speak to the Dalaran Agent that can be found at Ariden's Camp which can be found just north of the turn where you would head east into Swamp of Sorrows (roughly 52, 35).This agent will give you Ariden's Sigil  Icon Ariden's Sigil this Sigil has an on use to provoke nearby Dark Riders to reveal themselves. You will know when you are near a Dark Rider as you will gain the buff Dark Presence Icon Dark Presence when near one but otherwise they are just disguised as regular NPCs. Upon killing a Dark Rider you will be rewarded with a Dalaran Relic, we need 7 relics to earn this Rune so we will need to kill 7 different Dark Riders. Below is my recommend order to quickly complete this task. Dark Riders can be difficult to kill but certainly should be able to be soloed, consider partying up with a friend to make this task easier, especially a Mage as we will have to cover a significant amount of distance to complete this task.

Please note that the Dark Riders do have a small patrol area and the coordinates recommend below are a rough approximation, if you walk around the recommend location you should quickly be able to find them.

The closest Dark Rider to your starting point can be found in Deadwind Pass at (43, 29)

The second Dark Rider can be found at (69, 28) in the Swamp of Sorrows.

The third Dark Rider can be found in Duskwood at (22, 51)

The fourth Dark Rider can be found in The Badlands at (58, 54)

the fifth Dark Rider can be found in the Arathi Highlands at (60, 40)

Next we will need to head to Kalimdor, the sixth Dark Rider can be found at (52, 36) in the Barrens.

The 7th and final Dark Rider we need can be found in Desolace at (65, 25).

Return to the Dalaran Agent in Deadwind Pass with the 7 relics you have acquired and turn in their respective quests and the Rune will be your reward!


Rune Description

Rolling with the Punches — Each time you Dodge or Parry, you gain 6% increased Health, stacking up to five times.


Unlock Information

Head to Camp E'thok in northern Thousand Needles (Follow the ridge going west/north west). Once there head into the largest of the tents and inside you will find a lockbox on the floor, open it and it will award you with a smaller lockbox you must lock pick, continue lock picking the boxes that come from this box and eventually you will be awarded with the Rune.



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