Season of Discovery Paladin: Rune Slots and Rune Locations

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On this page, you will find all information about the Paladin Runes in WoW Classic - Season of Discovery.



The single largest new feature of Season of Discovery is the addition of Rune Engravings for your gear. Runes will allow you access to new abilities, the ability to augment your current spells, and in some case unlock entirely new possibilities for your class, such as being able to Tank or Heal when your class previously wasn't able to. At this point in time, Rune Engravings are limited to three slots, the Chest, Gloves and Pants. Listed below are all of the currently available Rune Engravings for Paladin.


Quality of Life Skill Locations

There are various quality of life spell books found throughout Azeroth that have been added in Season of Discovery to improve the experience compared to the original version of vanilla. While these are not considered Runes you will still need to discover them to unlock their abilities.

Paladins can currently obtain:

  • Testament of Enhanced Blessings  Icon Testament of Enhanced Blessings — dropped from Bloodmage Thalnos in Scarlet Monastery: Graveyard.

Rune Engravings

Gloves Pants Chest Belt Boots
Beacon of Light Crusader Strike Hand of Reckoning
Divine Sacrifice Inspiration Exemplar Avengers Shield Exorcist Rebuke
Seal of Martyrdom Horn of Lordaeron Aegis Divine Storm
Enlightened Judgments Infusion of Light Sheath of Light
Guarded by the Light Sacred Shield The Art of War

Rune Description

Beacon of Light Icon Beacon of Light — The target becomes a Beacon of Light to all members of your party or raid within a 60 yard radius. Any heals you cast on party or raid members will also heal the Beacon for 100% of the amount healed. Only one target can be the Beacon of Light at a time. Lasts 1 minute.


Unlock Information

At Honored reputation standing with the Azeroth Commerce Authority you will be able to purchase this Rune from the Commerce Authority Reputation in your faction's major city.


Rune Description

Crusader Strike Icon Crusader Strike — An instant strike that causes 75% weapon damage and regenerates 2% of your maximum Mana.


Unlock Information

As either Alliance race, you will receive a quest from your Class trainer who will task you with receiving a stolen Libram. As a Dwarf, it will be from the Trolls in south western Coldridge Valley. As a Human, it will be from the Defias located in Eastern Northshire. When you recover this Libram, you will be tasked with casting Judgement Icon Judgement 10 times with it equipped. Completing this will reward you with the Rune.


Rune Description

Hand of Reckoning Icon Hand of Reckoning — Taunts the target to attack you, but has no effect if the target is already attacking you. While you know this ability, the threat bonus from Righteous Fury is increased to 80% and Righteous Fury causes you to gain Mana when healed by others equal to 25% of the amount healed. Additionally, while Righteous Fury is active, damage which takes you below 35% health is reduced by 20%. Righteous Fury will remain active until cancelled.


Unlock Information

This Rune can be unlocked in either Loch Modan or Westfall.

In Loch Modan, players will need to go to Stonesplinter Valley in southern Loch Modan. Inside the cave, there is a Sunken Reliquary which contains a Libram of Justice. Players will then need to kill 10 enemies while they are stunned by your Hammer of Justice Icon Hammer of Justice ability.

In Westfall, players will need to go to the Defias controlled tower in southeastern Westfall. There will be a Defias Drone which will drop the Libram of Justice. Players will then need to kill 10 enemies while they are stunned by your Hammer of Justice Icon Hammer of Justice ability.


Rune Description

Divine Sacrifice Icon Divine Sacrifice — 30% of all damage taken by party and members within 30 yards is redirected to the Paladin for 10 seconds. Damage which reduces the Paladin below 20% Health will break the effect and grant them 10% increased damage and healing done for 10 seconds.


Unlock Information

This Rune can be purchased from Grizzby in Ratchet. In order to unlock Grizzby as a vendor you must be level 20 and complete a series of tasks to earn his favor. There are three quests to complete, these can be completed in any order.

  1. For the first you must provide him with 24 Fish Oil  Icon Fish Oil .
  2. The second you must deliver him 20 Dark Iron Ordinance  Icon Dark Iron Ordinance s which drop from Dark Iron Dwarves in northern Wetlands or Southern Arathi Highlands.
  3. The third you must deliver 16 Shredder Turbocharger  Icon Shredder Turbocharger s which can only be acquired from Shredder NPCs using the Shredder Autosalvage Unit  Icon Shredder Autosalvage Unit.

Rune Description

Inspiration Exemplar Icon Inspiration Exemplar — Your inspiring presence periodically dispels Fear and Sleep effects on nearby party members.


Unlock Information

This Rune can be unlocked in both Dun Morogh and Elwynn Forest.

As a Human player, you will find Adventurer's Remains just east of Jerod's Landing. Right-click to summon a portal and have a second Paladin (or Priest) right-click to summon an Adventurer's Spirit. Upon being summoned, the mob will die, and you can both loot the Rune.

As a Dwarf player, you will find Adventuer's remains in the Wendigo cave south west of Kharanos. Right-click it to summon a portal and have a second Paladin (or Priest) right-click to summon an Adventurer's Spirit. Upon being summoned, the mob will die, and you can both loot the Rune.


Rune Description

Avenger's Shield Icon Avenger's Shield — Hurls a holy shield at the enemy, dealing 165 to 197 Holy damage, Dazing them and then jumping to additional nearby enemies. Affects three total targets. Lasts 10 seconds.


Unlock Information

As any race, you can find this Rune by killing the Dro'zem the Blasphemous, Dro'zem can spawn at any of the orc encampments throughout Redridge.


Rune Description

Exorcist Icon Exorcist — Exorcism can now be cast on any target and has 100% increased critical strike chance against Undead and Demons.


Unlock Information

As any race, killing Defias Dark Runners and other Defias mobs located in Duskwood, they have a chance to drop a Libram of Banishment  Icon Libram of Banishment . You are then tasked with casting Turn Undead Icon Turn Undead on five different monsters and then killing them with Exorcism Icon Exorcism. Completing this task will reward you with this Rune.


Rune Description

Rebuke Icon Rebuke — Interrupts spellcasting and prevents any spell in that school from being cast for 2 seconds.


Unlock Information

As either Alliance race, speak to the Bartender in the Park in Stormwind. She will ask you to kill a nearby hostile NPC. Doing so will reward you with this Rune.


Rune Description

Seal of Martyrdom Icon Seal of Martyrdom — Fills you with holy spirit for 30 sec, causing each of your melee attacks to deal 30% weapon damage to up to three nearby targets, but you lose Health equal to 10% of the damage inflicted. While this seal is active, your party members within 40 yards each gain Mana equal to 2% of all damage you take.


Unlock Information

To acquire this Rune, talk to the Brother Romulus in the Stormwind Cathedral. They will direct you to pick up a note in the Cathedral Catacombs. The note will instruct you to kill a Ada Gelhardt who can be found on a small island located between Westfall and Elwynn Forest just south west of where you would find Hogger. Defeating Ada will reward you with the Rune.


Rune Description

Horn of Lordaeron Icon Horn of Lordaeron — The Paladin blows the Horn of Lordaeron, which increases total Strength and Agility of all party members within 30 yards by 17. Lasts 2 minutes. Exclusive with Blessing of Might.


Unlock Information

This Rune can be unlocked in both Westfall and Loch Modan.

In Westfall, Undying Laborers found in the Jangolode Mine west of Sentinel Hill have a chance to drop the Libram of Blessings  Icon Libram of Blessings . With this item equipped, buff five different players and you will receive this Rune.

In Loch Modan, in one of the rooms located on the lower level of the Inn in Thelsamar, there will be a Libram sitting on a table. It will task you with buffing five different players and upon completion will grant you this Rune.


Rune Description

Aegis Icon Aegis — Increases your block value by 30% and damaging melee and ranged attacks against you have a 10% chance to increase your chance to block by 30%. Lasts 10 seconds or five blocks. The effect is not cumulative with Redoubt.


Unlock Information

This Rune can be unlocked in both Elwynn Forest and Dun Morogh.

In Elywnn Forest, you can unlock this Rune by using Purify Icon Purify on the Paladin NPC located in the area towards the back of the Jasperload Mines. After purifying the Paladin they will reward you with this Rune.

In Dun Morogh, located directly in front of Gnomeregan's entrance in western Dun Morogh, you will find an NPC called Wounded Adventurer. Use Purify Icon Purify on this NPC and he will then reward you with this Rune.


Rune Description

Divine Storm Icon Divine Storm — An instant weapon attack that causes 110% of weapon damage to up to four enemies within 8 yards. The Divine Storm heals up to three party or raid members totaling 25% of the damage caused.


Unlock Information

Head to Darkshore, go north to the Tower of Althalaxx and click the Orb found inside on the top floor. This will likely require assistance as the mobs inside are quite tough.

Interacting with the Orb will then prompt you to head to Maestra’s Post in north-western Ashenvale. Speak with Delgrin who will give you a quest to return to Stormwind to speak to Katherine the Pure who can be found in the Cathedral.

Katherine will then give us her own quest to get a second opinion, requiring us to head to the Slaughtered Lamb in the Mage District to consult Urusla Deline, who can be found in the basement of the Slaughtered Lamb near the Warlock trainers. Ursula will then direct you to find 14 Summoner's Salt  Icon Summoner's Salt which can be looted off of Blackrock Orcs in Redridge Mountains.

When returning to Ursula, she will give you a quest to destroy the Orb. In order to destroy the Orb we must return to Ashenvale and head to Demon Fall Canyon, located in Southeastern Ashenvale. Inside the Canyon, kill any Demon for a chance to loot Mote of Mannoroth  Icon Mote of Mannoroth .

Upon obtaining 12 motes, you can head over to the two floating Glaives on the eastern side of the Canyon. You will then be able to interact with a circle on the ground beneath the Glaives; this will drop the orb to the ground, breaking it. Make sure you click on the now broken orb which will prompt you to return to Delgren for the final part of this quest, returning to him will reward you with the Rune.


Rune Description

Enlightened Judgement — Increases the range on your Judgement by 30 yards and your spell hit with all spells by 17%.


Unlock Information

In order to unlock this Rune you need to purify three Tarnished Prayer Beads by completing a specific task and then turn all three into a new NPC, Brother Atticus in the safe area within Stromgarde Keep, he can be found across the bridge near Deneb Walker.(Who can be found at 27.0, 58.8).

The first [DNT] Tarnished Prayer Bead I Icon Tarnished Prayer Bead I will drop from any humanoid mobs found in northern Wetlands and all throughout Arathi Highlands, (Ogres, Trolls, Syndicate Humans, Dark Iron Dwarves). In order to purify this bead cast Blessing of Might Icon Blessing of Might while in combat with an enemy and then killing them.

The second [DNT] Tarnished Prayer Bead II Icon Tarnished Prayer Bead II drops from the Boulderfist Ogres located north west of Stromgarde. (around 30.8, 45.6) This bead is purified by casting Divine Shield Icon Divine Shield with less than 10% health, so you will need to be level 34 at least to complete this step.

The third and final [DNT] Tarnished Prayer Bead III Icon Tarnished Prayer Bead III can be found by killing Witherbark Trolls (around 69.2, 79.6). This bead is purified by casting Judgement Icon Judgement while you have the Seal of Justice Icon Seal of Justice buff active while an enemy mob is fleeing.

Return to Brother Atticus in Stromgarde with all three beads purified and you will be awarded this Rune.


Rune Description

Infusion of Light — Increases the damage done by your Holy Shock by 20%, and your damaging critical strikes with Holy Shock reset the cool downs on Holy Shock and Exorcism and refund the cost of Holy Shock.


Unlock Information

Head to Deadwind Pass and speak to the Dalaran Agent that can be found at Ariden's Camp which can be found just north of the turn where you would head east into Swamp of Sorrows (roughly 52, 35).This agent will give you Ariden's Sigil  Icon Ariden's Sigil this Sigil has an on use to provoke nearby Dark Riders to reveal themselves. You will know when you are near a Dark Rider as you will gain the buff Dark Presence Icon Dark Presence when near one but otherwise they are just disguised as regular NPCs. Upon killing a Dark Rider you will be rewarded with a Dalaran Relic, we need 7 relics to earn this Rune so we will need to kill 7 different Dark Riders. Below is my recommend order to quickly complete this task. Dark Riders can be difficult to kill but certainly should be able to be soloed, consider partying up with a friend to make this task easier, especially a Mage as we will have to cover a significant amount of distance to complete this task.

Please note that the Dark Riders do have a small patrol area and the coordinates recommend below are a rough approximation, if you walk around the recommend location you should quickly be able to find them.

The closest Dark Rider to your starting point can be found in Deadwind Pass at (43, 29)

The second Dark Rider can be found at (69, 28) in the Swamp of Sorrows.

The third Dark Rider can be found in Duskwood at (22, 51)

The fourth Dark Rider can be found in The Badlands at (58, 54)

the fifth Dark Rider can be found in the Arathi Highlands at (60, 40)

Next we will need to head to Kalimdor, the sixth Dark Rider can be found at (52, 36) in the Barrens.

The 7th and final Dark Rider we need can be found in Desolace at (65, 25).

Return to the Dalaran Agent in Deadwind Pass with the 7 relics you have acquired and turn in their respective quests and the Rune will be your reward!


Rune Description

Sheath of Light — Dealing damage with your melee weapon increases your spell power by an amount equal to 30% of your attack power for 1 min. In addition, your critical healing spells heal the target for 60% of the healed amount over 12 sec.


Unlock Information

Head to the Mannoroc Cove in Desolace, at (52.6, 84.8) you will find a Broken Hammer on the ground, this item begins the quest to unlock this rune. This quest will first task you with killing nearby Burning Blade NPCs to loot the Torn Letter  Icon Torn Letter . Once you have the Torn Letter  Icon Torn Letter in your inventory head back to the Stormwind Cathedral and meet with Katherine the Pure who will offer you the next quest, A Lost Brother.

Next head to Menethil Harbor and speak to Harold Riggs, the Fishing trainer who can be found right as you walk onto the dock. He will then send you to Newman's Landing which is west of Coldridge Valley in Dun Morogh. The only way to reach Newman's Landing is by swimming south from Menethil Harbor. (The landing can be found at 18.0, 74.5) Once you have made it to the Landing looking for a corpse, interact with it and some NPCs will spawn kill them and you will be able to pick up the Orders from the Grand Crusader  Icon Orders from the Grand Crusader that will send you back to Katherine the Pure in the Stormwind Cathedral.

Katherine will then task you with heading to the Scarlet Monastery: Cathedral to kill Whitemane, after defeating Whitemane head into the room behind the boss encounter with Whitemane and find Aeonas the Vindicated, finally return back to Katherine in the Stormwind Cathedral and you will be rewarded with this rune.


Rune Description

Guarded by the Light — Each time you hit a target with your melee weapon, you gain 5% of your maximum mana per 3 sec for 15 sec, but the amount healed by your Flash of Light, Holy Light, and Holy Shock spells is reduced by 50% during this mana regeneration.


Unlock Information

For this Rune we will need to head to the Ruins of Alterac in the Alterac Mountains. Before you make your trip ensure you have a Symbol of Divinity  Icon Symbol of Divinity and the Divine Intervention Icon Divine Intervention ability learned, you will also need the assistance of another player who can resurrect you to complete the tasks required. Along the southern wall of the Ruins of Alterac (39.6 60.8) you will find a skeleton, interacting with the skeleton will give you the Dormant Holy Rune  Icon Dormant Holy Rune , to activate this dormant rune simply cast Divine Intervention Icon Divine Intervention on another player and then have someone resurrect you, this will activate the Dormant Holy Rune  Icon Dormant Holy Rune and allow you to learn Guarded by the Light Icon Guarded by the Light.


Rune Description

Sacred Shield — Each time the target takes damage they gain a Sacred Shield, absorbing 500 damage and increasing the Paladin's chance to critically hit with Flash of Light by 50% for up to 6 sec. In addition, causes your Flash of Light to heal targets with Sacred Shield for an additional 100% over 12 sec. They cannot gain this effect more than once every 6 sec. Lasts 30 sec. This spell cannot be on more than one target at any one time.


Unlock Information

Head to the Inn at Nijel's Point in Desolace, once there head inside and you will see a small ramp across from the inn keeper. Head up this ramp and on the first bench you see beside the bookcase there will be a Libram you can loot, equip the Libram of Deliverance  Icon Libram of Deliverance and with it equipped use your Blessing of Freedom Icon Blessing of Freedom ability to remove roots from an ally 5 times, completing this task will award you with the Sacred Shield rune.


Rune Description

The Art of War — Your melee critical strikes reset the cooldowns on Holy Shock and Exorcism.


Unlock Information

Head to Desolace to start the Highway Robbery quest at the extinguished Campfire. (found at 47, 54) This quest will task you with finding someone who knows about the pillaged campsite, you will need to head to Bibbly F'utzbuckle who you can turn in the Highway Robbery Quest to and he will begin your second part of this quest, On the Lam. (Bibbly can be found at 63, 39 near Kormek's hut.)

Head to the Inn in Booty Bay where you will be able to turn in On the Lam to Tokal who can be found on the first floor of the inn. She will offer you the quest Cherry for your Thoughts? You will need to buy her a Cherry Grog  Icon Cherry Grog and then she will give you the next part of your quest, No Honor Among Thieves.

Next you will be heading to the Arathi Highlands to find a row boat, the boat can be found along the southern coat of Arathi Highlands just a bit east of where the demolition camp of Dark Iron dwarves is set up right when you walk across Thandol Span to your east, the boat will teleport you to where you can find Illari Duskfeather, upon killing her she will drop the Illari's Key  Icon Illari's Key that you need to open the Jewel-Encrusted Box  Icon Jewel-Encrusted Box that you have been carrying around throughout these quests. Open the Jewel-Encrusted Box  Icon Jewel-Encrusted Box and you will find the Psychosophic Epiphany  Icon Psychosophic Epiphany that will teach you the Rune.



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