Overview for Caster's Raise Ability

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This page contains information on the Raise utility casters bring to their party in FFXIV.


Introduction to Raise Actions in FFXIV

Deaths happen during progress and reclears. Both casters and healers have therefore been given the ability to raise players at the cost of a large part of their mana. This guide will talk about using your raise abilities to their fullest potential.


List of Raise Actions

The following abilities can raise players:

  • Raise Icon Raise, cast by White Mage.
  • Resurrection Icon Resurrection, cast by Scholar and Summoner.
  • Egeiro Icon Egeiro, cast by Sage.
  • Ascend Icon Ascend, cast by Astrologian.
  • Verraise Icon Verraise, cast by Red Mage.
  • Healer Limit Break 3, cast by any healer with full Limit Break gauge.


Swiftcast Icon Swiftcast is a job role action available to both Casters and Healers. This ability allows you to instantly cast your next spell. A common mistake players make is using this spell purely for DPS reasons because the gain from Swiftcasting a spell is minimal. This is especially true if compared to the lost damage from potentially having to hardcast a raise, locking you out of DPSing for a full 8 seconds. This is why it is generally recommended to save Swiftcast for any potential raises. Rare exceptions can be made to this rule, such as intense movement during Ifrit phase for Summoner players during DSR phase 3, or major movement during healing intensive moments for Healers during DSR phase 5 Wroth of Flames. However, it is generally better to save your Swiftcast for the scenario where someone dies.


Raise Priority

A common mistake groups make is not knowing who should raise when. This causes raise overlaps, resulting in wasted mana and a loss of Swiftcast Icon Swiftcast. It is a good idea to have an agreement with your static on how to handle raises. Especially in prog, it may be wise to force caster priority on raises before a healer. This is because the mana cost of raising can be harsh for Healers depending on the fight and what is required of them further into the encounter.

The priority for raise in an optimized environment is as follows:

  1. Healers with Swiftcast Icon Swiftcast.
  2. Summoner with Swiftcast Icon Swiftcast.
  3. Red Mage.
  4. Healer without Swiftcast Icon Swiftcast.
  5. Summoner without Swiftcast Icon Swiftcast.

Keep in mind, this is not set in stone. While the list above is ranked by total damage lost in a vacuum, it does not take into consideration specific burst windows or current outgoing damage from the boss.

The situation changes for the players who mostly play in Party Finder. Here, communicating is difficult. What some players do is macro a message to their raise ability which indicates who they are raising.


Positioning for Raise

Sometimes mechanics will happen in rapid succession whilst needing everyone alive to resolve them. This is especially the case in early Savage and Ultimate fights like Dragonsong's Reprise. When raising players in these situations, the raised player will not have any time to move to their designated position in time. Knowing this, the player raising can raise them on their position and adjust to take the position of the raised player or place the raised player on their original spot before running back to their own.



  • 23 May 2023: Reviewed for Patch 6.4.
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