The Eighth Circle Normal Raid Guide

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Welcome to our guide to The Eighth Circle, the first encounter in the second raid tier of Pandaemonium, Abyssos. This guide aims to prepare players for the raid so they will know what to expect, with simple mechanic instructions and notes on what to watch out for.



Hephaistos, Perfect Imperfection, is the fourth and final raid boss fought in Abyssos.


Unlocking The Eighth Circle

To unlock The Eighth Circle, players must complete the quest "One Final Wish." This is the fifth quest in the quest chain starting from "An Unwelcome Visitor," which can be received from Claudien in Labyrinthos (X:8.6 Y:27.5) after completing the Asphodelos questline. There is a minimum item level restriction of 585 to enter through the duty finder in a matched party.

If you're looking for the savage version of this encounter, please follow the link below:



At last Hephaistos's wicked plan is laid bare─he aims to use Erichthonios as a tool to resurrect Athena, former chief keyward of Pandæmonium. Although his exact motivations remain shrouded in mystery, there is no time for doubt, for every idle moment allows Hephaistos to draw one step closer to completing his grand experiment. You hurry to the hidden experimental compound, that this chain of twisted ambition might be broken at last.


Raid Guide


Phase One

Players will do battle with Hephaistos in his many different forms. The edge of the arena will ignite after the first raidwide, inflicting a burn DoT to players who stand in it.



  • Genesis of Flame deals moderate raidwide magic damage.
  • Sunforge will summon either a serpent or a phoenix to Hephaistos.
    • If a serpent is summoned, it will do a line AoE down the middle.
    • If a phoenix is summoned, it will cleave the sides of the arena, with the middle of the arena being safe.
  • Flameviper is a tank buster.
  • Reforged Reflection transforms Hephaistos into different forms.
    • The quadrupedal form will do dashes.
    • The serpentine form will summon adds and do gaze mechanics.
  • Hephaistos will dash across the arena with Blazing Footfalls, knocking players back. He will then jump to the spots indicated in order, knocking players back from that point.
  • Rearing Rampage deals moderate raidwide magic damage.
  • Fourfold Fires will summon proximity meteors at the intercardinal edges. These leave behind fiery puddles.
  • Hephaistos will tether to two fire puddles with Chthonic Vent, summoning serpents in them that explode in a large AoE. These serpents will jump to other puddles twice, doing AoEs from them as well.
  • Into the Shadows will summon gazes that move across the arena. Once they stop, they will cast Petrifaction from their location (look away!) and summon Gorgon adds.
  • Gorgon adds will cast Gorgoneion, a long cast. Kill them before this goes off.
  • Gorgospit is a line AoE targeted on a random player.
  • Ektothermos deals moderate raidwide magic damage.
  • Volcanic Torches summon torches that draw rectangular AoEs around the arena. Move to a column of the arena where the AoEs aren't drawn. This is accompanied by marked AoEs on players.


  • Dodge the Sunforge mechanics as they come out.
  • When Blazing Footfalls is cast, take note of where Hephaistos will jump to after the initial dash. Use the first line knockback to position yourself to get knocked back into subsequent knockback locations.
  • Stay in the middle of the arena for Fourfold Fires, then move to puddles not tethered to dodge AoEs. Take note of where the serpents jump to and move to puddles that they did not jump to. This will repeat, so move quickly.
  • Look away from the gazes that indicate where the adds will spawn. DPS them down while dodging the line AoEs.
  • Stay in the middle to see where Volcanic Torches are not drawing AoEs, then move into the side of the arena that does not have AoEs.
  • From here, mechanics will simply repeat until the boss is defeated.


Coffers that appear after defeating Hephaistos will yield tokens that can be traded in for gear. Additionally, one Unsung Blade of Abyssos Icon Unsung Blade of Abyssos will be rewarded upon defeating Hephaistos once per week.



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