Storm's Crown Trial Guide

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Welcome to our guide to Storm's Crown, the fourth trial of Endwalker. This guide aims to prepare players for the encounter so they will know what to expect, with simple mechanic instructions and notes on what to watch out for.



Your search for the great wyrm Azdaja in the void has brought you to Zero's domain, where you hope to find information that will lead you to the mysterious Golbez. But it soon becomes apparent that your victory over Scarmiglione did not go unnoticed, for now another archfiend, the ravishing-but-cruel Barbariccia, has descended to challenge you. While there is no guarantee that she will yield the answers she teases, the only way is forward, and you sally forth to confront her in her stormy domain.


Unlock Requirements

Storm's Crown can be unlocked at level 90 during the main scenario quest "The Wind Rises." It is the trial players will encounter in the Endwalker Patch 6.2 main scenario.


Phase One

The first phase has you do battle with Barbariccia with her weapons.



  • Void Aero IV deals moderate raidwide magic damage.
  • Barbariccia will throw her weapon to a cardinal with Savage Barbery. This will do a large AoE at the location. In addition, she will do either a line AoE across the arena or a donut AoE around her depending on the swords.
    • If the swords are in a rotating circle, it is a donut AoE.
    • If the swords are in a flashing semi-circle, it is a line AoE.
  • Barbariccia dashes to the sword with Hair Raid and cleaves the entire room, with the safe spots to her left and right at the wall where the sword was.
  • Void Aero III is a tank buster that must be shared by both tanks.
  • Teasing Tangles will stun all players and drag them to one of four hair cones, tethering them. Players have reduced movement speed while tangled, and leaving the circle will drag them back into the centre and inflict a DoT.
  • Secret Breeze are two sets of conal AoEs. Stay inside the circle and dodge into the first one.
  • Deadly Twist is an untelegraphed stack marker.
  • Hair Spray is a marked AoE on several players.
  • Curling Iron knocks players back if they are standing in her hitbox and deals moderate raidwide magic damage. Barbariccia will jump into the air and perform her ultimate move after a cinematic.
  • Catabasis is her ultimate and deals massive damage. It is recommended to tank LB it if you do not have any shields or mitigation active.


  • Barbariccia will first cast Savage Barbery, so avoid the side of the room the sword is being thrown to and either dodge to the side of her hitbox or inside her hitbox.
  • Move to the wall where the sword was thrown for Hair Raid afterwards.
  • The other version of Savage Barbery is done next, with another Hair Raid.
  • After the second set of mechanics, Barbariccia will jump to the middle and cast Teasing Tangles. Do not move out of the circle and dodge Secret Breeze.
  • Stack up and heal through Deadly Twist and Void Aero IV.
  • She will do another set of Savage Barbery into Hair Raid.
  • After another Teasing Tangles, she will begin casting Curling Iron. Stay out of the centre. She will then transition to her second phase.

Phase Two

In the second phase, wind engulfs the arena, making it smaller. You fight Barbariccia with her fists and clones, and there is plenty of AoE dodging to go around.



  • Brutal Rush targets a random player, deals light damage, and shoots a line AoE at their location that goes off very fast.
  • Winding Gale are curved line AoEs around the arena. This also will damage the centre of the arena.
  • Brittle Boulder marks players with a rock. When the mark is gone, a large AoE will appear at their location, so drop them together and move away.
  • Boulder Break is an AoE tank buster on both tanks.
  • Knuckle Drum is a multi-hit sequence of light raidwide damage, with the last hit dealing moderate raidwide damage.
  • Trample is a physical stack marker.
  • Bold Boulder is a proximity marker on a tank.
  • Tornado Chain are ring AoEs that expand.
  • Blow Away are sets of baited ground AoE markers.
  • Touchdown is a knockback from the indicated spot.
  • Impact is a knockback from the centre of the arena that instantly kills players standing under it.
  • Dry Blows are random small AoEs on the arena.


  • Mitigate before Barbariccia dives down, or use tank limit break if no mitigation is available.
  • Spread out and dodge all the AoEs from Brutal Rush.
  • Stack together to dodge Winding Gale, bait Brittle Boulder, and for Deadly Twist. Move away immediately after the AoE appears, and tanks need to move away from the party and mitigate Boulder Break.
  • Come together to heal through Knuckle Drum.
  • The tank with the proximity marker should move away from the party to the other side, and the party needs to stack to soak the damage from Trample.
  • Dodge Tornado Chain while dodging the tornadoes flying out from the centre. Spread for Hair Spray afterwards.
  • Heal and mitigate through Knuckle Drum.
  • Dodge Blow Away markers while dodging Brutal Rush line AoEs.
  • At this point, Barbariccia will tether players again. Dodge Tornado Chain while staying inside the circle, and use knockback immunity to prevent being knocked out of the circle from Touchdown.
  • Stand close to Impact to ensure that you are not knocked outside the arena.
  • Dodge Dry Blows and Brutal Rush AoEs.
  • Players will all be tethered again to a hair cone. This time, you will have to dodge tornadoes, Tornado Chain, and heal through Knuckle Drum while staying inside the circle.
  • At this point, the fight simply repeats mechanics seen previously.


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