Dragonsong's Reprise Ultimate (DSR) Guide for Nidhogg

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This page contains detailed information and strategy about the high-end Duty "Dragonsong's Reprise (Ultimate)", commonly abbreviated as DSR, specifically for the portion of the fight dealing with Nidhogg.


Phase 3: Nidhogg

Pre-fight preparation:

  • Assign a duo of a tank or melee with a ranged or healer to each intercardinal.
  • Everyone beware: Nidhogg's auto attacks cleave in a line onto its target. Steer away from the main tank whenever Nidhogg auto attacks. You can put a marker on the main tank to make it easier to see where they are.

Nidhogg Toolbox Resource

For the entirety of the phase, please reference this Toolbox for a detailed view of how each mechanic is handled.


Nidhogg Strategy

While this is a short phase, it is also one of the hardest in the entire fight. Depending on group DPS, it is suggested to always use potions during the raid buffs that happen at the end of Enumeration Towers. It is fairly easy to take a damage down here, which will result in a 50% damage reduction for a whopping three minutes. This is more harsh than the Brink of Death debuff and should be treated with the utmost seriousness. Dying in the wall and taking a raise is a better option than waiting out the debuff duration in most situations. Ensure mechanics are resolved before doing this.


Dive from Grace

  1. Nidhogg dives into the arena, casting Final Chorus. This is a heavy-hitting raidwide and needs to be mitigated before he appears.
  2. Nidhogg will auto attack twice before casting Dive from Grace.
  3. Numbered markers will go out. 3 one markers, 2 two markers and 3 three markers.
    • Preposition the 1 markers on his hitbox East, South and West.
    • Preposition the 3 markers on his hitbox North, and line up to indicate where you will swap to in the next part of the mechanic.
    • Preposition the 2 markers behind the 3 markers North, and line up to indicate whether you will take East or West.
  4. A second debuff will now be given out, either a circle, a backwards arrow, or a forwards arrow. For groups using voice, it may be wise to call out which groups have arrows so the player without an arrow in the corresponding number group is aware of where they need to go.

For the players marked with 1:

  1. Preposition prior to the arrow and circle debuffs on Nidhoggs hitbox: East, West and South.
  2. If one of the 1 marked players calls arrows, adjust to have the forwards arrow on his West side, the backwards arrow on his East side, and the circle on his South side.
  3. Before your debuff expires, aim so the arrow shoots across Nidhogg. Forwards arrow face into his hitbox, and backwards arrow face away from his hitbox.
  4. Now Nidhogg will either use Gnash and Lash or Lash and Gnash. This is a simple in and out mechanic. Lash is in, and Gnash is out. Resolve this in/out and move to the North safespot.
  5. The East and West players will soak the tower's placed by the 2's whilst the South person waits.
  6. After soaking the tower, bait the Gierskogul away from the party before stacking up again to soak the Eye of the Tyrant group soak and dodge another in or out.
  7. During the second part of the in or out, the South marked player runs over and soaks the South placed tower by the 3 person, followed by baiting the Gierskogul away from the group.

For the players marked with 2:

  1. Run North and indicate whether you will go East or West. Arrows should adjust so Spineshatter is West and Elusive is East. Stack up to soak the Eye of the Tyrant group soak.
  2. Dodge Gnash and Lash or Lash and Gnash.
  3. Place your tower on the North East / North West markers. If you have an arrow debuff, aim across to the other 2 marked player.
  4. Return to the party to soak the Eye of the Tyrant group soak and dodge the next in/out.
  5. During the second part of the in/out, soak the East/West towers placed by the 3 marked players and bait the Gierskogul away from the group. Soak the tower on the same side where you dropped yours.

For the players marked with 3:

  1. Stack North with the party. Preposition to indicate which 1 tower you will soak next. Then stack up to soak the Eye of the Tyrant group soak.
  2. If one of the 3 markers has an arrow, communicate this and adjust to always have the forwards arrow go West, the backwards arrow go East, and the Circle go South.
  3. Dodge Gnash and Lash or Lash and Gnash. During the second part of this dodge, soak and bait the towers dropped by the 1 markers.
  4. Place your own tower, and aim through his hitbox if you have an arrow onto the 3 marked person opposite of you.
  5. Dodge another in/out.

Darkdragon Dive

  1. Nidhogg will start auto attacking the main tank again after the last towers are baited. Be careful to not be cleaved by Nidhogg's autos.
  2. After two auto attacks, Nidhogg will target a random player and cast Drachenlance. This is a cleave in front of him that knocks anyone hit into the wall of the arena. Simply dodge this attack to the side.
  3. Four towers will now spawn, one on each intercardinal. Move to your pre-assigned tower and get ready to adjust.
    • If your tower two or more people, stay in your tower.
    • If your tower only requires one person, then only the ranged or healer stays. They will also soak and bait the Gierskogul. The melee or tank will adjust to another tower.
    • Adjust with clockwise priority. If possible, call over voice if your tower requires four soaks, so it is easier to find for the adjusting melee players.
  4. After the soak, have the ranged bait the Gierskoguls away.
  5. Have everyone rush and stack South off the boss. Tank's intercept the Soul Tethers coming from the boss and from a random dragon.
  6. Nidhogg will then turn to the main tank and auto attack them five times again before casting another Drachenlance, however, this one will always be aimed South so DPS can move out of the way before it starts casting.
  7. Lastly, Nidhogg will cast Revenge of the Horde. This is his enrage.


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