Guide to Island Sanctuaries Granary in FFXIV

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This page is all about the granary on your island sanctuary in FFXIV. Including each expedition, the best expeditions and what materials you should aim for to upgrade your granary, workshops and develop new landmarks.


Granaries On Your Island Sanctuary

The Granary is a building that allows you to send mammets to various locations on the island to forage for resources. These expeditions yield a range of materials, some of which are classed as rare materials. These rare materials can only be obtained through expeditions and therefore should be your key focus.


Granary Basics

Expeditions can be sent out for up to seven days costing 50 Seafarer's Cowries every day. The cowries are taken out of your inventory as soon as you decide how many days the expeditions last.

Every day on your daily reset the mammets will return with a collection of normal items and a small amount of rare items that improve as you upgrade the rank of your granary.

FFXIV Island Sanctuary Granary

While ranking up it is advised to do your Granary one day at a time where possible to save your Seafarer's Cowries. If you can not afford your expedition at the beginning of the day due to upgrading other parts of the island it is not a problem. A single expedition takes up to a day meaning you can send them off 20 minutes before reset and receive the same rewards.

You can also change what expedition your mammets are out for at any time before the reset for the day if you change your plans.

Up to two Granaries can be built meaning two expeditions at the same time, you can also relocate this building to another plot whenever you would like.


How To Upgrade Your Granary

Upgrading your granary offers more materials and therefore gives you more upgrades faster and more Seafarer's Cowries using your workshop. There are 2 upgrades available the first being at rank 6 and the second at rank 8. These also take time to upgrade but can still be used while being upgraded.

Type Upgrade/Build Time Material 1 Material 2 Material 3 Material 4 Material 5
Base Upgrade 2-3 Hours Island Palm Log x10 Island Log x10 Island Clay x10 Island Copper Ore x 10 Island Vine x 5
Granary II 1-2 Hours Island Palm Log x15 Island Log x15 Island Hemp x10 Island Clay x5 Island Tin Sand x5
Granary III 11-12 Hours Island Log x15 Island Iron Ore x15 Island Leucogranite x10 Island Clay x5 Island Spruce Log x3 (Only obtainable via expeditons)

Simply interact with the signboard whenever you want to upgrade. You can change the style of your workshop to any previous upgrade stage whenever you would like.


Expedition Areas, Their Rewards and Their Uses

There are five expedition areas which you can send your mammets to, these do not change and you can send both granaries to the same location if you wish to.

  • Meandering Meadows - Island Alyssum
  • Fatal Falls - Raw Island Garnet
  • Wild Woods - Island Spruce Log
  • Bending Beaches - Island Hammerhead
  • Mossy Mountains - Island Silver Ore

Currently the most important two are having 6x Island Spruce Log for granary upgrades and 9x Raw Island Garnet for workshop upgrades.

From there, 3x Island Silver Ore for the 4th landmark and Island Alyssum for the extra otter-themed landmark.


What Expeditions Are Best For My Island?

The most important order for expeditions would be to gain the materials to upgrade your workshops, then granaries and then obtain the silver ore for the final landmark.

After that it simply depends on what supply and popularity your workshop has. Popularity you can see ahead of time giving you time to prepare but you can not predict supply ahead of time so gather a range of all granary materials so you are prepared for any situation. The best workshop crafts are using these rare materials.



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