Guide to Island Sanctuaries Felicitous Favors in FFXIV

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Felicitous Favors are a Workshop mechanic in FFXIV's Island Sanctuary allowing you to gain a new Felicitous Token to exchange for an few items and unique mounts. Optimising your workshop for these crafts is the aim of the game.


Felicitous Favors in FFXIV Island Sanctuary

Once you upgrade all buildings to Rank 5 and complete the subsequent vision available at Rank 19 you will unlock Felicitous Favors. Felicitous Favors are a system providing individualized crafts for each player requiring you to fit them inside of your workshop schedule where best possible.

FFXIV Felicitous Favors.

While these crafts are unique to the individual, they follow a few patterns:

  • There is always a 4 hour craft, 6 hour craft and 8 hour craft which require 8/6/8 crafts respectively.
  • The available crafts one week will not be options on the next week.
  • The available crafts will never be low demand. They will always be average or higher.
  • The bonuses are in the same spaces for all players.
  • The maximum amount of tokens you can gain in a single week is 70.

How Best to Optimise Your Crafts

The most important thing to remember is that chaining crafts for efficiency bonus counts as two crafts towards Felicitous Favors, meaning instead of needing to do 8/6/8 crafts you only need 4/3/4 of each craft, making it much easier.

The more optimal way to craft these items in your Workshop would be to craft them close to or around their peak. The easiest way to accomplish this will be using resources and tools which calculate that for you.

The other option would be to use your 4th Workshop entirely for Felicitous Favors. This makes it easy to schedule your crafts for the entire week on that Workshop in a single go. You can then dedicate your other three Workshops to the standard weekly recommendations that you might find on social media.

An example setup would be:

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
4 Hour 4 Hour 4 Hour 4 Hour 4 Hour
Favor 4 Hour Favor 4 Hour Favor 6 Hour Favor 6 Hour Favor 6 Hour
4 Hour 4 Hour 6 Hour 6 Hour 6 Hour
Favor 4 Hour Favor 4 Hour Favor 8 Hour Favor 8 Hour Favor 8 Hour
Favor 8 Hour Favor 8 Hour

What Can Felicitous Tokens Be Used For?

You can only hold 150 tokens, which is two weeks worth at a single time. This means you have to often make decisions on what you would like to purchase. Fortunately, there's an incredibly limited amount of options. You can only buy either Vegetal Voucher Icon Vegetal Voucher or Sanctuary Materiel Container Icon Sanctuary Materiel Container.

With 200 Vegetal Voucher Icon Vegetal Voucher's, or an incredible 2000 Tokens being used to purchase Island Adenium Whistle Icon Island Adenium Whistle, it will take 29 weeks of Token Farming to obtain this mount. Vegetal Voucher Icon Vegetal Voucher can be sold and bought on the market board making it possible to bypass the grind or even use it as a gil making method.

Sanctuary Materiel Container Icon Sanctuary Materiel Container only costs 10 tokens each so you can get 7 a week. These offer a range of items some of which are minions and furnishings related to Island Sanctuary. The most notable item being Island Peerifool Whistle Icon Island Peerifool Whistle.



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