Dragonsong's Reprise Ultimate (DSR) Guide for Nidhogg's Eyes and The Rewind Intermission

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This page contains detailed information and strategy about the high-end Duty "Dragonsong's Reprise (Ultimate)", commonly abbreviated as DSR, specifically for the portion of the fight dealing with Nidhogg's Eyes and the Rewind Intermission.


Phase 4: The Eyes and Rewind

Pre-fight preparation

  • Assign a swap order. We recommend Melees, Healers and then flex.
  • Give your Melees and Healers an assigned cardinal between North and South.
  • Agree which tank takes initial aggro of which Eye. Both auto attack, so before mechanics happen, each tank should grab aggro on one.
  • You require Tank LB3 to complete the Rewind intermission.
  • Assign positions for the orb soaks, we recommend:
Eyes Positioning

Eyes Toolbox Resource

For the entirety of the phase, please reference this Toolbox for a detailed view of how each mechanic is handled.


Nidhogg's Left and Right Eyes

  1. Stack up slightly South and wait for two buffs to be given out. These are applied by AoEs, one of which is placed on Alphinaud, the other is placed on a random player in the party.
  2. Once both buffs are given out and both Eyes are targetable, spread around the middle of the arena. Have everyone but the Red Eye tank attack the Blue Eye.
  3. Two types of chains will be given out, Red and Blue. When you take damage with a Red chain, you damage the Red Eye. When you take damage with a Blue chain, you heal the Blue Eye.
    • Two Melee DPS will need a Red chain.
    • Two Ranged DPS will need a Blue chain.
    • Two Tanks will need a Red chain.
    • Two Healers will need a Blue chain.
  4. Ensure you have the correct chain. If not, walk onto Estinien in the middle of the arena and swap chains with another person. Once you have swapped chains, you will be afflicted with a debuff that does not allow you to swap again for about 3 seconds. This removes the need to organize swap partners.
  5. Six orbs now spawn, three around each Eye. Each Eye will have a single Yellow orb and two Blue orbs. These need to be soaked before they explode. However, they should be soaked when they are at their maximum size and only if you are holding a Red chain. Resolve these orbs like so:
    1. Soak the Yellow orb on each Eye with two people. Have the Melee soak the Yellow orb on the Blue eye, while the Tanks soak the Yellow orb on the Red Eye.
    2. Have the Healers and Ranged stand next to one Blue orb each. Once the Yellow orb is soaked, pass over the Red chain towards the Healers and Ranged.
    3. Once the Blue orbs grow, have the Tanks and Ranged soak these.
  6. Next up will be the Mirage Dives. Two random players will be targeted for a dive. If anyone other than the targeted player gets hit, then they will get knocked into the wall of the arena. Getting hit by a dive also applies a debuff that will kill you if you get hit by another dive. Resolve the dives like so:
    1. Everyone that has a Blue chain by the end of the orb soaks should stack underneath the Blue Eye. The Red chained players should spread around the Blue Eye, preferably on each of its intercardinals.
    2. Two Red chained players will now get hit by Mirage Dive. Have the Tanks swap places and chains with them. Use the following logic: If the dives are North and South, go to your assigned Cardinal. If North / North East, then the North person takes the North dive while the South person takes the North East dive.
    3. Two Red chained players will get dove again. Have the Melee swap places and chains with them. Use the same logic as the Tanks.
    4. Two Red chained players will get dove again. Have the players that got dove on the very first Mirage Dive swap with these players. The same North / South logic applies as stated above, if your starting position was more North than your partner, you will take the North-most dive.
    5. The final two Red chained players will get dove. There is no need to swap for these as they were the last Mirage Dives.
  7. Both Eyes will cast Sleep in Rage now. Ensure the Blue Eye is killed before this cast goes off, then focus on finishing off the Red Eye.

Some tips about Eyes phase:

  • The damage from Sleep in Rage heals both eyes for a small amount. You will have to rekill the Blue eye as soon as possible after this cast goes off. This can be done by assigning a single person to finish it off as it has only a sliver of health at that point.
  • Kill both Eyes before the Nidhogg's Influence Gauge reaches 100%. If it does, Nidhogg will appear and cast Revenge of the Horde, wiping the party. If both Eyes die before this gauge fills, then you move on to the Rewind intermission.


You rewind in time in an attempt to save Haurchefant.

This intermission is basically a repeat of the intermission between Phase 1: The Vault and Phase 2: King Thordan. Feel free to reference the Toolbox from the earlier phase here.

  1. The Charibert mechanic is mostly unchanged except for one major thing. You can Tank Limit Break 3 to remove the healing debuff from Haurchefant, making healing him possible.
  2. Time your Tank Limit Break 3 by using it as soon as Haurchefant runs into the arena. From this moment onwards, healers should single-target heal him to prevent him from dying.
  3. Resolve the rest of the phase like before.
  4. Once Charibert finishes his Pure of Heart cast, the party will be able to target the spear trying to pierce Haurchefant's shield. Kill this spear before the cast "Pierce" finishes. If you fail to do so, you will be sent back to the start of Phase 2: King Thordan. If you manage to kill the spear in time, you will be sent to Phase 5: King Thordan II, an alternative timeline in the Heavensward story.


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