Omni-Gearing for Healer Jobs

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This page contains the all of the information for gearing multiple jobs that fall under the Healer role category.


Omni-Healer Best-in-Slot

If you play multiple healers in high-end content, you may want a gearset that can be shared between them with minimal loss. The ideal set for your purposes should depend on how often you play each healer and your expected raid environment.

If you have a clear favorite for the tier and you do not play other healers in a serious capacity, it is perfectly acceptable to use the specialized best-in-slot (BiS) of your preferred healer on all healers. Most healer BiS sets are extremely similar. Sage is the exception because it does not scale as well with Spell Speed.

These buttons will take you to each job's specialized BiS pages.

Note: Asphodelos weapons for healers have the same secondary stats. To avoid cluttering the page, these omni-gearsets are listed using a single job. The overall stats are the same regardless of the job.


Sage-Friendly Slow Omni-BiS

This is a good starting place for an all-purpose, general-use set. It sacrifices a minimal amount of damage (less than 0.5%) in exchange for greatly increased MP longevity. It is also Sage's maximum DPS BiS. If you often play Sage in Extreme trials and Savage raids, this is a better option for a shared set than the Speedy Omni-BiS. Other healers lose less DPS by using this set than Sage loses by using the Speedy set.

As an added bonus, this set has a safer, more generous MP economy than the Speedy set simply because it has a much slower GCD. It should give you much more room for raises or extra GCD heals, so it may be more comfortable for less coordinated environments such as Party Finder groups.

Astrologian in particular should find this set extremely forgiving. White Mage and Sage should find that it provides a decent safety net with proper use of their MP management tools. Scholar will still need to be a little more careful about minimizing GCD healing, but it allows much more room for error than the Speedy set.


Non-Sage Speedy Omni-BiS

If you do not play Sage in a serious or competitive capacity in much high-end content, your minimum Piety, maximum DPS omni-BiS option is easy to identify. Astrologian and Scholar share identical maximum DPS sets, and White Mage's is only slightly different.

This set is recommended for controlled environments with optimized healing. Spending extra MP on raises or GCD heals may not be sustainable depending on the job. Astrologian and White Mage should have some room for error, but Scholar is much more likely to struggle with unexpected MP expenditures. Sage is somewhere in the middle.

Sage still performs just fine with this set in Extreme trials and Savage raids. This set results in an expected loss of approximately 0.4% DPS on Sage compared to its job-specific BiS, but it is not ideal if Sage is one of your more frequently played healers.


Extra Safe Omni-BiS

This set sacrifices quite a bit more damage than the Slow Omni-BiS (around 2%) in exchange for even more MP. Overall, the MP gained does not keep up with the damage lost, so it is not recommended as the default, general-use set. However, it may be ideal if you are new to healing or if you expect to need to cast a lot of raises and GCD heals.

This set's MP security may be more appealing if you often play Scholar in Extreme trials or Savage raids. If you do not play Scholar, this amount of MP may end up being overkill, especially for Astrologian.



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