Omni-Gearing for Healer Jobs

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This page contains the all of the information for gearing multiple jobs that fall under the Healer role category.


Omni-Healer Best-in-Slot

If you play multiple healers in high-end content, you may want a gearset that can be shared between them with minimal loss. The ideal set for your purposes should depend on how often you play each healer and your expected raid environment.

If you have a clear favorite for the tier and you do not play other healers in a serious capacity, it is perfectly acceptable to use the specialized best-in-slot (BiS) of your preferred healer on all healers. Most healer BiS sets are extremely similar. Sage is the exception because it does not scale as well with Spell Speed.

These buttons will take you to each job's specialized BiS pages.

Note: Raid weapons for healers have the same secondary stats. To avoid cluttering the page, these omni-gearsets are mostly listed using a single job. Unless otherwise noted, the overall stats are the same regardless of the job.


Maximum Compatibility Omni-BiS

If you absolutely intend to play all healers in high-end content, this set performs extremely well on all healers. For Scholar, it is within 0.42% of the job-specific BiS. For Sage, it is within 0.14%. For Astrologian and White Mage, the difference is even smaller.

The most significant consideration for this set is that it is a minimum-Piety set with a fast GCD. In particular, Scholar and/or Sage might struggle with this set in less organized environments such as Party Finder groups. If you are unable to minimize raises and GCD healing, you may run out of MP, especially in encounters with no downtime.

If you have trouble with your MP when using the set above, you can use the following gearset. It sacrifices a small amount of damage for increased MP longevity. The only changes are the food, weapon melds, and headpiece. That way, you can choose to use the MP Flex set on some jobs while still using the faster set on others.

If you feel that you need even more MP, you can also use the Savage raid ring instead of the un-augmented tomestone ring. You will still need to meld two Spell Speed materia on it to maintain efficient stat tiering and avoid wasting a large amount of stats.


Non-Scholar Omni-BiS

If you do not play Scholar in a serious capacity in much high-end content, you might consider this set. It provides nearly identical DPS to the 2.31 set above, but it is more forgiving with your MP because of its slower GCD speed. The only reason it is not recommended over the 2.31 set is that it has poor GCD/cooldown alignment for Scholar.



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