White Mage Healer Gear and Best in Slot — Endwalker 6.2

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On this page, you will find the best gear and best-in-slot items for your White Mage Healer in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker (Patch 6.2).


White Mage Gear Sets

This page will contain all the endgame best-in-slot (BiS) gearsets for White Mage for the current patch. Sets are made with a simulator that takes into account MP uptime, a statistic to measure how long a job can continually cast before it runs out of MP, in addition to averaging the DPS output of a set to compare to others. If you wish to see more about these sets, to check out additional sets, or simply desire to fiddle around with gearsets yourself to compare to what we've found, you can go to the White Mage Gear Calculator Spreadsheet.

If you are currently gearing up your White Mage, you can find more information about how certain stats and substats affect this job in our guide's melding section.


Patch 6.2 White Mage Gear Sets

White Mage has the most flexibility of any of the healers in terms of sets; it has fairly low MP requirements as Lily heals are free and on average equivalent to Glare in potency, and has Thin Air Icon Thin Air to alleviate the MP costs of Raise Icon Raise or GCD heals such as Medica II Icon Medica II. While Scholar and Astrologian require certain GCD's to keep their raid buffs aligned with the rest of the party, White Mage has no such restraints and can run almost any GCD comfortably. As a result, White Mage can run any of the other healer's sets without any substantial damage loss over its own "preferred" sets.


Min-Piety Speedkill Sets

Min-Piety sets offer the highest damage potential as they forgo all piety in favor of damage-oriented stats. These sets should not be run in any sort of progression situation as they offer little leeway for raises or GCD heals. Since WHM has little GCD constraints, the below sets all offer similar damage at a few different GCDs, and any set can be selected based purely on preferred GCD.


2.42 GCD Slow Pudding Set

This is the slowest possible Min-Piety set and offers the highest Direct Hit of any of the Min-Piety sets. This set uses Carrot Pudding for food rather than Garlean Pizza.


2.40 Slow/SCH Set

This set runs a couple addition spellspeed melds to be equivalent to the 2.40 Scholar set. This set is a great option if you play SCH frequently and prefer slower sets.


2.33 Fast Set

This set utlizes substantially more spellspeed melds to reach even faster GCDs. This set has the best Presence of Mind Icon Presence of Mind alignment of the recommended sets, though maintaining perfect alignment isn't all that important.


Higher-Piety Sets


Mid-Piety General-Use Set (2.44 GCD | 621 Piety)

This set is a great starter set to aim for as it runs a fairly slow GCD and has plenty of extra piety for all your GCD healing and rez needs. This is a good set to run if you're unsure of the quality of a party and may die, rez, or need to GCD heal without MP concerns.


Low-Piety Set (2.42 GCD | 526 Piety)

This set drops the tome earring for the raid earring to go a bit faster with a bit less piety. This set still has some piety over base but may have issues in situations where you die or need to rez or GCD heal a lot. This is a good set to run for reasonably consistent parties where you want a little MP leeway but feel comfortable enough to not run the mid-piety set.



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