The Dead Ends Quick Dungeon Tips and Guide

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Welcome to our quick guide to The Dead Ends, the sixth dungeon of Endwalker. This guide aims to be a quick primer for players entering the dungeon for the first time so they will know what to expect.


Full Guide for The Dead Ends

This guide serves as a quick primer for players experiencing the dungeon for the first time. It is aimed to be digestible quickly and targeted towards a specific role, so you can read it while in queue or loading in! For detailed explanations on boss mechanics, take a look at our main guide for the dungeon.


General Mechanics

  • Caustic Grebuloff
    • The AoEs from Miasmata will move north or south depending on which direction the wind is blowing.
    • Dodge Cough Up AoEs together and stack for Craven Companionship.
    • Dodge the Wave of Nausea after Craven Companionship and again before Miasmata.
  • Peacekeeper
    • Electromagnetic Repellant makes the middle of the arena off-limits.
    • Spread out for all mechanics, as players will need to dodge in a tight space and then spread for a marked AoE.
    • Order to Fire shoots line AoEs from the cannons, while No Future creates a ton of ground AoEs.
    • Rotate around for Peacefire, and spread out for Order to Fire and AoEs.
    • Get knocked back into a safe spot during Eclipsing Exhaust, or use a knockback prevention abilities.
  • Ra-la
    • This boss will Prance around the room, leaving giant AoEs that explode in order. Move into the first one that explodes.
    • Lifesbreath will summon butterflies that do a line AoE which inflicts Doom. They will fire in the direction indicated.
    • Loving Embrace is a half-room cleave, indicated by the glowing wing. This will happen with Lifesbreath, so make sure to be on the correct side.

Quick Tips for Tanks

  • Go at the pace of what your party can handle.
  • Caustic Grebuloff's Pox Flail, Peacekeeper's Elimination, and Ra-la's Pity are the tank busters to watch out for.
  • Quickly identify Ra-la's Prance spots to move the boss into the safe spot.

Quick Tips for Healers

  • Caustic Grebuloff's Miasmata, Peacekeeper's Decimation, and Ra-la's Warm Glow are the raidwides to watch out for.
  • If players are hit with Wave of Nausea on Caustic Grebuloff, they will be inflicted with Necrosis. This must be cleansed or the player will die.
  • Top players up during Peacekeeper and save instants in case they get hit by a mechanic with an AoE marker.
  • Ra-la's Warm Glow does a surprisingly high amount of damage. This will happen twice in a row, so make sure players are topped.
  • Players hit by a Lifesbreath butterfly will be inflicted with Doom. They need to be healed to full health before the debuff expires.

Quick Tips for DPS

  • Use AoE during trash pulls!
  • Spread out to the sides during Peacekeeper and avoid your healer during Order to Fire and No Future.
  • If you haven't already been doing so, start helping your healer mitigate raidwides with abilities like Addle Icon Addle and Feint Icon Feint.


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