How to Make Gil Using Gathering in FFXIV

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Gathering in FFXIV is a great way to make Gil, with methods such as farming endgame nodes, spiritbonding and aetherial reduction. This guide will cover the best ways to make Gil using your gathering classes.


Gathering Gil Making in FFXIV

Gathering mainly serves as a method to supply crafters with a range of materials to make gear, food, furnishings and other desired items (with the exception of fishing, of course!)

This means that there is an incredibly large range of items in demand to choose from making it easier to find a niche. Gathering generally makes a slightly less profit compared to crafting, but there is a lot less market hassle to deal with. During the beginning of a new patch gatherables may also be by far the most profitable items.

Gathering is less dependant on having the best melds, with a plethora of valuable items at lower levels and Folklore Books being required for Timed Nodes. You do need an understanding however of gathering rotations to manage your GP efficiently.


Always Grab Your Daily Map

Every 18 hours you can gather a treasure map to be used by combat classes to use and make Gil with. You can either sell this immediately or use yourself with a group of players to make even more Gil.

Be warned that you can only store one map at a time per retainer, with an additional map in both your inventory and saddlebag. You can get around this by mailing the maps to a friend or alt.


Why Do Items Sell for So Little?

Gathering classes make the majority of their profit off of quantity, not quality. At endgame with the correct cordial usage it is not uncommon to be gathering thousands of items in an hour on Untimed Nodes. Timed nodes offer anywhere from 25 to 75 items depending on your gear and what level the node is as well as your rotations.

There are some exceptions, such as rare fish and Sublime Nodes, which you can not as easily obtain larger amounts of.


Gil Advice Gathering

Listed are a few ways you can make gil with gathering that are commonly used by players. With so many items available prices can drastically vary between servers so always make sure to check your market first.

Legendary Endgame Nodes Aethersands Spiritbonding Sublime Nodes Valuable Fish Valuable Non-Endgame Gatherables

Legendary Endgame Nodes

Items obtained from endgame Legendary Nodes are always going to be in demand due to being used for raid gear, food and potions. At times, such as early in an expansion, these items can be stockpiled in large amounts ahead of new gear releases so that you are prepared before prices spike.

The main downside of this method is that it often has the most competition and does benefit massively from having gear and understanding stat breakpoints.

For example, using the best in slot and budget gear from our meld guide the scrip gear will give you roughly half as many items. This can be quite significant and other items are likely worth focusing on instead if you have scrip gear. For refence, stat breakpoints are also listed in the mentioned guide.


Gathering Aethersands

Aethersands obtained from gathering collectables can be an incredibly popular way to make Gil because they are used in a large range of endgame crafts. They are also much more accessible stat-wise compared to Legendary Nodes.

The main Aethersand this far into the expansion is Earthbreak Aethersand Icon Earthbreak Aethersand with the primary method being to catch Verdigris Guppy Icon Verdigris Guppy. Other Endwalker sands are:

Aethersand farming is also an incredibly easy method to farm crystals and clusters. This can also increase your coffers.


Farming Spiritbonding

Spiritbonding can be a great way to obtain large amounts of Gathering Materia as well as additional Legendary Node items. If you do not have older endwalker gear while leveling though it can require an initial investment.

You want to obtain a set of i560/i590 crafted gear and add 5 melds to each piece while ensuring you have the minimum perception required to gather at 2-Star Legendary Nodes (3625 perception). From there, use a Spiritbonding potion (the cap for gathering Spiritbonding is +5 from any buffs) and gather from each Legendary Node.

You get more Spiritbond for each hit (not yield), so use skills like Solid Reason Icon Solid Reason to increase how many hits you have.


Sublime Node Collectables

Prime and Sublime gatherables are special types of collectables that are reduced into items used in Expert Crafting. They function in a similar way to Ephemeral Nodes, where you increase the collectability and then reduce for items. Instead, these items only appear on Legendary Nodes and can therefore only be gathered once an hour.

One example would be Prime Achondrite Icon Prime Achondrite, which upgrades into Sublime Achondrite Icon Sublime Achondrite, which is then reduced into Pure Igneous Glioaether Icon Pure Igneous Glioaether. The prime item has a chance based on your gathering to upgrade to sublime (capped at 25%). Prime items do still have a small chance at giving you Glioaether.

For collectable rotations, check our guide below.


Valuable and Rare Fish

With over a thousand fish in the game, it can be hard to discern which of these have value especially with the vast majority having very little value and the ones with value may not sell very frequently.

A good starting point would be fish used in Class Quests and leves. This is because players may often simply buy these items to skip some of the leveling process.

Some fish that are used in Aquariums also tend to be quite popular due to having a unique design. Some great examples of these are:

Finally, there are also a range of fish with valuable desynthesis options that give rare items or even exclusive glamours such as Sea Breeze Summer Halter Icon Sea Breeze Summer Halter. An extensive list can be found in this Fish List Excel Sheet.


Valuable Non-Endgame Gatherables

Materials used at endgame are not the only items that can be popular and profitable. There are a range of leveling materials that still see use today in gear, Free Company Workshops, and popular furnishings. Some great examples include:

Some items you find will be timed while others untimed, allowing you to weave them together or alongside other Gil making methods. These are not the only options and simply some examples. Things may differ depending on your server.



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