How to Make Gil in FFXIV Dawntrail Patch 7.0

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There are many ways to farm and make gil in FFXIV. Selling endgame gear, consumables and even rare items such as mounts and minions are incredibly popular methods. Crafters can make anywhere from 5 million to 50+ million depending on their activity and the patch cycle. This guide will explain how.


Best FFXIV Gil Making Methods

In FFXIV, Gil is used for a range of methods such as for housing, gearing, having food and potions for raiding and buying cosmetics like glamour, minions and mounts. For many players, spending Gil is a convenient way to obtain what they want and can skip difficulties that may arise with obtaining the items they want. Most importantly, people pay for efficiency, ease and fun.

While there are resources that can help you accurately spreadsheet profit and loss, talking from personal experience this is incredibly excessive and will not replace game sense and understanding regardless. At most, just use Universalis to track what servers have cheaper goods.

It is also important to understand that every server and DC is different. A method that works on one server may not work on another server due to prices being different or players already being involved in that market.

Often times resources that state "X item is best for Gil!" will not be best for Gil because it is widely known and many players are focusing that market, it may still be a decent method or may be terrible on your server because each server is different. Always research the prices and sales history of an item before committing large amounts of resources to it.


What is Considered a Good Amount of Gil Per Hour?

With Gil making, it's best to consider things as a "Gil amount of goods produced per hour" metric. You could spend an hour making 3 million Gil worth of items and that would be 3mil/hr compared to say 375k for 8 hours while you sleep.

This allows you to more accurately value your time in relation to different markets. Ultimately, your time is the most important factor. Below is a rough metric for NA/EU servers on what can be considered 'good' and whether you may easily find better methods or not. How easy it may be to hit a good amount of gil/hr can also vary on how late into a patch cycle it is.

Gil Per Hour Value Notes
2mil or more Amazing You have some good methods, if it is not a new patch you know your stuff.
1mil - 2mil Good This is a solid amount of gil to be producing for your time, there may be better markets at least during a new patch, but it might not be worth the risk of allowing other players to take a slice of your market.
750k - 1mil Ok This can still be considered good Gil to make, especially if you have less resources or are still learning and experimenting with markets.
500k - 750k Not Great There are likely better markets.
Below 500k Bad There are definitely better markets.

Typically NA/EU will have a better market due to the fact JP servers have a culture of self sufficiency, as well as producing goods at low prices to help players. Prices of items can be anywhere from 50% to 90% lower.


Peak Times and Sales Patterns

The time of the day you start selling can be important as well, but can also impact markets differently. Times after your average 9-5 work hours will see an increase in player activity and therefore more buyers (as well as sellers). However, late in the night players will start to log off, meaning there will be less buyers, but the materials have already been listed on the market.

In a similar sense, weekends will see the most amount of players, with many players only really playing on the weekend. This can mean that early into the weekend players are still trying to farm items to sell, but there are a lot of buyers, allowing you to take advantage of this.

New patches are also incredibly important due to new items being available and a lot more players currently experiencing the new content. Sometimes however, the best time to sell can be before a new patch while players are trying to stock up and prepare for patch day. Sell shovels to a gold digger, so to speak.


Optimising Your Retainers

It is incredibly important to understand your Retainers, both in terms of sale slots as well as Ventures. Retainers are how you actually make gil at the end of the day.

The most important things to remember are that more sale slots equals more potential sales and the ability to diversify markets. Either by having more retainers purchased off of the Mogstation or by leveling alt characters to get their Retainers and transfer materials via a friend or Free Company chest.

Market diversification is important because if a market crashes, you have plenty of items in another retainer that are still profitable.

More sale slots also gives you the freedom to sell expensive items slowly, such as rare mounts. Since you have plenty of retainer slots you can have both fast and slow moving items while never allowing your Retainers to clog up. It also means you can sell items in various stack sizes such as smaller amounts which players are more likely to purchase.



Undercutting is incredibly important in the market game. If you are not near the bottom of the price listings, then players will not purchase your items, meaning you will not make money.

There are a range of strategies that players employ to dominate market board pvp, check out our undercutting guide below:


Crafting Gil Making

Crafting can be an incredibly lucrative way to make Gil with a large amount of items always being in demand and, especially with new patches, can be one of the best ways.

It does often require an initial investment of melded gear to ensure you can craft the newest items as well as allowing you to easily compete with other crafters that have the best melds.


Making Gil With Gathering

While not always as good of a method, gathering is incredibly accessible for Gil making requiring much lower stats for your end game gear.

That being said, gathering at the start of a new patch can often be the best method to make gil due to new items and nodes not being known widely (often posted pre-patch in the balance) and the materials being brand new and therefore having high prices.


Combat Methods to Make Gil

Combat players have a wide range of methods to make Gil, such as selling runs, side content such as Eureka and Deep Dungeon, as well as FATEs. Allagan Tomestones can also provide a lot of Gil being used not just on combat gear, but also Relic Weapons.

Combat can provide some of the most consistent Gil making methods, with older content still having desirable collectables that rarely drop in value.


Housing and Free Companies

Player housing and gardens as well as Free Company workshops can be an amazing method to make Gil, providing methods that can allow you to entirely avoid interacting with the market board, therefore removing the randomness of things.


Mounts Bought With Gil

In an effort to give players something extra to do with their enormous amount of Gil they've collected, certain mounts can be purchased from an NPC in Mor Dhona. These mounts aren't exactly cheap, so be prepared to drop a pretty penny on them.



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