Endwalker Currency Changes in FFXIV

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Endwalker will have changes related to currencies. This page will detail all the adjustments that currencies such as Allagan Tomestones and Scrips will have, as well as explain gil reward rebalancing for leves.


Currency Changes in Endwalker

Included with the sweeping changes to Endwalker are adjustments to the currency systems FFXIV contains. While some of these changes are standard fare, some of these changes are adjustments based on the state of the game and are considered new information. Learn more about currencies with our dedicated guide, which is linked below.

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Changes to Allagan Tomestones

Like previous expansions, the currently existing Allagan Tomestones of Allegory and Revelation will be rendered obsolete. All items purchasable with Allegory and Revelation will be made purchasable with Poetics, and all duties that rewarded Allegory and Revelation will be adjusted to reward Poetics. Players will be able to trade in their Allegory and Revelation for Poetics.

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Two new tomestones will be introduced along with the first raid tier of Endwalker. The first set of tomestones, Allagan Tomestones of Aphorism, will be available immediately upon the release of patch 6.0. This will be the uncapped tomestone. The second, Allagan Tomestones of Astronomy, will be added four weeks after Endwalker's release at the same time as the Savage raid tier's release. These tomestones will be capped at 450 per weekly lockout.

The tomestone cost of weapon exchanges will be reduced from 1000 to 500.


Changes to Crafters' and Gatherers' Scrips

Yellow Scrips will be removed in Endwalker. White Scrips will be used to purchase items that were previously purchased with Yellow Scrips, and a new Scrip type will be introduced - Purple Scrips. These will be used to purchase crafting and gathering items from Rowena's House of Splendors.


Gil Rebalancing

Due to looming gil inflation from expansion number increases, the amount of gil rewarded for triple turn-in levequests will be reduced. This includes the ever-popular Coffee Biscuit leve that players often complete for gil. However, the gil rewards for other leves will be increased to compensate for this change.

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In addition, the 999 gil upper limit cost of teleportation has been removed. Teleportation costs will be adjusted but will still be based on relative distance. The Aethernet UI will also be updated to reflect this change. Keep in mind items like the Aetheryte Ticket Icon Aetheryte Ticket exist as well as the FC action Reduced Rates.



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