Smileton Full Dungeon Guide

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Welcome to our guide to Smileton, a capstone dungeon in Endwalker. This guide aims to prepare players for the dungeon so they will know what to expect, with simple mechanic instructions and notes on what to watch out for.



Smileton was to be a paradise for the people of Etheirys, a refuge where every need is met, its inhabitants content and happy for all their days. But what is happiness? In pursuit of an answer, the Loporrits created the Big Cheese, designed to make manifest all they might need and more to fulfill the needs of their passengers-to-be. They were eager to please─perhaps, too eager─and their plans became more fickle, each new idea a betrayal of the last. The Big Cheese now burrows toward the center of the moon, a labyrinth of contradiction left in its wake. If left unchecked, its wanton pursuit of happiness may very well spell the end of the moon.


Unlocking Smileton

Smileton can be unlocked at Level 90 with the side quest "Cutting the Cheese" from the Panic-stricken Loporrit in Old Sharlayan (x12, y11). It is one of three capstone dungeons players will encounter in Endwalker and is located in Mare Lamentorum. There is a minimum item level restriction of 540 to enter.


Full Dungeon Guide for Smileton


First Boss Trash Mobs

  • Smiley Wanderer
    • Dodge the AoE, Empty Beleaguer.
  • Smiley Lunatender
    • Dodge the frontal line AoE, La Vie En Epines.
  • Smiley Panopt
    • Dodge the frontal conal AoE, Retinal Glare.

No mobs are particularly threatening, but they will do plenty of auto damage if the tank is undergeared. Enter the dark glowing portals to proceed through the first part of the dungeon.



  • Face has no positional indicators.
  • Lines of Fire will tether Face to one of the stone tablets on the east and west of the arena. These will either be a blue smiley face or a red frowny face.
  • These will shoot AoEs down four rows, separated by line AoEs. They will do light damage and inflict the Smiley Face or Frowny Face debuffs respectively.
  • When you have this debuff, taking the same face's line AoE will do heavy damage and knock you down for a few seconds, so ensure that you are always alternating what face AoE you get hit by.
  • Off My Lawn is a knockback from the north or south of the arena. This is sometimes accompanied by marked AoEs on all party members.
  • Temper's Flare deals raidwide damage.
  • Upside Down will swap the orientation of the faces.
  • Players will need to get knocked back into the correct row, or spread in the correct row.
  • Heart on Fire IV is a tank buster.

Second Boss Trash Mobs

  • Smiley Scraper
    • Dodge the point-blank AoE, Headspin.
  • Smiley Daphnia
    • Dodge the AoE, Acrid Stream.

No mobs are particularly threatening, but they will do plenty of auto damage if the tank is undergeared.



  • Circular Saw deals raidwide damage.
  • Steel Beam is a tank buster.
  • Leap Forward will cause the Frameworker to jump in the indicated direction, creating an AoE where it lands.
  • Print Workers has the Frameworker tether to workers. These will replicate the Leap Forward mechanic. Dodge away from these.
  • Omnidirectional Onslaught are conal AoEs that go off in sequence. Dodge into the first one.
  • The Frameworker will combine printing workers and the previous two mechanics. Head to a safe spot and then dodge the AoEs.

Third Boss Trash Mobs

  • Smiley Supporter
    • Fire Fighter is a donut AoE.
  • Smiley Dynamite
    • Burst is a point-blank AoE.
  • Smiley Sweeper
    • Sewer Water is a left or right cleave.

No mobs are particularly threatening, but they will do plenty of auto damage if the tank is undergeared. Watch out for the Fire Fighter into Burst combo, although it should not actually kill anyone.


The Big Cheese

  • Explosives Distribution will place two explosives east and west at the front of the arena. The explosive with one set of arrows will move close, while the explosive with three sets will move far. These will do an AoE.
  • Piercing Missile is a tank buster.
  • Dispense Explosives creates mines on the arena. Do not step on them.
  • Dodge the explosives while staying away from the mines.
  • Explosive Power will explode these mines, removing them.
  • Violent Discharge deals raidwide damage.
  • Players will have to dodge the explosives while not running into the mines.
  • Right Disassembler and Left Disassember will shoot a line AoE from the boss's right arm or boss's left arm, respectively. Go to the side indicated to dodge.
  • Players must dodge the explosives on the correct side for the disassembler.
  • Electric Arc is a stack marker.
  • Leveling Missiles are marked AoEs on all party members.


This dungeon, along with the other two endgame dungeons, drops item level 560 The Last accessories.



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