Beast Tribes for FFXIV: Endwalker

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This page contains information about the Beast Tribes in Endwalker. Here, players will find out how to unlock 6.0 beast tribes, what items 6.0 beast tribes offer, and what rewards they can get from doing beast tribe quests.


Endwalker Beast Tribes

Two new tribes have been revealed for Endwalker. The first are the Arkasodara, which are Matanga peoples who co-founded Radz-at-Han, one of the locations players will be visiting in the expansion. The second are Loporrits, small rabbits that resemble a being of legend, although their location remains unknown. It is unclear what purpose these tribes will serve in the story and what they will offer to the players in terms of quests.

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Like the other Matanga people, the Arkasodara resemble the great marid both in appearance and brawn. They are indigenous to the isle of Thavnair, and founded the city-state of Radz-at-Han together with Au Ra and Hyur migrants. Their bulky frames belie their deftness of hand, and their thirst for knowledge has led many to pursue mastery of the alchemic arts.



Eorzean myth tells of a curious wanderer known as Namingway, descended from an unknown people that traveled to the realm from the moon. The Loporrits appear to have much in common with that being of legend, though questions regarding their current whereabouts - and much else besides - remain unanswered.

Loporrit Quests are designed for Disciples of the Hand, and will be released in Patch 6.35, Gods Revel, Lands Tremble.



The recently established Last Dregs may yet lack much one expects of a café─a recognizable logogram, little jars of creamer, patrons─but Omicron N-7000 and not-Omicron Jammingway persevere. These unlikely partners in coffee are determined to brew fresh hope until Ultima Thule brimmeth over!



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