The Stigma Dreamscape Quick Dungeon Tips and Guide

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Welcome to our quick guide to the Stigma Dreamscape, a capstone dungeon in Endwalker. This guide aims to be a quick primer for players entering the dungeon for the first time so they will know what to expect.


Full Guide for The Stigma Dreamscape

This guide serves as a quick primer for players experiencing the dungeon for the first time. It is aimed to be digestible quickly and targeted towards a specific role, so you can read it while in queue or loading in! For detailed explanations on boss mechanics, take a look at our main guide for the dungeon.


General Mechanics of The Stigma Dreamscape

  • Proto-Omega
    • Side Cannons will cleave the arena on the side indicated, and Rear Interceptors cleaves behind it.
    • Chemical Missile is an AoE on players that drops a fire puddle.
    • Don't get knocked back into a fire puddle or the wall by Electric Slide, which is also a stack marker.
    • Players marked with Guided Missile need to kite their missile until it explodes.
  • Arch-Lambda
    • Auto-mobile Assault Cannon is a series of dashes. Head towards the last dash's location, as it will cast Wave Cannon, cleaving the entire room except directly behind it.
    • Auto-mobile Sniper Cannon will mark players and the line AoE with a numbered dot. The dot will shoot a line AoE at the player with the corresponding dot. Spread out to avoid clipping each other.
  • Stigma-4
    • AI Takeover will spawn adds that do mechanics.
    • Kill the adds before they Self-destruct. Omega Frame will do a half-room cleave, and the Hybrid Dragon will do a conal.
    • Dodge the line AoEs coming from the sides of the arena.
    • The Stigma-4 will transform into a circle (donut AoE) or spiral (point-blank AoE).
    • Mindjack will inflict a Forced March onto players. Get moved either inside the boss or outside the boss to avoid the circle donut AoE or the spiral point-blank AoE.

Quick Tips for Tanks

  • Pull at a pace your party can handle.
  • Proto-Omega's Mustard Bomb and Arch-Lambda's Wheel are the tank busters to watch out for.
  • Stun the trash mob Lambda Invader's Wheel.
  • If done very fast, tanks can drag the spawned add in Stigma-4 to the boss, allowing players to cleave while it is self-destructing.

Quick Tips for Healers

  • Arch-Lambda's Atomic Flame and Stigma-4's Atomic Ray are the raidwides to watch out for. In addition, Atomic Ray will inflict an uncleansable bleed, so use a HoT to sustain the party.

Quick Tips for DPS

  • Use AoE during trash pulls!
  • Stay still with the Electric Slide stack so players get knocked back in a known direction.
  • Melee can stay on the boss during Auto-mobile Sniper Cannon, as long as any other players in melee range are on the other side of the line AoE.
  • Stigma-4 has no positional indicators.
  • Kill the summoned add ASAP before it self-destructs.


  • 10 Dec. 2021: Guide added.
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