The Tower of Zot Quick Dungeon Tips and Guide

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Welcome to our quick guide to the Tower of Zot, the first dungeon of Endwalker. This guide aims to be a quick primer for players entering the dungeon for the first time so they will know what to expect.


Full Guide for The Tower of Zot

This guide serves as a quick primer for players experiencing the dungeon for the first time. It is aimed to be digestible quickly and targeted towards a specific role, so you can read it while in queue or loading in! For detailed explanations on boss mechanics, take a look at our main guide for the dungeon.


General Mechanics of The Tower of Zot

  • Minduruva
    • She casts elemental abilities that do differing AoEs.
    • When she transmutes her AoEs, they will be casted from the location indicated once the orb reaches the location.
  • Sanduruva
    • She summons orbs that cover almost the entire arena, except for a small safe spot at one random edge. These will inflict Berserk on players hit.
    • She will also summon clones of herself that are orbs in disguise. The Sanduruva that is not performing an emote is the real one.
    • She will also Stop players and shoot a line AoE at them. Spread around to make sure players are not hit by more than one.
  • The Magus Sisters
    • They will cast Delta Attack, which will summon many AoEs. Dodge, and then spread for fire, stack for thunder, and dodge proximity markers for ice.
    • Kill Cinduruva first, then the other two.

Quick Tips for Tanks

  • Go at the pace of what your party can handle.
  • Minduruva's Manusya Bio and Sanduruva's Isitva Siddhi are the tank busters you should be watching out for and mitigating.
  • Zot Roaders do a lot of damage, so mitigate their autos and busters and kill them quickly.

Quick Tips for Healers

  • Minduruva's Manusya Bio inflicts a DoT on the tank, which can be cleansed.
  • While there is not a lot of incoming damage on bosses, players who get hit by mechanics will quickly amass vulnerability stacks, taking increased damage. Make sure to top them off if necessary.
  • Delta Attack has a lot of AoEs and movement required. Save instant healing oGCDs for when you need to heal during this period.
  • While most trash mobs is not menacing at all, Zot Roaders will do a lot of damage to the tank. Pay extra attention to them when Roaders are pulled.

Quick Tips for DPS

  • Use AoE during trash pulls!
  • Minduruva jumps a lot, so save gap closers for when she does.
  • Prioritize dodging AoEs during Delta Attack to getting uptime.
  • While Cinduruva needs to be prioritized when fighting The Magus Sisters, cleaving the other sisters with AoE has high value.


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