The Voidcast Dais Extreme Trial Guide

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This guide aims to prepare players for The Voidcast Dais (Extreme) by providing detailed explanations of the fight's mechanics, as well as consistent strategies for the purpose of farming.


Introduction to Golbez Extreme


Unlock Requirements

The Voidcast Dais (Extreme) can be unlocked at level 90 after completing the main scenario quest "Abyssal Dark" and talking to the Wandering Minstrel in Old Sharlayan (x12.7, y14.2). It requires a minimum item level of 640 to queue, but this requirement can be bypassed by entering with a full party.


Encounter Guide


Golbez Extreme Video Resources

If you would prefer to watch a video that covers the fight, take a look at Hope Productions visual guide.


Raid Preparation

Assign clock positions to all party members, with tanks North and South, healers East and West, and DPS at intercardinals. Split the party into two light party groups of one tank, one healer, and two DPS each. Each DPS will be paired with each support in their light party.


Phase 1: Golbez

Golbez is fought in a square arena in which players can fall off or be knocked off. The fight has a hard enrage timer of 11:00, with a DPS check of roughly 56,400 raid DPS.


Golbez's Abilities

  • Terrastorm: Golbez jumps to the middle and summons two spheres that slowly moves towards opposite intercardinal edge of the arena, marking a circle AoE underneath that covers around half the arena.
  • Lingering Spark: At the end of the castbar, Golbez places invisible AoEs under all players. Bait these together and move away.
  • Phases of the Blade: Golbez will turn towards a random player and cleave 180 degrees in front of him, and then after a short delay cleaves 180 degrees behind him. Stand behind him and move in front to dodge.
  • Binding Cold: Moderate raidwide magic damage that inflicts a frost DoT.
  • Gale Sphere: Golbez summons phantoms at the cardinal edges of the arena in sequence. These will summon gale orbs, which do a line AoE across the arena. Dodge the spheres in the sequence that the phantoms appeared by standing in a row or column without any spheres.
  • Arctic Assault: Golbez will summon icicle walls that point towards a direction, doing a line AoE towards it. This covers two quadrants of the arena.
  • Void Meteor: An AoE tank buster on both tanks. They will take four moderate hits of magic damage and then one hit of heavy magical damage.
  • Azdaja's Shadow: Golbez harnesses the power of Azdaja.
  • Black Fang: Golbez pulses multiple hits of moderate magic damage, finishing with heavy raidwide damage.

Golbez Phase One Strategy

  • Golbez begins the fight with Terrastorm. Players must all head to an intercardinal without an orb, preferably staying just outside of his hitbox to bait Lingering Spark as a party, which happens right after. Move into where the Terrastorm AoEs were to dodge the Lingering Spark AoEs.
  • After the baited AoEs go off, Golbez will face a random player and cast Phases of the Blade. Go behind him to dodge the initial cleave and then move in front to dodge the second one.
  • Next are the first Gale Sphere of the fight. These are roughly identical to the ones in the normal version of the fight, but the first and second phantoms will always be North and South and the third and fourth will always be East and West.
  • After dodging the first set of Gale Sphere line AoEs, Golbez will cast Arctic Assault. Players will have to dodge the second set and be in a safe quadrant at the same time. Afterwards, dodge the third and fourth sets.
  • After the fourth dodge, Golbez will immediately cast Phases of the Blade. As all players are stacked, all players will likely have to move behind and then in front.
  • After another Binding Cold, Golbez will cast Void Meteor. Tanks must mitigate and stand away from each other as well as the party.
  • Golbez will unleash the power of Azdaja during the 2 minute mark, giving players a free window to burst. He will then cast Black Fang - mitigate and heal through accordingly. Get ready for the more difficult mechanic patterns during the rest of the fight!

Phase Two: Golbez


Golbez's New Abilities

Golbez gains the following new abilities during this phase:

  • Azdaja's Shadow: Golbez will infuse his blade with darkness. He will do three cleaves towards the player with highest aggro after the cast is finished. Each cleave deals heavy damage and inflicts the player with a stack of Flames of Eventide. At three stacks, the player will be instantly killed even through invulns. This ability also enhances the next Phases of the Shadow.
    • If the dragon swirling around him is creates a wide circle, all players receive a marked AoE and he will do a donut AoE before these resolve.
    • If the dragon swirling around him creates a small circle, both healers receive a stack marker and he will do a point-blank AoE before these resolve.
  • Phases of the Shadow: Golbez will cast Phases of the Blade, and immediately after he will do the two additional mechanics enhanced from Azdaja's Shadow.
  • Double Meteor: Golbez jumps North and spawns two towers on opposite intercardinals. One DPS and one support are marked with a proximity marker, and one healer is marked with a knockback.
  • Void Stardust: Golbez will drop Void Stardust at opposite intercardinal edges that move along the edge and rotate, similar to the ones in normal mode. The Stardust AoEs inflict a magic vuln.
  • Abyssal Quasar: All DPS or all supports are marked with a two-player stack marker.
  • Void Blizzard III: Both healers are marked with a stack marker.
  • Eventide Fall: Unmarked line AoEs towards both healers that must be shared with a light party.
  • Eventide Triad: Golbez will cleave a random DPS, random tank, and random healer.
  • Void Aero III: All DPS or all supports are marked with a two-player stack marker.
  • Void Tornado: Both healers are marked with a stack marker.

Golbez Phase Two Strategy

  • The phase begins with the new version of Azdaja's Shadow. Watch for the dragon swirling around Golbez and remember what the mechanic was for the next Phases of the Shadow. The next instance of this ability may be way later, so it may be helpful to write it down in chat.
  • The tank needs to mitigate the first two cleaves, and the other tank will provoke the boss right as the second hit goes off, standing to the side of the boss. Other players need to be careful not to be hit by the third cleave.
  • Immediately after is the next Phases of Shadow. Players will need to dodge behind, then in front, then do the mechanic from Azdaja's Shadow. It will either be stay inside and spread to clock spots, or move outside and stack in light parties.
  • The next major mechanic of the fight happens immediately after. Golbez will start casting Double Meteor and mark one healer with a knockback marker, and one DPS and one support with a proximity marker.
    • The healer with the knockback stands in the centre of the room to knock all players back. They will also bait a line AoE from the dragon that spawns from the knockback. Stay in the middle towards the South until it goes off.
    • The unmarked players will be knocked back into towers. The tower that spawns North always requires three players, and the tower that spawns South always requires two players. Due to the configuration of the mechanic, DPS should always get knocked to the North tower and supports always get should knocked to the South tower.
    • The players with proximity markers will get knocked to the corner without a tower and stay until their flare goes off. DPS will end up North and supports will end up South to align with the rest of the mechanic.
  • Golbez will begin casting Azdaja's Shadow once more. This instance will always be the opposite of the first - if it was donut and spread, this one will be point-blank and stack, and vice-versa. Again, tanks need to mitigate and provoke.
  • Golbez casts Void Stardust next. Players will need to split into their light parties, with one group going near the West AoE and the other group going near the East AoE. Stand outside of the first AoE, but not in the direction the AoEs are headed, and move inside where the first AoE was.
  • Abyssal Quasar is also cast at this time. Simply have the healer and ranged DPS in the group stay in the corner, and the tank and melee DPS will move into melee range.
  • Golbez will cast either Eventide Fall or Eventide Triad next. If it is Fall, players must heal up and stay in their light parties. If it is Triad, have tanks go North, healers East and West, and DPS go South to avoid overlapping roles in the same spot.
  • Binding Cold and Void Meteor are next. Heal up and mitigate accordingly.
  • Finally, Golbez will cast Phases of the Shadow, enhanced with the Azdaja's Shadow that was cast prior to Void Stardust. This is handled the same as before.
  • The next mechanic is a combination of Terrastorm, Arctic Assault, and Void Blizzard III. The overlap of both mechanics makes it such that only one intercardinal is safe. Have one light party stay on the inside and one light party go to the corner. This is followed by Binding Cold.
  • The final combination of mechanics in this phase is Gale Spheres, Arctic Assault, Void Aero III, and Void Tornado.
    • When dodging the first set of Gale Spheres, Golbez will cast Void Aero III or Void Tornado. Players will need to stack in their light parties North and South for the stack markers, or stack with their partners in a line going from North to South for two-player shares.
    • Have the ranged pair stay on the outside and the melee pair stay in melee range for the two-player shares.
    • The second dodge is accompanied with Arctic Assault.
    • As the third set goes out, players will be marked with the opposite mechanic, either Void Tornado or Void Aero III. When moving to the last safe line from Gale Spheres, spread out into light parties or partners, with one light party going West and one light party going East.
  • This is immediately followed by Phases of the Blade and Binding Cold. Note that there is no secondary mechanic here, so simply dodge the cleaves.

Phase Three: Golbez


Golbez's New Abilities

Golbez has no new abilities from this point onwards. All mechanics in the final phase are repeats of previous mechanics, with a much quicker pace.


Golbez Phase Three Strategy

  • Golbez will cast Azdaja's Shadow once more. Keep track of the mechanic.
  • Void Stardust is cast once again along with Abyssal Quasar. This time, the AoEs do not start in the corner, but it is the same concept. One light party goes to the West AoE and the other goes to the East AoE. Stand in the corner this time and move into the first AoE, then split off into partners.
  • Golbez will cast Lingering Spark at this time as well. Simply stay where you take the Abyssal Quasar stacks, and move away.
  • After this is Eventide Fall or Eventide Triad.
  • Phases of the Shadow is cast afterwards - make sure to remember the mechanic from the previous Azdaja's Shadow.
  • Next is another cast of Double Meteor. This is performed identically the same as the first one.
  • After the explosions go off, Golbez will cast Void Meteor on the tanks. They should keep him North and tank him there to ensure other players are not hit by the tank AoE.
  • This is followed by Golbez jumping to the middle and doing another Gale Spheres combination. This is the same concept as the one in the second phase, with light party or partner stack during the first dodge and the opposite during the fourth dodge. Phases of the Blade and Binding Cold is right after as well.
  • Finally, Golbez will cast one last Azdaja's Shadow into Phases of the Shadow. There are no more tricks left in the fight - he will use Binding Cold twice afterwards, and will enrage shortly after.
  • The enrage is the Azdaja's Shadow from the end of phase one into a 10-second long Black Fang cast that will wipe the entire party. Kill him before he defeats you!

Party Finder Strategies

  • Group one will tend towards North/West and group two will lean towards South/East. This includes Void Stardust, Gale Spheres, and the out/stack variation of Phases of the Shadow.
  • Groups will either do relative or true North for Gale Spheres and Phases of the Shadow. Keep this in mind as you do the mechanic. If it's true North, orient yourself towards North always when resolving these mechanics. If it's relative, look where Golbez is facing for Phases of the Shadow, and use the final wall as the North for the line-up for Void Aero III or Void Tornado during Gale Spheres.
  • Certain groups will have North/South Void Stardust. This means group one will go to the North AoE and group two will go to the South AoE - functionally the same as what is explained with a different priority system.


When Golbez is defeated, he will drop one random item level 645 Voidcast weapon and one Voidcast Weapon Coffer (IL 645) Icon Voidcast Weapon Coffer (IL 645). Rarely, it will drop a Lynx of Fallen Shadow Flute Icon Lynx of Fallen Shadow Flute, Faded Copy of Voidcast Savior Icon Faded Copy of Voidcast Savior, Golbez Triple Triad Card, and/or a Voidcast Pauldron Icon Voidcast Pauldron.

In addition, all party members will receive two Voidcast Archfiend Totem Icon Voidcast Archfiend Totem, ten of which can be exchanged for any Item Level 645 Voidcast weapon from Nesvaaz in Radz-at-Han (x10.6, y10.0).



  • 26 May 2023: Guide added.
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