Endwalker Content Changes in FFXIV

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Endwalker will have many adjustments to content from previous expansions, exacerbated by the downscaling that is set to occur. This page will explore all changes coming to content old and new in Endwalker so that players are prepared for the expansion.


Content Changes in Endwalker

Endwalker will consolidate many quality-of-life changes introduced in Shadowbringers and apply them to older content, as well as introduce new changes to various content and reward structures. To learn more about the changes coming in Endwalker, visit our Endwalker changes hub.


Extreme Trial Reward Adjustments

Because there will be nineteen jobs in total upon Endwalker's release, many players have pointed out that Extreme Trials dropping only one weapon is too restrictive, even with the totem system. To address this, all Extreme Trials will now drop a weapon coffer in addition to the random weapon that drops. This weapon coffer will grant the player who opens it the weapon for the job they are currently playing.


Party Matching Adjustments

When matching content through the Raid Finder, parties will now include one pure healer (White Mage or Astrologian) and one shield healer (Scholar or Sage).

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Adjustments to the Party Finder will be made. Healer slots in Party Finder will also be split between pure healers and barrier healers. Additionally, a new option to search for players who have yet to receive weekly completion rewards will be added. This ensures that clear parties will receive full rewards for completing a duty. Finally, Party Finder searches will no longer show listings for parties players cannot join due to the "One Player per Job" restriction.


Older Duty Reward Adjustments

To keep the reward structure in line, all rewards given in older high-end raids will be changed for ease of access. All final encounters of a raid tier will drop a weapon coffer in addition to the random weapon that drops. The weapon coffer works like any other weapon coffer in the game. Not only that, but all high-end Savage raids from previous expansions will no longer drop gear. Instead, these raids will drop coffers that grant players gear for the job they are currently playing.

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Basically, all fights in the Binding Coil of Bahamut, Alexander (Savage), and Omega (Savage) will have the same reward structure as Eden (Savage).


Removal of Unreal Trials

Due to balancing adjustments for level 90 content, Unreal trials for Faux Hollows completion will be removed in Patch 6.0. Unreal trials are slated to return in Patch 6.1.



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