Mount Ordeals Extreme Trial Guide

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This guide aims to prepare players for Mount Ordeals (Extreme) by providing detailed explanations of the fight's mechanics, as well as consistent strategies for the purpose of farming.


Introduction to Rubicante Extreme


Unlock Requirements

Mount Ordeals (Extreme) can be unlocked at level 90 after completing the main scenario quest "Desires Untold" and talking to the Wandering Minstrel in Old Sharlayan (x12.7, y14.2). It requires a minimum item level of 610 to queue, but this requirement can be bypassed by entering with a full party.


Encounter Guide


Rubicante Extreme Video Resources

If you would prefer to watch a video that covers the fight, take a look at Hope Productions visual guide.


Raid Preparation

Split the raid into two light parties of one tank, one healer, and two DPS each - each party will take one side, either east or west. In addition, each DPS and support need to be partnered with one another in a quadrant. Colour-coded markers can make this easy - place ABCD on the cardinals and 1234 on intercardinals. All players will also need a clock spot.


Phase 1: Rubicante


Rubicante's Abilities

Ordeal of Purgation is the major mechanic of the fight. At certain points in the encounter, Rubicante will jump to the middle, face east, and summon three rings that have lines in them. At the end of the castbar, Rubicante will light a fuse through these lines to the runes that spawn on the outside of the arena, activating any rune that a fireball touches. He will also root all players in place at this time, so players must find the safe spot before the castbar ends.

  • A blue triangle indicates a conal AoE from that rune going across the arena.
  • A orange square indicates a large square AoE from that rune that covers the side the rune is on.

Rubicante will additionally spin rings in a direction indicated by arrows on the ring. This will rotate the fireball, the lines, and/or the rune on the specific ring.

Rubicante's other abilities in this phase are as follows:

  • Inferno: Moderate raidwide magical damage.
  • Shattering Heat: A magical tank buster on the highest enmity player in a small AoE.
  • Arch Inferno: Circle AoEs will rotate around the arena. Rubicante will also summon a fiery tornado in the middle of the arena that knocks players back if they are standing in it.
  • Fourfold Flame: A stack marker on both healers that does magic damage.
  • Twinfold Flame: A two-player stack marker on all players in one role that does magic damage.
  • Spike of Flame: A prey marker on all players that explodes in a circle AoE, dealing magic damage and inflicting a short magic vulnerability up debuff.
  • Conflagration: A line AoE in Rubicante's hitbox.
  • Radial Flagration: Conal AoEs from Rubicante towards all players.

This encounter consists of three main mechanic sets, with the main mechanic between each one. Rubicante leads with a raidwide, Inferno. He immediately goes into the first Ordeal of Purgation.

To solve where the safe spot is, players need to find the path the fireball from the middle will take. Any of the three rings can be rotated (45 degrees in the direction indicated) and there can be two paths the fireball will take, so players must spatially perceive the path the fireball is taking. It will always take the path(s) from the centre, and the runes will be rotated if the outside ring is being rotated.

An example is shown below. The middle ring is rotating 45 degrees clockwise. There are two paths the fireball will take - one to the west and one to the south. Mentally visualizing the rotating middle ring shows that the fireball will continue straight west and straight south after. The safe spot is the southwest line at max melee range or further.


He will do this mechanic twice. The first time, it will have one fireball and be either a blue or orange rune. The second time, it will have two fireballs and always be two orange runes leaving two pizza slices in the arena safe.

After both sets of Ordeal of Purgation is finished, Rubicante will cast Shattering Heat on the main tank. This does relatively light damage. He will then cast Arch Inferno. The raid needs to split up into assigned light parties, with one party going east and the other going west. Start rotating along the outside of the arena with your party. Rubicante will cast two of three mechanics: Fourfold Flame, where players stack with their light party; Twinfold Flame, where players stack with their partner; and Spike of Flame, where all players must spread out with melee in the front and ranged in the back.

After the AoEs disappear, Rubicante will start casting Radial Conflagration. All players need to head to their clock spot based on true north to bait the conal AoE.

Rubicante will transition into another set of Ordeal of Purgation. There will be one set with blue runes only and two fireballs, and one set with orange runes only and one fireball. The blue set will have a safe spot in between two blue runes, and the orange set will have a safe spot of one pizza slice in the arena.

After this is finished, the boss will transition into the adds phase.


Phase Two: Flamesent Adds


Adds have the following mechanics:

  • One Greater Flamesent is spawned in the centre that casts Ghastly Torch repeatedly, which deals moderate magic damage and inflicts a Burn DoT.
  • One Flamesent is spawned directly north of the Greater add, which casts Ghastly Flame, large amounts of random AoEs that appear on the floor.
  • Two Flamesent adds are spawned northeast and northwest. These will spawn a tether that can be picked up, casting Shattering Heat that needs to be picked up by one tank each. It is the same tank buster as previously seen.
  • Two Flamesent adds are spawned southeast and southwest. These will create a purple tether onto a player and cast Ghastly Wind, a conal AoE on them shortly after.

DPS the adds and heal through the mechanics until all of them are killed. Tanks can stand directly in front of the add to immediately pick up the tether, and DPS and healers should stand near the south side of the arena in case they get the purple tether. If Rubicante's Power reaches 100, his ultimate will wipe the party.

As soon as all adds are dead, Rubicante will cast Blazing Rapture, his ultimate ability. This does massive magical damage and inflicts a burn DoT on all players right before the castbar finishes for a short duration.


Phase Three: Rubicante's Power Unleashed

In this phase, Rubicante will discard his mantle and unleash his true power. Certain abilities are upgraded and new abilities are gained.


Rubicante's New Abilities

  • Inferno is now an AoE around all players which inflicts a DoT and deals magic damage.
  • Flamespire Brand: Inflicts debuffs on players.
    • Four players in one role are inflicted with Blooming Welt, which deals proximity magic damage to all players when the debuff resolves.
    • One player in the other role are inflicted with Furious Welt, which deals magic damage that must be shared when the debuff resolves.
    • All players are inflicted with Stinging Welt, which deals magic damage in an AoE around them when the debuff resolves.
  • Flamerake: Rubicante summons a spinning arrow underneath him. The arrow will either point to cardinals or intercardinals, and it indicates a set of expanding line AoEs in the direction pointed to.
  • Scalding Ring: A donut AoE, followed by a line AoE towards all players. This line AoE will spawn a clone at the edge of the arena that repeats the line AoE across the arena.
  • Scalding Signal: A point-blank AoE, followed by a line AoE towards all players which is the same as Scalding Ring.
  • Sweeping Immolation: Rubicante will face a direction and cleave that half of the arena. Addition, there will be a stack marker on a random player or unmarked AoEs on all players. If the boss has one large star on the wing it will be stack, and if there are multiple smaller stars it will be spread.
  • Dualfire: A magical tankbuster on both tanks that hits in a wide cone. Both should stand northwest and northeast and the party should go south.

The phase begins with a few autoattacks before Rubicante takes off his mantle. He teleports to the middle of the room and casts Flamespire Brand. All players in one role will receive the Furious Welt Flare debuff. He will then cast Flamerake. To solve this dance-like mechanic, first all players need to dodge the line AoEs in their quadrant indicated by the coloured markers. If the arrows are pointing to cardinals, dodge to the intercardinals and vice-versa. Next, the role with the Furious Welt will rotate inside their quadrant, as the line AoEs will make it so that players need to move into it. The role without the flare debuff will move directly into the middle to share a stack marker. Finally, the players on the outside need to move into to dodge the final line AoEs, and all players need to spread out for Stinging Welt's AoE. This can be achieved by the players who ran in running back out the way they came. Alternatively, head to your clock positions.

Immediately after, the boss will cast Inferno. Stay spread in your clock positions and heal up, as this becomes an AoE on all players that inflicts a bleed DoT.

The next mechanic sequence happens right after. Rubicante will cast either Scalding Signal or Scalding Ring. Signal is a point-blank AoE - get out of the boss's hitbox, and Ring is a donut AoE - get inside the boss's hitbox. All players should be on their clock spot directly on the line on the arena. The mechanic will shoot a line AoE towards all players. This line AoE will repeat across the arena once more, so it is imperative that all players are positioned correctly to make the next part of the mechanic easier.

Next, Rubicante will turn towards a random player and begin casting Sweeping Immolation. All players need to head behind him and note the number of stars on his wing. If there is one large star, players will need to stack together. If there are multiple small stars, players will need to spread apart. The line AoEs from earlier will resolve at the same time as this, so players need to stack or spread in between a cardinal and intercardinal. If the line AoEs were baited correctly, there will be enough space for one close player and one far player in four spots at the edge for the spread.

Afterwards, Rubicante will cast Dualfire on the tanks. The party will stack south and the tanks will go northeast and northwest to avoid pointing the cleave at other players. At this point, Rubicante will don his mantle again and go into the final phase.


Phase Four: Rubicante

This phase introduces one new mechanic as well as repeats previously seen mechanics.


Rubicante's New Abilities

  • Flamespire Claw: Rubicante will mark all players with Limit Cut numbers from 1 to 8. He will then cleave all players in order, dealing moderate physical damage. He will additionally put a Flamespire tether on 7 and 8. This tether slowly grants stacks of Flamespire, and at five stacks, the player will explode, wiping the raid. Additionally, players with the Flamespire tether cannot take damage from Flamespire Claw, otherwise it will wipe the raid.

Rubicante dons his mantle to cast another set of Ordeal of Purgation. The first set has multiple rotating rings but only one fireball, and it can go to either a blue or orange rune. The second set has the middle rotating, two fireballs, and has one blue rune and one orange rune, usually next to each other. Dodge the blue rune on the opposite side of the orange rune.

After both sets are finished, Rubicante will discard his mantle yet again and begin casting Flamespire Claw. The method of handling the cleaves is the exact same as other fights, such as P6S. Have odd numbers take their cleave northwest, and even numbers take their cleave northeast. The rest of the party will wait on the south side on the side of their number. However, there is an additional caveat - once players run in after taking the cleave, they need to pick up the tether from their group. This ensures that no player reaches five stacks of Flamespire. Be sure to curve when going to the cleave position to avoid picking up the tether along the way.

Once the mechanic is finished, Rubicante will cast Inferno, so spread out. He will then repeat the Scalding into Sweeping mechanic, either casting Scalding Signal or Scalding Sweeping into Sweeping Immolation. This is handled the exact same way as previously with no changes.

Finally, the boss will don his mantle again and do another set of Ordeal of Purgation. The first set will have two fireballs and only blue runes, and the second set will have two fireballs and only orange runes. After this mechanic is the enrage, so make sure to DPS hard while finding the safe spot!


Party Finder Strategies

  • Groups will have preassigned spots for spread during Sweeping Immolation to ensure players don't clip each other.
  • Flamespire Claw can be done N/S or E/W. The concept is still the same, but make sure that players know where the odds and evens are going.


When Rubicante is defeated, it will drop one random item level 625 Flamecloaked weapon and one Flamecloaked Weapon Coffer (IL 625) Icon Flamecloaked Weapon Coffer (IL 625). Rarely, it will drop a Lynx of Righteous Fire Flute Icon Lynx of Righteous Fire Flute, Faded Copy of Forged in Crimson Icon Faded Copy of Forged in Crimson, Rubicante Card, and/or a Pearl of Flames Icon Pearl of Flames.

In addition, all party members will receive two Flamecloaked Archfiend Totem Icon Flamecloaked Archfiend Totem, ten of which can be exchanged for any item level 625 Flamecloaked weapon from Nesvaaz in Radz-at-Han (x10.6, y10.0).



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