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Hearthstone Patch Scaled Nightmare Bug Fixed

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Hearthstone Patch is live, and it has fixed some issues that have been lingering since Whispers of the Old Gods was launched.

The full release can be found here, but the changes are listed below.

Blizzard LogoPatch Notes

  • Addressed an issue that could cause the game to freeze if you back out of deck creation after playing a Tavern Brawl.
  • Addressed an issue with Shifter Zerus transforming into a card that has a “Choose One” option.
  • Addressed a graphical issue with playing Evolve on a minion with Taunt or Divine Shield.
  • Chat bubbles have returned when typing to others on your friends list.
  • Redemption will no longer bring C’Thun back at its full, buffed health value.
  • Scaled Nightmare’s attack now properly doubles at the start of your turn after it gets reduced.
  • (itIT) Adjusted the volume for Anomalus.


The Shifter Zerus bug was a strange one. If it became a minion with "Choose One" as an option, such as Keeper of the Grove, it would retain those options if it later became a second Choose One minion.

We have previously reported on the Scaled Nightmare problem. The issue was an ordering one, where Humility type effects were being applied after the doubling, keeping it at the reduced attack forever.

It will also be nice to have the chat bubbles back. The rest of the changes should be self-explanatory.


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