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hearthstone DreamHack Summer Results

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DreamHack Summer took place in Sweden over the weekend of 18-20 June, and had a prize pool of $27,500. The tournament format was best of five Last Hero Standing, with a ban. The event was played as nine rounds of Swiss, with a cut to top sixteen single elimination.

After the Swiss portion of the tournament, four players had 8 wins, while thirteen had 7 wins:

8 wins: Shtan_udachi, Bozzzton, Slugg, BoarControl

7 wins: Rdu, Fr0zen, Superjj, Hoej, Orange, SenX, Namcor, Guukboii, tomof, Mangolicious, Maverick, Tessin, Pavel

Pavel was the player to miss out on tiebreakers, while the other sixteen reached the single elimination stage.



After the field had thinned down, Rdu beat Hoej 3-2 in one semi-final, while Fr0zen beat Slugg 3-1 in the other. The decks that the two finalists brought to the event were as follows:

Rdu: Camel Hunter, Tempo Mage, Aggro Shaman, Zoo Warlock

Fr0zen: Yogg Druid, Miracle Rogue, Aggro Shaman, Patron Warrior

In the final, Fr0zen banned Mage, while Rdu banned Warrior. In the first game, Rdu had to take himself very low on life to Doomhammer twice into an Ancient of War. This paid off however, and he was able to deliver enough damage in the next two turns to take a 1-0 lead. Game two was the Shaman mirror, and this time it was Fr0zen's turn to win using Doomhammer. In Game three, Rdu queued Zoo into Shaman, which is a good matchup for the Zoo. He was able to win the fight for the board, and gain the lead for the second time. This left Fr0zen with only his Rogue remaining. Fr0zen's opening hand contained The CoinBackstabFan of Knives, and Edwin VanCleef. However Rdu showed his deep understanding of the matchup by slowly but surely building up a board that Fr0zen could not deal with in spite of Fr0zen's strong hand. This translated into a win, and Rdu became DreamHack champion.

This was the second time that Rdu has won DreamHack, and becomes one of only nine players with over $100,000 career prize money from Hearthstone.


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