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Ike Takes Down DreamHack Denver With 13-0 Record

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Ike's surprising Freeze Mage deck played a huge role in his perfect tournament run.

Hot off of a top 8 finish at the HCT Americas Summer Championships, Mark "Ike" Eichner blew through the competition at DreamHack Denver to finish the tournament with a perfect 13-0 record. He capped off the tournament by defeating DrJikininki, the DreamHack Atlanta 2017 champion, 3-2 in the finals. An incredibly impressive accomplishment for his first ever DreamHack, Ike will be taking home $7500 and 15 HCT points for his victory.

Ike's powerful tournament lineup featured the three unquestioned kings of the current tournament meta, Highlander Priest, Jade Druid, and Tempo Rogue. However, his unique Freeze Mage deck was the all-star of the tournament. Ike called the deck his top performer on Twitter and noted that it received the most bans in the top 16.

You can check out his deck lists for the tournament (including his Freeze Mage list) here on Twitter.

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6 minutes ago, WedgeAntilles said:

Interesting Jade-Deck.

No Fandral Staghelm

Running 2 x Innervate but no Gadgetzan Auctioneer


Edit: Mh, your Jade-Druid link and the twitter picture differs quite strongly.

I believe that the links were to "the three unquestioned kings of the current tournament meta" rather than to the deck lists used by Ike, as all three decks differ.

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