Elven Minstrel Reveal: Kobolds & Catacombs

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Elven Minstrel is on my shortlist for "most powerful card in the set". And we're not even done with spoilers!

Upon reading this new Rogue card for the first time I was in disbelief. I said "Is this a real card?!" out loud to myself, and even went to multiple sources to confirm that what I saw was actually the card revealed today by Nalguidan and wasn't some kind of misprint.

It's really that good. Don't believe me? Have a look for yourself:



Draw two minions from your deck... For 4 mana... And a 3/2?!

What else needs to be said? It feels to me like Rogue just got a 4 mana version of Ultimate Infestation. I'm calling it now, people will be making reddit posts about Elven Minstrel just like this one before too long. Between this card and Sonya Shadowdancer, Rogue looks like its going to be a force to be reckoned with in K&C.

Do you think Rogue will be the top class in K&C? Let us know what you think in the comment section, and be sure to check out our Kobolds and Catacombs hub for more information on the upcoming set.

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Think this is "good" but not as OP as the op said.   It's not really a 4 mana card, unless you have a backstab or coin handy which will be rare.    What'll probably happen is it averages out as a 5-6 cost 3/2, draw two random minions.    Which again is "good" but not broken, it comes fairly late and rogue doesn't exactly play the find a win-condition creature game, rogue (at least right now) is winning with Prince and a load of pirates/jade.   

To bring it further into perspective, if you're on turn 3 and have a coin as a rogue, would you rather play this and get 2 creatures in hand, or play a 2/3 Jade Spirit and get another creature in play that also upgrades your Jade growth count?    I would also argue that Xaril provides similar value, and is also "good" but not "broken".


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That's some serious value. Arcane intellect + 1 mana 3/2 body sounds pretty insane. 

To be fair you could say that it will cost about 5 mana to get the effect, because combo, but still, strong card.

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I agree. A strong card but not too strong imo. When you play it, it's a bad stats minion for it's cost and you lose tempo (ofc you will compensate that in the next turn). And I'm sure everyone is already seeing that thing shadow stepped :D 

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This card is going to be bonkers strong in miracle rogue.  Thinning minions out of your deck makes your miracle turn much stronger.  Also, not drawing auctioneer is one of the most soul crushing feelings ever.  Also a problem miracle rogues tend to have is not drawing minions, since the deck is realatively light on them, and situations where you have 5 cards in your and with a total combine Mana cost of 3 or so is also common, so being able to fish for minions when you want then is very appealing. On a side note, since miracle does run so much draw it might only be a 1 of in it but that doesn't really make it any less stupid strong in the archtype.   As for tempo rogue, maybe this will see play, a 4 drop that gets traded up by 2 drops can be bad.  The effect is still probably strong enough that it will be included though.

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It's not even comparable to UI, it doesn't heal nor do damage, the minion is a 2 mana value and even need combo to be of use and is just 2 cards not the whole deck like UI.

That said is an acceptable card can be played and has synergy with the new rogue cards.

Btw a druid is very likely to play UI in the turn you play this and he will show you what broken is... considering they still play UI at 5th turn since the nerf weren't enough to bring druid between common mortals

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10 hours ago, Migol said:

   It's not really a 4 mana card, unless you have a backstab or coin handy which will be rare. 

Or Preparation or Shadowstep, which are both cards that are used extremely often. It also synergises extremely well with cards like Sonya Shadowdancer and Shadowcaster, for when you indeed want to combo it for even more card draw.

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8 hours ago, Yridaa said:

Or Preparation or Shadowstep, which are both cards that are used extremely often. It also synergises extremely well with cards like Sonya Shadowdancer and Shadowcaster, for when you indeed want to combo it for even more card draw.  

Yes to preparation (though a waste if you have no spell to use), but using shadowstep as the first spell in a turn is extremely rare.    The point is the cost entails more than 4 mana, at best it's "4 mana and a usable 0 cast card, otherwise 5 or more mana".      Again, it's a good card, but I'd value it at the same place as Xaril, which provides very similar value.


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