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Coffin Crasher Reveal: The Witchwood

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The newest Priest card is here to crash the party.


Brazilian Youtuber Sonecarox just spoiled a new Deathrattle card for Priest on his channel. Will this finally be the card that makes Awaken the Makers a reality?




I anticipate two major play patterns for this card. The first is to jam it in a combo-esque deck with only highly value Deathrattle targets (such as Obsidian Statue) and use this card as an insane tempo generator. The second is to put Coffin Crasher in a more fair but still Deathrattle-focused deck as a tool for powering out minions for Awaken the Makers. Either way, the amount of tempo you can buy off this card with some smart deckbuilding is potentially bonkers. A 6/5 is also big enough to be a threat on this own, which puts your opponent in the awkward spot of having to choose between getting beaten down by a big minion or giving you the opportunity to cheat on Mana.

Are you guys as excited to get brewing with Coffin Crasher as I am? Let us know in the comment section, and be sure to check out our Witchwood Hub for more information about the latest set.

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I think this is definitely one seeing the whole set is needed. But it’s a very interesting card. 

The big deathrattle only route will be vulnerable to silence effects, but getting a statue out early can be brutal against aggro. Especially as you’ll likely be running eternal servitude too.

Quest would be fun if it works. And N’Zoth was always rather double-edged with that since you generally ran lots of small deathrattles like oracle, hoarder, thalnos that either generate cards or draw them. So you risked milling yourself.

Very powerful in wild too, although doesn’t fit in big Priest nor inner fire priest. But Quest or Reno Priest could use it if they’re viable.

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Seems. . . really mediocre.  It compares pretty poorly to cairne and we all know how much play he sees (sure it can give you more tempo on the board in terms of stats, but it can also give you a lot less, plus it doesn't generate value like cairne does).  Unless you find some way to break this, like the lackey, I just don't see it.  Sure you can tempo something out.  But really, most decks that would want to play this favor value over tempo (because if you did favor tempo you don't want a whole lot of expensive stuff in your deck, and then cairne would STILL be better).  Plus this is really bad if you don't have a death rattle to pull.  Even with cheeky shenanigans, it seems like it would be hard to build a deck around it, since it has to be in your hand.  Like, hard pass on this.  Also when would you ever get a chance to play this vs aggro, the only time you really want to power through awaken?

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If it would read "Summon from your deck" or "summon one that died" or even "discover one from your deck/that died" (last one being an Eternal Servitude as a minion) then I think it would see play, But like this, which priest wants a 6 cost card that has just ok stats doing nothing when played and being vulnerable to silence, sap etc? 

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People play Skull of the Man'ari that is much worse in terms of doing nothing when played, this pratically have text summon an Obsidian Statue from your hand at cost 0, at turn 6 is most likely you have no other DR left in hand other than the statue or another copy of this thing, if you played DR priest in standard with quest you'll never hold low mana DR minions in hand since your goal is to complete quest before the aggro destroy your face with Sunkeeper Tarim.

This thing is a 6/5 that summon a 4/8 with taunt/lifesteal... Cairne Bloodhoof is unplayable aggro ignore him and go face you don't even put him in deck with quest.

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