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Worgen Abomination Reveal: The Witchwood

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You would expect that with an effect like that this card would belong to Warrior, but it's actually a neutral one. 

Worgen Abomination was revealed by Gaara on YouTube. The video is in German with English subtitles.


Image by Hearthpwn

A lot of people are comparing Worgen Abomination to Baron Geddon, a card that used to be run in wallet Warrior and is only currently used in Elemental Mage. Apart from the obvious Warrior applications this card can have, you could also see it in Warlock with Defile and/or Despicable Dreadlord. The combos you can pull off with this card, though, are very slow, very late game. Even in Warrior, Worgen Abomination is only valuable in a slow Control one and is certainly not in the same spirit as the other Witchwood cards for Garrosh, which push more towards a Tempo style of play.

It's an interesting neutral minion, slightly hard to assess, but I think it falls down to the niche category. Do you agree, dear readers? Can you find uses of Worgen Abomination for other classes? I can think of some with Shaman or Paladin, but I am not sure if the card is even worth it.

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Baron Geddon is clearly stronger since it doesn't need damaged minions to works and can be used to lethal enemy face if you miss 2 damage, also is pretty much a win condition if not removed since it keeps damage face bypassing taunts.

At least is epic so we won't get him from packs easy since he gonna be useless.

For warrior I'll remember that King Mosh one shot every damaged minion instead of doing damage to them so this card in warrior won't be playable since already outclassed

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It has a synergy with the new warrior legendary (guntower). I think thats it.

Well, works in control warlocks too if you still need a boardclear after you use 2×Defile, 2×Hellfire, Lord Godfrey and Twisting Nether. 

I might be underestimating this card, but it seems kinda weak.

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