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Dreampetal Florist Reveal: The Boomsday Project

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Druid keeps receiving powerful cards in The Boomsday Project and this one is no exception!

The reveal was made by Japanese fansite Hearthstone Express:


The reveals so far telegraph that Dreampetal Florist should be played along with Juicy Psychmelon. Not only can the Florist be drawn by the Psychmelon, but it also solves the problem of drawing instead of Recruiting big minions by reducing their Mana cost siginificantly. It can also enable combos with Malygos and King Togwaggle. And let's not forget the synergy with Drakkari Enchanter. The card's biggest disadvantage is that it can be killed pretty easily and it probably won't live for more than a turn.

So, is Druid - a class already in a pretty good place - getting a little bit out of hand in The Boomsday Project? It's the class with the most cards revealed so far, so you can more or less form an informed opinion about it - and we'd like to know it!

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