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Saviors of Uldum Card Reveal: Pressure Plate

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A new Hunter Secret has been revealed by Pathra and Zalae - by way of a spectacular 80s singalong.

It's quite possibly the best card reveal we've ever had. Or ever will have. Watch below:

Pressure Plate looks like a solid addition to Secret Hunter. Some decks will be able to play around it easily by flooding the board with minions before casting spells, but for others, such as Cyclone Mage, it could prove to be very problematic.

Secret Hunter might be a sleeper hit in the Saviors of Uldum metagame - it's also likely to appreciate the extra resources generated by Hunter's Pack, another recently revealed Hunter card.

The song sung by Pathra and Zalae in the reveal video is a re-worded version of the theme to the classic 80s film The NeverEnding Story. It's doubtless inspired by the song's (equally glorious) appearance in the finale of Stranger Things 3 earlier this month.

Check out our Saviors of Uldum hub for more info on the new expansion, plus every card revealed so far.

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They could have gone without the fake-Vsync-problems filter really, it is not exactly representative of the 80's and doesn't serve the  video in any way. The singing itself is original, creative and funny, if not accurate.

About the card, I'm always happy to see more Secret variety (I really hope we get a new Mage secret in Saviors of Uldum), even though there are many decks against which this specific Secret will have nearly no effect. All minion-centric decks (Mech Hunter, Zoo Warlock, Murloc Shaman) will take forever to trigger it for a potentially negligible gain. Token Druid will trigger it faster but with also very little effect. Therefore I'm not sure I would put the card in my Secret Hunter deck. However the good thing is that the option to pick this new Secret will be offered by cards like Secret Plan, Marked Shot and Bloodscalp Strategist, or randomly granted by Shimmerfly or Hunter's Pack. It could save the day against Mage or Priest, and is one more possibility to consider and workaround for any opponent.

Oh, and it fits perfectly in the ambiance of the upcoming expansion - well done Blizzard.

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