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Saviors of Uldum: Warlock Legendary and New Lackey

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USGamer have revealed three new cards: the new Warlock Legendary Dark Pharaoh Tekahn, the new Lackey being added with the expansion, and a new Neutral Common.


USGamer have revealed two new cards from the next expansion. They've also shared the newest addition to the pool of Lackeys (Powerful 1-Mana Minions generated by cards like Livewire Lance).

Introducing Dark Pharaoh Tekahn, Vilefiend, and Titanic Lackey:

Dark Pharaoh Tekahn7070

Tekahn continues the Lackey synergy theme for warlock set by EVIL Recruiter, although it has some anti-synergy with Recruiter itself. It's got potential to see play alongside it in Zoo, and potentially other new Warlock archetypes making use of Lackeys. (You might recognise Tekahn from somewhere else - he's the playable Warlock hero in the Dalaran Heist!)

Titanic Lackey is a new addition to the existing pool of non-collectable Lackeys. Lackeys are a "year-long mechanic", meaning that we'll see new Lackeys added in both Saviors of Uldum and the expansion after it. Developers have confirmed that only one is being added in Saviors of Uldum.

Vilefiend is a 2/2 Demon with Lifesteal that you might occasionally see in Arena or generated by Bane of Doom. Neat.

Check out our Saviors of Uldum hub for more info on the new expansion, plus every card revealed so far.

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Titanic Lackey will be one of the good lackeys for sure, 2 health+taunt is no joke, in a board-centric deck like zoo. 

Vilefiend is weak, I don't think it will see any play. 

Tekahn is an interesting card. It might or might not see play in Zoo decks, its kinda like a tempo loss unless you already have some lackeys on board. In that case, it is a +3/+3 which is amazing. This needs a bit more evaluation IMO.

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13 hours ago, Lemon1 said:

Tekahn continues the Lackey synergy theme for warlock set by EVIL Recruiter, although it has some anti-synergy with Recruiter itself.

Well, you can always use your 4/4 Lackey to kill enemy minions, and then sacrifice it to EVIL Recuiter when it is low on remaining health. Also, Tekahn is a Legendary, so you can't really count on playing it early (or at all) in all your games. He is more like the icing on the cake.

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Tekahn is better than the other previously revealed card that turn one in a 5/5 demon since it doesn't require to play the lackey + that card together since the effect is permanent every lackey is a unsilenceable 4/4 that also has Magic Carpet synergy.

Since warlock has no trouble in the first turns wasting your 5th turn to play this is something he can afford since you can just Hellfire turn 4 , opponent has only his turn to refill the board so the 4/4 vs whatever the opponent dropped is a fair trade.

The card isn't designed for aggro since aggro hardly need a 5 cost card that does nothing but more for a midrange/control playstyle where you play lackeys anyway (Voodoo Doll + EVIL Genius)

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