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Saviors of Uldum Card Reveal: Mortuary Machine

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The newest Neutral card from the forthcoming expansion is a whole lot of 5-Mana 8/8.


PCGamesN have revealed the latest card from the forthcoming Saviors of Uldum expansion: Mortuary Machine!


It continues the grand tradition of 5-Mana 8/8s with drawbacks, much like Bittertide Hydra and Fel Reaver before it. Unlike those two, its drawback affects the board, so it may not prove to be as popular, but it's still a lot of stats for its cost.

Giving our opponent's minions Reborn is a tough sell, but for the most part we're probably happy to ignore them and hit face for 8 damage. It should only really become an issue if they play something sticky and defensive, like Zilliax. Which, admittedly, could be problematic.

Source: HSReplay

Saviors of Uldum releases worldwide on August 6th. Check out our expansion hub for more info on the Reborn mechanic, the return of the League of Explorers, and every card revealed so far.

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