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True World First Hakkar with 5 High Priests Alive

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There's been a lot of discussion and complains about the "World Firsts" in WoW Classic, with some community members complaining that the term cannot be correct since the bosses were already killed in Vanilla, and others pointing out that it's simply a WF for WoW Classic. Well, this particular World First won't have any such issues, as the kill was indeed the first of its kind to ever be done in World of Warcraft in general!

The guild BLaDE of KiLL has managed to accomplish a feat that no Vanilla guild had before, which is to down Hakkar the Soulflayer in Zul'Gurub without killing any of the 5 high priest bosses before him. This was a feat considered basically impossible back in Vanilla, but it seems 15 years of experience and private server access, as well as some very impressive gear, has made the difference!

The boss himself took under 1 min and 30 seconds, with the entire raid taking them 8 minutes (which makes sense when they're skipping pretty much everything).

The hard mode for the boss adds an ability for each High Priest not killed, making him progressively more and more difficult, even able to down tanks in seconds. So how did they do it? To start they had 4 fury/prot mix specced warriors so someone could keep agrro due to the insane DPS needing to be put out, as well as a whole lot of world buffs as well. The rest of the raid consisted of 11 warriors total (of which 3 had inv_sword_39.gif Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker and  inv_axe_12.gif Annihilator for debuffs), 3 paladins, 1 mage, rogue, warlock and druid, and 2 priests, with the lock using spell_shadow_unholystrength.gif Curse of Recklessness, so it seems that short kill time was actually absolutely mandatory, as they even skipped a hunter for spell_nature_drowsy.gif Tranquilizing Shot in order to max the DPS . A lot of their players are also Rank 1 in PvP, so their gear is pretty much Naxxramas level already, which explains the fast kill time and being able to do it at all.

Here's one of the tanks' PoV:

This feat was also attempted by current Game Director Ion Hazzikostas and his guild Elitist Jerks back in the day, but even they weren't able to get it done, wiping at 2%! Now the Classic client isn't the same as Vanilla was, so there's plenty of room to argue here, but one thing is certain, this definitely is a World First, regardless of how you look at it!

Huge congrats to BLaDE of KiLL!



World First race related articles

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These "WFs" are meaningless imo.

Just because people weren't around when the game launched doesn't mean they can claim the titles of the OGs.

This is like China going to the moon and saying World First Moon Landing!!! (by china using a different spacecraft).

Nah man

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Typically I'd agree that the classic WF are a shell, but this one actually has some teeth. Skipping everything was deemed suicide back then. This also blows the worlds fastest record out of the water, which means it's at least going to hold one record even vanilla people can't dispute. Makes me more and more sad how the game is a shell of itself though, mostly due to min-max mmo culture and limitless shared information.

I knew ZG wouldn't put up a fight since BWL didn't and it was clearly the harder of the early raids. I doubt if even Naxx will since 99% of people did it in Wrath and it's not drastically different.

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I don't know if this is harsh (not intended), but alot of the reason(s) that people couldn't get gear for raids and do things for and in raids was because of how much info there was lacking, leaving people doing either nothing or dumb things in hindsight.

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27 minutes ago, Cammykins said:

I don't know if this is harsh (not intended), but alot of the reason(s) that people couldn't get gear for raids and do things for and in raids was because of how much info there was lacking, leaving people doing either nothing or dumb things in hindsight.

When you realized it wasn't just your character that gained experience and leveled up over 15 years.

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3 hours ago, AusCentreLink said:

Obviously you haven’t heard of the deplorable actions this Group of people did.

ps: what’s so great about brute forcing a joke instance like ZG.


The fact that it's never been done before?

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At least one guild killed the hardmode hakkar in vanilla WOW.

It was the guild "The 7" which was as famous as "Stars" in China between Vanilla and TBC. They killed the hardmode hakkar with full T3 gears before patch 2.0 was released in CWOW.
They only posted the kill thread and video at Chinese wow forum, so most of the Chinese WOW players knew the kill of hardmde hakkar, yet they were not sure whether it was world first.

This is the thread link they posted: ngabbs.com/read.php?tid=1027991
And the video: www.bilibili.com/video/BV1tJ41177Ub?p=2

For the thread they posted, I use google translation to get the English version content:


[Exploration and Leisure] [One District] [Flame Peak] Seventh Heaven Guild FD Full Skill Haka & Free Raiders and Video [2007-06-26 00:06]

The last challenge before 2.0! The first paradise of the Seventh Heaven Guild of Flames in District I [Haka]

The idleness before the version update made us feel lack of challenges, so the day before the update, we rushed into Zug with the idea of ?playing full-skilled Haka. After entering the door, he jumped directly into the river from the left, went to the Hakkar stairs to clean up a few mobs, started to tease Hakkar, changed staffing in half, and temporarily borrowed the account of an old acquaintance from another guild.

When I first saw Haka, I was surprised that he was much larger than normal, about 2/3 black dragons, but I forgot to take a screenshot.

Based on the available information and our one-night trial, we summarized the full-skilled Haka skills as follows:

1. The guardian of Yeriklik, silence for 5 seconds and add about 2000 points of damage, once every 21 seconds
2. The guardian of Marri usually launches on the highest hatred target. The target will appear with a disappeared thief icon, permanently clearing a large amount of hatred from the target. Four tanks must take turns to accumulate hatred. The last successful treatment was ot 9% of the time. But we finally rushed it off.
3. All poison skills are around 450 damage every 2 seconds, can resist, the frequency of launch is relatively high
4. Strengthen and rage skills, rage can be concentrated, control MT, old talk
5. Stun the current highest hatred target for 6 seconds. At this time, MT is the most likely to be crushed and die. If you encounter the silence of the first skill at the same time, the only way is to pile up the health of MT and pray that Haka do n’t crush. , All MTs must maintain the stone shield potion throughout the journey.

Among these skills, the most important are skills 1 and 2. The silence is added with 2K damage, and the tank is easily socked; after 2 bloodsucks, the hatred will be very chaotic.
After trying, we found that the most crucial point is that the guardian of Yecrek has a blind spot, the principle is the same as BWL 4 BOSS, and the location is about 7 levels on both sides of the stairs, and the poison can also be avoided here.
According to the characteristics of BOSS, we sent a combination of 4MT, 4 priests, 3 paladin, 1 druid, 2 mage, 4 thieves, and 2 hunters. 1 priest + 1 druid is responsible for the safety of this group of people. Evade the protection of Yelik, and immediately come out to add blood to the current MT when others are silenced; 4 tanks, when 3 tanks have Marri's guard or one tank has twice Marri's guard, all The thieves disappeared immediately (the thieves' talents are all prepared and disappeared twice). The mage is mainly a sheep-controlled MT with BOSS, with DPS. After the third blood-sucking, the treatment of hatred has been out of control, and the top three priests in the amount of treatment have OT, but in the end we still stepped on the full skill Haka!

Battle video download address: [link removed]

The moment when Haka is down, it prompts "Copy progress has been saved"


The personnel configuration for the battle is as follows:


LOOT chart (most of the combatants are the main force of 1 regiment, and almost no one needs ...)


Group photo:)


ps: Some friends asked us if this is the world FD. We dare not say that, after all, there are so many WOW players, there are hidden dragons and tigers everywhere, and there are many people in the low-key guild, but at least it is Realm First, ha ha



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