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Zul'Gurub is the first 20-man raid ever introduced in World of Warcraft: Classic. Travel into the jungles of Stranglethorn to kill the High Priests and Priestesses before taking down Hakkar the Soulflayer. This is the only raid in Phase 4, and is not meant to be a major raid. The majority of gear here will be worse than what is found in Blackwing Lair, with some exceptions, such as the melee weapons.


Getting into Zul'Gurub

Unlike Molten Core and Blackwing Lair, Zul'Gurub actually does not have a raid attunement. You can find the raid entrance in Stranglethorn Vale on the Eastern side, where you can just walk in with your 20-man raid group.


Zul'Gurub is a 20-man raid, which means you can have up to 20 people in your raid group while inside. Zul'Gurub was originally created as a stepping-stone raid to allow more groups to experience raiding, even if they could not get a 40-man roster together, meaning it is considered to be one of the easiest raids released in Classic. For most raiding guilds, this generally means breaking up your 40-man raid team into two groups of 20 who can each clear the raid. This is actually quite doable if your team has been doing Blackwing Lair, as Zul'Gurub is generally considered to be an easier raid than Blackwing Lair. For a raid composition, you generally can bring whatever classes you wish, but you should bring at least 2 tanks and 4-5 healers. Some bosses will require a third tank as well, so make sure to have at least 1 Warrior that can off-tank when needed.

While the actual comp requirements are pretty relaxed compared to other raids, more Warriors and Rogues will let you have an easier time, since they are generally stronger DPS classes. Aside from your standard DPS line-up, you need to at least bring 1 Mage and 1 Hunter for specific fight requirements. The ideal raid composition can be found below, but absolutely do not feel obligated to copy it exactly; you can bring whatever you want for the most part.

For more information about the best healers, tanks, and DPS, check out the tier lists for each here.

While the above setup is what would be considered an optimal group in a perfect world, it is extremely important to emphasize that you could complete Zul'Gurub with almost any raid composition. At the end of the day, players are more important than specs and classes in WoW Classic, so try not to focus too much on crafting an ideal group.


Notable Trash in Zul'Gurub

Zul'Gurub's difficulty mostly comes from bosses, but there are some difficult trash packs that can prove fatal if you are not prepared for them. The most difficult pull are listed below.

  • On the way to High Priestess Jeklik, you will face Gurubashi Bat Riders. These are not hard to kill, but will explode on death, so make sure melee are away from them.
  • The Gurubashi Axe Throwers will do an AoE spin that is quite dangerous, so make sure your melee are watching for it. You can interrupt the spin by using Polymorph Icon Polymorph on them as well.
  • Gurubashi Blood Drinkers will drain life from all enemies and friendly targets around them, so they need to be tanked individually away from anyone else while ranged DPS take care of them.
  • Gurubashi Champions will do a knockback, so melee and tanks need to be careful.
  • As a general rule, make sure to kill all of the trash around boss rooms. Several of the bosses require lots of movement, meaning you could accidentally pull extra trash when fighting bosses if you are not careful.

Boss Order

Zul'Gurub Map

The suggested boss order for Zul'Gurub is listed below. However, it is worth noting that the only "required" bosses if you want to kill Hakkar are the High Priests and High Priestesses. All of the other bosses, such as Bloodlord Mandokir, are technically optional.

  1. High Priestess Jeklik
  2. High Priest Venoxis
  3. High Priestess Mar'li
  4. Bloodlord Mandokir
  5. Edge of Madness
  6. High Priest Thekal
  7. High Priestess Arlokk
  8. Jin'do the Hexxer
  9. Hakkar
  10. Gahz'ranka

Boss Loot

Each boss page contains a list of the loot that the specific boss drops, but you can see a full list of available drops on our Zul'Gurub Loot page.


Other Zul'Gurub Loot

Zul'Gurub is the first raid that introduces both a tier token system and a reputation token system. Throughout the raid, "coins" and "Bijous" such as Razzashi Coin Icon Razzashi Coin and Gold Hakkari Bijou Icon Gold Hakkari Bijou will drop, which can be turned in to the Zandalar Trolls on the island for reputation rewards. Every clear of the raid will reward roughly 3000 reputation in both passive gains and redeemable item drops, which, after you have leveled up your reputation, allows you to purchase your class tier armor and trinkets using the tier tokens that drop from bosses. There are many other reputation rewards that are worth going for additionally, such as the Zandalar Shoulder Enchants available at Exalted that will be BiS for every class until Naxxramas.

For the tier pieces, you can redeem the tier tokens that you will get from the raid, but you can only redeem them for certain pieces depending on your reputation. The pieces and their requirements are as follows.

  1. The Class Tier Trinkets require Neutral;
  2. The Class Tier Necklaces require Friendly to first obtain, but only become tier at Exalted;
  3. The Class Tier Bracers require Friendly;
  4. The Class Tier Shoulders or Belts require Honored (classes have one or the other);
  5. The Class Tier Chests or Shoulders require Revered (classes have one of the other).


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