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Mythic+ Meta Changes in Patch 9.2.5 (Shadowlands Season 3)

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In this post, we're exploring Mythic+ meta changes in Patch 9.2.5.

Mythic+ "Meta" Changes - 9.2.5 / Season 3

Season 3 has been live for the past already more than 3 months since the release of the new major patch and we've had quite a few "meta" changes during that period of time. In this article, we will talk about what is the strongest combination of specs and classes for Mythic+, followed by what would replace them if they actually get nerfed.

I would like to put a disclaimer that this is purely theorycrafting thoughts on my behalf and if you do not agree with me that is completely alright. I am just presenting you with the information and knowledge and letting you make the decision yourself; let me know in the comments below if you do disagree with what my predictions are.

Tank Meta

Currently, the strongest tank in Mythic+ is Blood Death Knight for various reasons. First of all, they are one of the most durable tanks not only great against magical damage, but also with high enough sustain to neutralize any incoming Physical damage attack. Not only that, but they have one of the highest single-target damage profiles across all tanks, with good competitive AoE output. Their party utilities are decent, and the only real disadvantage of the spec is its limited mobility. Now, I know "threat" has been a major issue for this spec, but I will furthermore explain why that isn't an issue at all in the current meta.

Many are wondering if this spec received a massive nerf, what would really be the next best tank?

I already have the answer, but I want you to keep in mind that, I am in high disbelief that this spec will get nerfed anytime soon, since it already got a great DPS nerf few days ago and if you haven't seen that one I would recommend you to check this article first.

Brewmaster Monk is likely to be the substitution in case BDK receives further nerfs; I believe this spec will raise to the top. They have, in my opinion, better utility than the BDK, providing Leg Sweep Leg Sweep, Ring of Peace Ring of Peace, Detox Detox (Only two tanks in the game have that kind of dispel — Brew is one of them, followed by Protection Paladin) etc, which I believe in most cases benefits the party more than the utility given from the Death Knights. Their single-target is one of the best, followed by a strong AoE damage profile. However, the spec doesn't perform amazingly versus magical damage, and it does hold some aggro issues (which can be fixed by having a Rogue or Hunter in the party).

Healer Meta

Unlike tanks, the Healer meta is quite diverse, going from Holy Priest, to Restoration Shaman, to Restoration Druid, and finally Necrolord Holy Paladin. Each of them provides something unique, so even if one of them gets nerfed, the remaining 3 will perform just as well. Here is a brief summary of what each healer can provide:

  • Holy Priest can provide something unique to the party, unlike the rest of the healers, who each have an active "Damage Reduction" ability, this spec has Symbol of Hope Symbol of Hope reducing the major defensive cooldowns of each party member by 60 seconds. Not only this, but they also have Guardian Spirit Guardian Spirit — in case their tank is about to die, this ability can literally make them unable to do so. Extra Stamina from Power Word: Fortitude Power Word: Fortitude, combined with a great external DPS cooldown in Power Infusion Power Infusion can really make Priest outshine the rest of the healers. Finally, outside of their amazing DPS and HPS profile, Priest has access to Disease dispel and also Mass Dispel Mass Dispel which can be useful in any Mythic+ scenarios. For more detailed information about Holy Priest and their whole toolkit, you can check out our Holy Priest section on Icy Veins.
  • I believe Restoration Shaman, depending on the tank choice, can be the best healers once again this season. Their high damage output is something that distinguishes them from the rest of the healers. On top of this, their group utility is one of the best in the game, and are also the only healer that can provide Bloodlust Bloodlust, along with an AoE stun in Capacitor Totem Capacitor Totem and many more unique abilities that can help your team time any key.
  • Restoration Druid is the only healer specialization with a combat resurrection Rebirth Rebirth and is one of the "tankiest" healers in the current meta, having such a low cooldown on their main defensive ability (Barkskin Barkskin) as well as Bear Form which makes their passive durability quite high. Yes, their damage profile might not be as high as the previously mentioned healers, but their offensive and defensive toolkit is unique, containing Mass Entanglement Mass Entanglement, Typhoon Typhoon, Ursol's Vortex Ursol's Vortex, and much more. Finally, their mobility is unlike anything else, allowing them to swiftly move from point A to point B without any trouble.
  • Finally, we have Necrolord Holy Paladin, which I believe might become one of the strongest healers late game, not because of their damage (which is lower than the three previously mentioned healers) but for the fact that they are the only healer with an immunity (Divine Shield Divine Shield), which can make them quite valuable. Their party utility is among the best, with Blessing of Protection Blessing of Protection, Blessing of Freedom Blessing of Freedom (completely preventing specific mob mechanics), Aura Mastery Aura Mastery, Blinding Light Blinding Light, Fist of Justice Fist of Justice, Devotion Aura Devotion Aura, and much more. Watch out for this healer, this might be the dark horse later this season.

DPS Meta

Now in regards to the DPS meta, in order to understand it I have to first break something to you: The DPS "Meta" comp is currently holding 2 "hyper carries" (Survival Hunter/Warlock) and 1 "high-utility" spec/class (Rogue/Demon Hunter). I am not going to bore you by talking about Destruction Warlock and Survival Hunter, as we all know they are the current kings of Mythic+. The question I am trying to answer here is what if they get nerfed; what would be the next best options? here are a few alts you might want to keep your eye out for:

Final Thoughts

The goal of this article is to give you an idea of what are the current "strongest" picks for any role and why, as well as, a "prediction" of what would happen if any of those get hammered down so you can keep an eye on a potential alts you might want to dabble in. I by no means can predict the future, but my educated guesses so far have always come out well (most recent tier-lists included; they were a huge success, and thank you for the nice comments). After all, this, if you do not agree with me, please do elaborate on why and remember, we are all in for the ride, not against each other!

  • Necrolord Frost Mage is an extremely good choice. Not only do they have amazing single-target damage, but their AoE and group utility is one of the most desirable among all specs. The permanent slow that they are known for makes a tank's life so much easier if they have to exit melee to recover essential defensive cooldowns, while Frost Nova Frost Nova can also be used as a 1 second "immobilize" giving you breathing room and a quick reset, which is especially helpful against fleeing mobs or resetting Necrotic (Affix). Not only this, but the spec has access to 2 immunities (2x Ice Block Ice Block due to Cold Snap Cold Snap) which is always highly desirable, especially if the class is to be considered "meta". They also provide Time Warp Time Warp for the party as well as access to a decurse ability from Remove Curse Remove Curse, which in some dungeons it can be impossible to complete without. Finally, they have access to the unique ability called Spellsteal Spellsteal, allowing them to "steal" an enemy buff from the target, which can directly benefit you in both offensive and defensive ways. They are likely to take the role of the "hyper carry".
  • We have seen a few Windwalker Monks appear in the scene already, but they only take the "Rogue" spot, which is more of a control/utility DPS rather than a hyper carry like last season. The only way for them to fit the hyper carry role is if both specs (Survival/Destro) received nerfs. In this case, many more specs will come into consideration and are likely to substitute the current ones. Nonetheless, Windwalker's recent buffs definitely stabilized the spec and gave them the momentum of having a higher impact on the DPS meta, even recently seeing teams swapping off to it. I myself am confident that Windwalker will replace the current usage of Subtlety Rogue.
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Nice read but "Final Thoughts" is either before "alts to keep your eye out for" or there is no "alts to keep your eye out for section".

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16 hours ago, Prophet001 said:

Nice read but "Final Thoughts" is either before "alts to keep your eye out for" or there is no "alts to keep your eye out for section".

True, could have been framed better, agreed! Thank you for enjoying the articel

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