Advanced Crafting Guide for Last Epoch

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In this guide, we will introduce some advance crafting techniques that are used in the endgame to create wildly powerful items called Legendaries. We will go over what components are needed and how you use an endgame dungeon called the Temporal Sanctum to access the crafting bench needed.


Guide to Advanced Crafting

Last Epoch's crafting system goes a step further in the endgame, allowing you alter not only your rare items but Uniques as well. This is an advanced crafting technique that involves the Eternity Cache. The Eternity Cache takes two components to work; a unique with at least 1 Legendary Potential and an exalted item of the same base. The exalted item must not have any sealed affixes or be altered in any way for this to work. The Eternity Cache is located at the end of Temporal Sanctum dungeon, after you beat the final boss, Julra. For more information on the Temporal Sanctum dungeon, check out the link below. Otherwise, lets break each of these components down further.


Legendary Items

In Last Epoch, a Legendary item is a Unique or Set item that has been combined with an Exalted item to create the highest tier of item in the game. Here is an example of The Fang Icon The Fang amulet with a Tier 5 Minion Damage affix added through the Eternity Cache.

Unique Item VS Legendary Item

Unique and Set Items with Legendary Potential

In Last Epoch, a Unique or Set piece item has affixes or unique properties that are only available on that specific item. For example, the Calamity Icon Calamity headpiece is a unique headpiece with these affixes:

  • Implicits
  • +5 Armor
  • +(10 to 35) Mana
  • (5% to 25%) increased Spell Damage
  • Modifiers
  • (20% to 80%) increased Fire Damage
  • (100 to 150)% Chance to Ignite on Hit with Fire Skills
  • When you kill an enemy with a fire skill you take 4 fire damage over the next 2 seconds
  • (5% to 10%) increased Fire Cast Speed

These affixes are locked on this item, granting you whatever rolls happen within the ranges of the affixes and cannot be altered. However, with the advanced crafting system offered through the Temporal Sanctum and the Eternity Cache, we can add additional affixes depending on its Legendary Potential. Uniques and Set pieces are marked with a possible Legendary Potential between 0 to 4. Check out the item below:

Legendary Potential

What this number represents is the number of affixes that can be transferred over to the Unique or Set item from an unsealed Exalted item. If a Unique or Set item has 2 Legendary Potential then it will randomly take two Affixes from an Exalted item and transfer those to the Unique or Set item, creating a Legendary Item. If a Unique or Set item has 4 Legendary Potential then it will take all the Affixes from an Exalted item and transfer those to the Unique or Set item, creating an immensely powerful Legendary item.


Exalted Items

Exalted items are marked in-game with a purple border around the item box. This denotes that this item carries a tier 6 or 7 (very rare) affix on one or more of the four affixes on the item. Tier 6 and 7 affixes are the highest tiers of affixes and cannot be created through any crafting means. They are drop only and are quite rare to find, typically only showing up at high-level play in the Monolith or even corrupted Monoliths. These items are the second half of your crafting equation for making an ultra strong Legendary item. First, a Unique or Set item with at least 1 out of 4 Legendary Potential. Second, an Exalted item with 4 affixes you desire to put on your Unique or Set item.


The Eternity Cache

Once you have both components found, you can begin the process of crafting a Legendary Item with the Eternity Cache. The Eternity Cache is located at the end of the Temporal Sanctum dungeon and requires you to complete the dungeon in one of the four tiers available.

  • Tier 1: Unique items with a level requirement of up to 50.
  • Tier 2: Unique items with a level requirement of up to 65.
  • Tier 3: Unique items with a level requirement of up to 75.
  • Tier 4: Unique items with no requirements.

You will want to take into consideration the Tiers needed to craft your item, this does not included the Exalted item. As you chose a higher tier, the dungeon's difficulty will be increased so prepare yourself accordingly.

Eternity Cache

For further understanding, feel free to take a look at our Boot Camp Video Guide on this process and hopefully you will have everything you need to understand how to make the highest tier of gear in the game.

This is the final step in pushing your build to its max and will take a lot of time and investment to find every piece you need to craft one of these Legendary Items, let alone beat the dungeon at its highest level. This is truly considered endgame and requires hours upon hours of work to get that one juicy item just perfect!



  • 30 Nov. 2023: Guide added.
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