How to Efficiently Earn Gold in Lost Ark

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Gold is the most important currency in the game, and it is mainly used for trading and upgrading your gear.


Introduction to Earning Gold

Gold is the essential currency that you will be constantly chasing throughout your journey in Arkesia. It is hard to come by but very easy to spend in large quantities. It is mainly used to buy items from other players but also required to upgrade your gear past a certain point. Knowing and using your Gold sources is vital for your success in the game.


Use of Gold

Gold Gold has fewer uses than Silver, but is much more important. Mainly spent to trade with other players, it is also used for craftings, research, and upgrades.



Buying any items from the auction house does require gold (sometimes also Pheon Pheons). It can also be used in player to player trading.

Auction House

Honing Your Gear

Each upgrade attempt past a certain level will cost a fee in gold. The amount varies depending on the type as well as the level of said item. The higher the attempted upgrade is, the higher the fee will be.


Crafting and Research

Crafting (both in your estate and outside) can cost a fee in gold. This also includes special items such as the Charm for tradeskills or the Compass for sailing.


Obtaining Gold

You have multiple opportunities to obtain Gold in Lost Ark. Most of them are weekly or time based, so make sure to use as many as you can.


Una's Token

Una's Tokens are available once per week for your roster. By completing daily Una's Task Una's Tasks and weekly Una's Tasks, you can collect points which allow you to collect a set amount of Tokens per week. All characters contribute to that, so doing the quests on alts can speed up the process. You cannot gain more than the limit, so having multiple characters does not allow you to get more from the Tokens, it only speeds up the process. These Tokens will be exchanged at the Gold Shop NPC.

Una Token

Weekly Raids

The main source of Gold for all players in the game is raiding. Weekly raids, such as Abyssal Dungeons, Abyss Raids, and Legion Raids grant a fixed amount of Gold upon clearance. These entries are character based, and up to six characters can earn Gold through these raids. The higher your difficulty of the content, the higher the reward available. Legion Raids are split into Gates, which award you Gold per cleared Gate.

Once we have more than three Legion Raids available, you will have to decide which three you want to clear, as only the first three Legion Raids will award you with Gold.


Adventure Island

While Adventure Islands are available daily (twice on weekends), only certain days will have a Gold reward available, so make sure to check your Procyon's Compass every day to not miss out on the rewards!

Adventure Island

Chaos Dungeons

The first two Chaos Dungeon Chaos Dungeons clears per day can grant you some extra Gold depending on your luck. You can encounter golden or purple portals when killing the main boss on the second floor. Upon clearing the special portals, you will be awarded with some Gold. The amount depends on your item level; the higher the item level of your character, the more Gold will be obtained. This only works in your first two runs where you have Aura of Resonance available. You can still encounter golden or purple portals in infinite runs, but those do not yield any Gold.

Chaos Portals

Sea Maps

You can obtain sea maps upon exchanging Voyage Key Voyage Keys at the respective Sailing Event Gate. Exchanging the keys grants you a chance to get said maps, and when using the maps to complete a task such as diving or searching a shipwreck, you may obtain Gold.



Some NPCs have Gold rewards when unlocking different stages of their Rapport. After claiming the reward, right click the gold coins to obtain it.

Rapport Gold

Masterpiece Collection

Collecting certain amounts of Masterpieces allows you to exchange those for gold coffers on Sunflower Island at Alfonso. This is a once per account option.

Gold Coffers

Selling Items

Probably the main source for your Gold next to your weekly raids comes from selling items. Selling your unused materials and also accessories or Tripod gears will be another source for you to obtain Gold. This is especially important when branching out for different things or when you stopped upgrading and are piling up materials. Beware that there is a 5% fee when selling items. This includes all items, materials, engraving books, or equipment.

Auction House Fee

Currency Exchange

BEWARE: This requires the use of the cash shop. You can sell your Royal Crystal Royal Crystals to other players through the Currency Exchange (Cash Shop Window, bottom right).

Currency Exchange

This will turn your Royal Crystal Royal Crystals into Blue Crystal Blue Crystals for the buyer and allows them to access Mari's Secret Shop and other parts of the cash shop and game where those are used as a currency. In return, you will receive Gold. This is a one way road, you cannot convert those back, and neither players can sell their Blue Crystal Blue Crystals back into Gold.



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